Tuesday 12 November 2013

The Values Of Life

Free ? you just gotta love free as there isn't much left in this World that is free anymore, or for that matter that holds up for long.  Unfortunately it has become a "throw away" World with many expecting it to be all about them.

This worries me, as I worry about my grandchildren learning values.  Values of worth, not something with a big price tag that has no meaning to be cast away at a whim when something else fancies the eye.  *Sigh* I am afraid it is a sad, sad World with it not getting much better unless our children start standing up to the plate to make a stand on teaching their children the differences.

Prayers ... lots of prayers in these areas are needed BADLY !

Our Churches, and Services Clubs are going to be nothing soon should there not be some direction.  Who will be there within each Community to lend a helping hand and to share should this happen.  Pray and educate our grandchildren and children as often and gently as we can, praying something "sticks" in their heads and within their hearts.

Back to free, and the simple things in Life, I was very pleased to come across a link from Betty Crocker offering a FREE Soup/Stew Cookbook to be either viewed online, or if you would like to spend some money on ink, downloaded.  I personally will be saving the link to my favourites and printing off the recipes I will be wanting to try.

Here is the link for you to peruse yourself:  http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/gm/soups/

Thanks again to Facebook, Today's Free Stuff, and Betty Crocker.

Do you ever feel you have all the knowledge, and the tools at your finger tips to get started on something, however just do not have the inner strength to go forward?  This is where I am at the moment.  Between being in so much pain and so terribly tired all the time, I sometimes run out of "umpf or will power" it seems.

There is so much to be done .... soooo much it is overwhelming most days.

I have been having quite the battle within myself to get over this hump, per say ... hoping this too will pass sooner then later, before it becomes too much to seemingly overcome that it never takes any positive direction.  This I will need to work on more ... but geez it is difficult when pain and no energy keeps baring down.

I will persevere somehow, as I do not want to see myself as a quitter or a failure in areas I want to excel at within myself.

Really truly now I think about it, maybe I am coming down with a bad head cold.  The one my poor hubby had himself for the past two weeks.  He is getting over it, so do I have the Joy of now receiving it?   I am tired, my left ear hurts and my eyes are runny; did I mention my whole body hurts too, but in a different way then the every day norm.

My friend just called and asked how I was.  I said could you bend your ear for some whining ... what are friends for? and besides it does help when you have a friend to vent to, does it not?

Friendships, now that is something I value with all my heart, don't you?

3:53 pm.  I am tired.  I am patiently wishing my life away until my hubby arrives home so I can go to bed, hence my early early blog post this day.  Sick and tired makes for a negative outlook, I best be pulling up my socks and ridding myself of this right shortly, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard."


  1. As much sleep as you can get right now. Sounds like you need it.

    And a snuggle with an Aussie shepherd hound will do the trick too.

  2. Cindy it sounds like you need a few days in bed, or to lay on the couch with a warm quilt and watch TV all day long:) Like I always say~ What doesn't get done today will still be there tomorrow. Take Care Cindy~


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