Friday, 11 July 2014

Check Return Policies

I am beginning to feel sluggish again as I haven't been out walking for the past two days.  It has been the only routine I have "set" for myself that I do not want to give up since recently starting it again after two years of not doing it.  My neighbour is off again tomorrow, and hopefully my friend's foot will be healed sooner then later.

However I was thinking if I set my alarm just before 5 am I could get out there walking before my day gets started here at home.  I will have to think about this a bit more.

I had a load of washing in by 6 am, the Aussies out, and Rob out the door by 7 am to go down to get his blood work at the Lab this morning.  Once the bank had opened at 9:30 am, I was down there getting our 2nd quarter paid up to the Government, along with a few other business items before it got busy.

Rob took the Lakeside Gazebo back to be returned at The Canadian Tire Store in Owen Sound this morning.  I got a phone call from him that they were not going to return it, and it had to go through warranty.  Needless to say he brought it back home with him.

I called this afternoon to speak to the Store Manager, explaining to her I had already returned the screen netting without a problem, as it had been defective upon opening it and never installed.  I also explaining that at the time it had been returned I had asked the person at Customer Service if there would be a problem returning the Gazebo as we did not have the original packaging, and its seams were letting go on the canopy in less then two weeks of being assembled, with the zippers also having had came apart.  The girl had said no problem we had 90 days to return it and not to worry about the packaging.  She explained to me this was not their Store Policy, however since this is what I had been told, to please return it for a full refund on my Visa, not a Store Gift Card for the amount what they originally had tried to give us.  It will be returned to the store by Sunday.

Always check each store's Return Policy before purchasing a "big ticket" item.  I have always found Walmart to have an excellent Return Policy, and at one time Canadian Tire Stores used to have a Customer Satisfaction Policy, which is apparently no longer.

I am happy we are able to have the Gazebo returned and credited back to our Visa, as we have already ordered another Gazebo elsewhere, and had plans to put the returned money towards the new purchase. Prior to ordering the new Gazebo I had called the Company to check out their Customer Service, just because I needed that little bit piece of mind.

I wonder why Chipmunks, for being such little things, are so brave and curious when they see people? what makes them this way?  This is the first Year in the 11 years we have lived here that we have had Chipmunks.  By no means have I encouraged them or tried to entice them to come to me, so when they stop to stare at me I wonder ....

My oldest Sister, Jeanne,  & Brother-In-Law, Cecil, have arrived this evening at their daughter Joanne's.  I hope I find some time to see them before too long.  They must be tired as it has been a long trip from when they left their home behind in Nfld. for the very last time Monday evening to come back to Ontario.  I have not told our Mother they were moving back after 30 years, as I thought it would be a surprise when they go visit her.  That will be another day.

I am feeling so tired to the point of exhaustion this evening.  I will not be too far from my bed this evening, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. I think chipmunks are innately curious, hence their bravery.

  2. I'm glad you could return the gazebo. It's always a hit or miss around here.


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