Saturday 30 November 2013

An Unexpected Dinner Out

It was very cold out side our home this morning.  I was glad to have new Winter Boots to wear out in the elements.

I was not the only one happy to have new boots, so was Buddy, as you can tell,  he got to go out for a big run this morning first thing.  Run, run, run .....
Despite the cold it was a beautiful day.

With Lexus already out, next up was Mercedes.  She did lots of running action too, then it was run for her right back into her crate with the "where is my breakfast" look right off the bat.  This girl could care less about getting out first thing in the morning, as she would much prefer breakfast first I am sure.  Look at the cute little nose.  She won't touch her food once I put it into her dish, as she sits first and waits until I give her the command.  Smart in more ways then one this girl is.

Other then a load of laundry, dishes done up, the bed made, all else I was able to accomplish today was some more Crabby Cabbie paperwork.  Month end this always is the case and that it is.

As of tomorrow we are seriously only 25 days away from Christmas.  Eeeekkk, I have not even had time to get my house clean all at once, never mind starting Christmas Baking !!!!  Oh woe is me, what am I ever going to do.  Truly I could use a whole week to myself with NO Aussies, and NO Crabby Cabbie, then I might make dent in it all.  But then my Life would not be complete now, would it?  without all the chaos day by day I seem to attract my way.  *Sigh*

Later on this day I had to make my way over to Southampton to fill up the Wiarton Crabby Cabbie vehicle for Rob.  I gave my friend and neighbour a call to see if she would like to go along on a quick trip there and back with me.  Off we went.

My Cousin is seeking a new home for her cat, as her allergies have gotten worse with the allergy pills not giving her relief any longer.  My friend, Pari, was thinking she would like a pet for some company for herself, so on the way back from Southampton we made a detour over to my Cousins to meet ....

Sam.  Sam is so handsome, and really a lovey.  A real gentleman too.   Pari is going to give it some thought.  She loved him, but has never had a cat before.  Should I not have such severe allergies now to cats, I would consider him myself.

Once back home, by late afternoon Rob got a call to make a delivery over to Sauble Beach.  I went along on the ride to keep him company.  Once back into Wiarton we stopped downtown at the bank, and I slipped into the Salvation Army to pickup up a few things I had came across in excellent condition for a good price.

I was very surprised when Rob said for us to slip into the Green Door Cafe for us to get a bite to eat.  Me every say "NO" to the Green Door Cafe? I would think NOT.

I had this evening's special which was Chicken Parmesan with Linguine and Garlic Bread, while Rob ordered the House Burger with Cheese from the Menu.  Service from our two favourite girls, Melissa and Britt is something also always to look forward to.

Heavy on the Garlic, but I LOVED ever bite.  Total Dinner, including Rob's coffee, taxes and tip was $25.50.  Now you can't beat a meal like we had for that price, can you?  It really was a nice treat.

Back at home Rob got the wood stove stoked up, bringing wood up from the stack in the basement that does not take long for it to go down ...

I am certain it was double this amount last week.  Rob said he would be going to replenish this tomorrow from our other shed.

My "Crabby Cabbie" is out on another call as I sit here typing my daily post.  The Aussies still all need Out, About and In again for one last time this evening.  What will I do with the remainder of my evening?  a hot shower and a couple more rows of knitting added to the scarf I have been working on for a very long time might be most enjoyable, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Love your wood stacking Cindy....looks just like our house - there's wood in every crevice!

  2. Yes, Christmas is approaching so quickly, it's scary!! With all the sickies here, we don't even have a tree up yet...for the first time in our marriage :(


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