Friday 29 November 2013

Frosty Is Beautiful !

Yes first thing mornings brings Aussie duties, including Out, About, Back in and...

.... breakfast time.  Have I ever mentioned our Aussies being food driven, of course I have.  Some have no patience at all by trying to get into another's bag of food, then when told NO, gives me the LOOK !  Bratty girl our Lexus is.

I LOVE frosty mornings.  They are some of the most beautiful mornings of the Year all seemingly covered in diamonds and glitter.  The transformations are amazing once everything has been bathed in frost.

Later this morning I met up with my brother, Allan, downtown as Greyfair Furniture & Carpet has their NO HST sale on, and Mother could use a new rocker swivel chair.  We picked out pretty much the same one as we had picked out 3 years ago.  Delivery will be tomorrow.  I am certain she will be surprised when Allan shows up with a new chair for her !  Aren't surprises wonderful ???  as I know I LOVE them, and really who wouldn't?

Today was also spent organizing the Crabby Cabbie paperwork to make ready for it to be entered on the books.  I truly am attempting NOT to leave everything to the last minute for less pressure.  Beside I have to get more organized as it is almost time to start Christmas baking, is it not ...

Some of the members in Cindy's Recipe Exchange on Facebook decided for a second year running to also exchange Christmas Cards with each other.  I recently just received three more lovely cards that also included recipes ... bonus.

This one was from my blogging friend, Lynn of Turnips 2 Tangerines.  I LOVE drooling over her blog posts on a regular basis.  Wonder how she knows how much I LOVE Chocolate & Cherries?  Hmmm.....

More Cherries .... thanks Kathy.

... and from longtime childhood school friend, Leona.  Who doesn't LOVE turtles ????  

Turtles, turtles, yah, yah, yah .... I LOVE TURTLES !

Between calls this afternoon, my Crabby Cabbie Rob took me down to the Bank.  While I was in the bank I told him to head over to Gilbert's Shoes to go bug Marg there until I was done.  He loves bugging Marg, or anybody he thinks he can get away with bugging.  

I walked in to retrieve him to find him at the till paying Marg for a purchase he had obviously made.  He went ahead and bought me the pair of Winter boots I had been in looking at the day before.  A nice warm pair of high boots made by Baffin and graded for -40 C*.  I certainly will be a good candidate to try them out as my feet are usually always cold in the Winter months outside (and sometimes inside).  This is the first new pair of  "real" Winter Boots I have had for many years; so long ago I think it was a pair of Sorrels when Kaufman Shoes were closing down their factory in Kitchener almost 20 years ago?

Oops forgot my Camera had still been on Black & White from some of the "frost" photos, so Gilbert's Shoes did not get to go "full colour" this day.  Really if you have not shopped for footwear ever at Gilbert's Shoes in Wiarton, I would recommend you do.  The selection and staff are beyond accommodating.  Thanks girls.  PS:  and right now they have a 20% Off Sale Storewide !

The new Winter Boots were pretty much the "highlight" of my day, as when I returned home it was to do billing for the Crabby Cabbie ... exciting?  NOT ! but pretty much half done and on the back burner now until Sunday or Monday comes to finish up the rest.

Sometime between being in, out and about this day, I did manage to throw some stew beef in the Crock Pot with some leftover beef drippings I had in the freezer.

With some of this and some of that chopped, along with a can of diced tomatoes and a can of mixed beans, a wholesome stew was created.  Yes comfort food it was, meaty and full of vegetable goodness.  LOVE those Colour My Plate meals, don't you?

Look the time ... 9:06 pm already.  A late dinner with our driver, John, popping in for a bit before he and my Crabby Cabbie Rob left for the evening.  Almost past my bedtime, it is, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Sounds like a good and full day you had ! Lovely frost photos . Oh nothing like a nice new pair of boots ! Thanks for sharing have a good weekend !

  2. A very full day indeed.

    When dogs aren't having food they're thinking of food.

  3. Gorgeous Frosty pics Cindy. I need new boots....there's a hole appearing in my old ones.........sigh.


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