Friday 15 November 2013

Getting Things Done, Or NOT

Awake and up at my usual early hours of the morn sitting here minding my own business thinking I had lots of time to get this done and that done.  I suppose this is what they mean by being leisurely, would that be it?

I then went down to have the Aussies out, in, then had food rations to distribute.  Lexus giving me a kiss on the nose, Buddy getting a belly rub when it was his turn, and Mercedes? well she is just a brat that is totally food driven, so she wasn't out long before wanting back in for her breakfast.  My thoughts were on the kitchen floor being washed that I never did get to yesterday when that train of thought was broken faster then it was processed .... my "Crabby Cabbie" called to disrupt the day.  

What on Earth would I do without that man of mine?  could I please go take care of something for him, and could I do it by 8:30 am?.  *Sigh* there are days when you hold it all in, is there not?  Of course, business is business and off I went, returning back home around 11:00 am.

I do not know about anyone else, but if I leave the house in the morning by the time I get back home I have lost the "mood" of wanting to get anything accomplished.  Why is that?   Upon talking to other friends about this, apparently I am not alone feeling this way.

Barely back home to get settled in with the Aussie "gang" all out again, I had another call back out.  All was good as I had to drop into the Wiarton Chamber to find out some computer stuff anyhow.

I also did my "Good Samaritan" Deed for the day by rounding up some of the Signs from the various downtown Wiarton businesses to be returned to the Chamber for the Winter months.  Thank goodness when I arrived at the Chamber office, Mandy helped me get them in as they are made way beyond sturdy !  

Again I returned back home where I took care of another Chamber duty I had yet to complete by email, then the phone was going off again.  Off I went back to Wiarton.  Truly it is difficult some days when I have to "cover" for my Crabby Cabbie to get anything going and finished all at the same time some days.  Murphy's Law, should I sit and wait for a call, you know there would not be one all day long .... dang that Murphy guy.

Rob was home from his shift shortly after I had once again returned home for the 3rd time.  By this time it was 3:30 pm.  He still is not feeling well with a head cold that just will not give up after 3 weeks now.  I heated up some Homemade Chicken Soup, served along with a sandwich for him.

Finally with Rob and Bandit safely together on their chair together in front of the TV, I was able to get, not only the kitchen floor washed, also the paw prints going through most of the house wiped up as well.

Paw prints from my upsetting day of yesterday have all been looked after.  For the time being, until the NEXT time.

Hooray !!!  finally something in the house done other then two sink loads of dishes, and the bed made.  What an exciting life I lead, is it not.

I was really happy to have received some photos from one of the Checkerboard Aussies' Forever Homes yesterday.  I LOVE getting updated photos of our pups ... check it out by *clicking* HERE.  What a face that Oliver boy has ... totally lovable.

There is a CD presentation going on in Wiarton this evening at St. John's United Church "Head Lining" Wiarton's very own, Rob Ritchie.  Earlier this Fall I had been invited out to this Event, but truly with the Sinus headache behind my eyes at the moment I need to realize I can't do everything, even though this is something I would have enjoyed going to do.

My tomorrow is pretty full at the moment.  My girlfriend, Colleen and I are going to the Church Bazaar in Sauble Beach tomorrow morning, as well as having the luncheon they are offering.  This luncheon was amazing last Year, as you can see HERE.  At 2 pm I will be back in Wiarton attending a Funeral Service.

I think I will pretty much try to get myself rested up for tomorrow and take it easy for the remainder of the evening, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. I'm with you, Cindy. If I don't get at a job first thing in the morning I hate to get is started. However, this morning I hopped out of bed, got my last load of laundry done, and down to my office where I started to sort out the piles of paperwork that had been piled up since we arrived home from our summer trip. Much progress done and it should be completed tomorrow. It will make me feel good to get the job done. Hope you have fun at the bazaar tomorrow. I was at one last weekend. Got something for myself but no Christmas shopping. Alice

  2. Church bazaars are very common this time of year. I can think of two of them here tomorrow. Have fun!

  3. WOW ! What a whirl wind you are . I got exhausted reading about all you do lol ! Have a good weekend and for goodness sake rest up lol !

  4. Yup, once I've been out I really don't feel like "getting to it" when I get back.
    Jane x

  5. Definitely not alone in those thoughts Cindy. I slow down as the day goes on and by 7.00pm I've generally had it!


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