Sunday 27 April 2014

Winter Guck Gone

My Crabby Cabbie never arrived home until 2:30 am.  I woke up when he did and never got back to sleep.  I find it very discouraging that when it was time to get up for the day, I was ready to go into a deep sleep, however our Aussies demands were not going to allow that to happen.

So began my day ....

I was way behind on my laundry, having 2 large loads to do up today.  Never mind it was Sunday, as the Hydro was in cheap mode all day, so one has to take advantage when one can.

Rob and I also made a run into town to the bank, to collect newspapers (puppy papers needed in another week's time), and a quick trip into the Foodland store.

Speaking of Foodland I would like to thank a couple of friends, and my Auntie Gladys, who helped me fill my card with stamps so I can get the one Thomas Cookware pot I want.   Foodland was out of the pot I want, however I was told there would be more in this coming Tuesday.  Thanks everyone !!!

The Wiarton "Crabby Cabbie" van has been bugging me the past couple of months, since there has not been many opportunities to get the winter guck gone from out of it.  Neither the timing or weather cooperated.   I just decided that if I didn't get it done today it was just going to keep bugging me, so today ....

... it had been de-gucked.  I still need to take a damp cloth to wipe down some of the molding inside, but that won't take long for another day.  It was a big job vacuuming it all out, but I got 'r done, and feel much better that is is done.

I am thrilled that reports have been coming in since last night from Semah's every lasting FOREVER HOME.

Semah is such an affection boy.  I can not imagine him ever having an aggressive bone in his body, nor had we ever seen one in the 4 weeks he had been back with us, or has anyone in the in the last 24 hours he has been in his new home.  Other then crying most of the night, as he needs to get used of his new surroundings, never mind that he slept most of the 5 hour trip to his new home, he has been making two people very happy, and  I believe will continue to do so.

And now for some more puppy cuteness ...

With all their eyes open now life is getting more interesting in the whelping box.  Still available are 2 Red Tri Females & 1 Black Tri Male.  Cute, cute & more cute they are. 

Should anyone be interested in one of our "Checkerboard Aussie" puppies (sorry no Apartment dwellers, and only active homes), please contact us at and also check out their Facebook Page by going HERE.

At least today, despite being a bit on the cool side, was dry.  All our Aussies had lots of fun being out one on one with us in the Sunshine.  I love my Aussies.

I still have not fully recuperated from last week.  I am exhausted with fatigue screaming back at me, while the Fibro has been barely giving my body a break.  Should you know someone with pain, please be gentle and empathetic as it really wears a person down, this I can testify to first hand, as can my hubby with his Arthritis, as well as many more people I know personally.  Be KIND.

Truly the best thing for people with Fibro is exercise, but there are still days when the fatigue gets the upper hand.

I am going to have myself a hot shower and head into my bed no matter how early the hour.  Tomorrow brings a new day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Good to know Semah's resettled.

    The pups are too cute!

  2. I am so sorry that you have fibro. Everybody has something, as they say! Some "disabilities" can't be seen, but like you said, they still wear a body down.
    Gentle hugs,

  3. So glad Semah has a loving forever home! But sorry your fibre has been flaring:( I hate that. Give yourself a break:) Warm hugs from Oregon!

  4. What a gorgeous sunrise! Though I'm sure you didn't want to be up that early. I really hope you get a good night's sleep tonight. I was up about 10 times last night and am feeling it in my neck and shoulders. Sleep is so important!


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