Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Stressing Over A Test

Today? what have I done today?  Honestly not much other then recuperate from yesterday's trip.  Again such a day takes me out for a day or two afterwards.

All I managed to do was make a trip downtown, make the bed, do some dishes, a bit of paperwork and vacuum a wee bit..  Nothing that I could warrant saying "look at what I got done today" that is for sure..

My highlights of the day ....

... get a brand new Thomas Cookware Dutch Oven from saved Foodland Stamps, having our very first BBQ dinner, enjoying all the love I get from our Aussies, and watching the puppies "on the move" for endless minutes (after each got a cuddling from me).

Cindy's Recipe Exchange on Facebook reached a Milestone today of having 500 Group Members !  that is an amazing number for a group that started as fun and love of cooking/baking 3 years ago.  Thanks to all who have helped make the exchange grow.

Today I also did 20 minutes on the treadmill, after first eating 3 packages of Cadbury Mini Eggs.  How awful was that !!!  I could not help myself, even though I felt my butt expand once I had consumed all three bags.  *shaking head*.

Also I made a list of medications I take, which I am happy to report is a very small list from what it used to be.  Why make a list of meds? cause I am heading over to Owen Sound Hospital tomorrow for a "Stress Test".  Why would I be going for a stress test? well way back in late November when I had a Gall bladder attack and Rob took me to the hospital they determined my heart had been irregular at the time... so this is probably just a precautionary testing to ensure everything is okay (or so I am assuming it is).

Truly the past week I have been stressing over having this Stress Testing done.  Oh I wish it was over with.  Rob is concerned with me having it that it will send my Fibro into a whammy, and my asthma into a tail spin.  Yes I have been stressing over a test.

Before I know it I will be sitting here tomorrow night typing all about how bad it was not.  But it still doesn't keep me thinking about when my Cousin Vi went and they immediately hospitalized her, then sent her home after some days with a monitor on.  Geeze I don't have time for that to happen to me, I have Aussies, puppies and a Crabby Cabbie to look after !!!

I have to be over to the hospital by 8:15, and  they told me the testing would be 5-7 hours ... good grief !

I do not sleep at the best of times, really do I think it will be much better this evening, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Good luck on your test tomorrow Cindy. I recently had a stress test, although probably not the same as what you'll have there. I went to KW and had a Nuclear Stress Test. They injected me with radioactive material along with a drug that induced symptoms of having run and down about ten flights of stairs.. then they took pictures of what my heart and circulatory system were doing after making sure that my blood pressure etc was reacting normally for about 20 mins.. had to have an "antidote" because the effects were making me feel nautious, but ended with good results, my heart was normal.. which.. to me. didn't surprise me.. it's a bit like taking the car in for a squeal that won't squeal while it's in the shop.. in my mind anyway.. anyhow.. good luck tomorrow! Kathy Evans

  2. it will be fine, just relax and think happy thoughts........easy for me to say that, I'm not doing the test!! Good luck regardless.

  3. Best of luck tomorrow. Give the puppies a hug before you go. That'll help with thinking pleasant thoughts.

  4. Good luck tomorrow! And don't stress out too much over a stress test :) Everything will be alright.

  5. Hope all goes well for you today and your stressing out over the stress test just melts away. That IS a long time though; 5-7 hours! Hopefully lots of that is resting inbetween time!! :( Sending you positive vibes!

  6. Pretend you are an astronaut training for a space flight...best get the test over with a smile rather than nerves!
    Jane x


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