Friday, 25 April 2014

Gone, Gone & Gone

The previous two days I have been going pretty strong, never mind the nights preceding with barely any sleep.  It has caught up with me today.

The Beaver Dam is gone.  Ross Davidson came up from town with his backhoe and tore it out.  I am very disappointed I hadn't been over there to photograph the Beaver, its Dam or it being dismantled. Our mini lakes from our and our neighbour's property are also now gone.

These Canada Geese that were here a couple of days ago are also now "gone" since the mini lakes left.

I was sitting here typing away and wondering how long my laptop, which is now almost 2 years old is going to go before it is also gone.....

.... as you can tell all the letters on my keyboard are almost all "gone" (good thing I don't need to see the letters to know which keys are which, is it not?).

I am going to be doing a SHOUT OUT for each WDCC Business Member who has a Facebook Page in Wiarton for the next while, here and on my Facebook Page.  Please go to their link to give their page a great big LIKE in support of them being in the Community, as without Small Businesses there would be no Community.

Today's Small Business Shout-Out is for The "Cluttered Cupboard".  Please go give their page a LIKE by going HERE.

Truly I am feeling pretty gone myself, so on that note I think it would be good to leave it at that, since tomorrow is yet another busy day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. I've got a remote control that's quickly lost the icons on some of the buttons.

  2. My PC key board I am using now is the same way lol ! I use my lap top out side in the nice weather whilst I am sitting on the porch lol ! Thanks for sharing . Hope you get some R&R . Have a good weekend !

  3. I cannot believe you wore out your keys I would be lost I am a two fingered typer :) Rest now. Hug B

  4. We didn't have much flooding in our immediate area this spring. Things are drying up pretty good though the "hole" where the tractor got stuck last year will probably be wet until July!
    Laptops these days aren't meant to last very long, is my opinion. Both M and I have been through two laptops in five years. The one I'm using now is over ten years old. Though it has a really small RAM drive (512 meg), which creates some SLOW adventures, it works Great.

  5. Hi Cindy!! As you know I have had my fair share of computer troubles recently and my computer keys looked like yours!! Mine was 3 years old.I must say, after all the troubles I had and a few lessons learned, I love my new computer, with it's larger screen and sleek design:) Lynn~ PS: First lesson I learned...Start looking at computers.....before you need to buy one..:)


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