Monday, 25 November 2013

Considerate, Patient & Funny

I was so HAPPY today !  I actually felt like I had a little piece of my old life back wherein I thought I used to be half way organized.  I got to stay home almost the whole day, and hardly one thing was Crabby Cabbie related in the way of paperwork, or otherwise !!!  

My most CONSIDERATE husband brought me home a Coffee from Tim Hortons for a treat this morning.  It really must have given me incentive to get going on things needing done.  I was happy I actually got one whole room in our house clean and organized today.... hooray !

Later in the morning Rob had a call out to go over Sauble Beach way, asking if I would like to join him for the ride.  No problem as I had to go downtown to post a couple of items, so after that was done off we went.

Rob took us the "back" way down one of my most favourite roads in our area, the Rankin Bridge Road.  I love this road all 4 Seasons of the Year.

The bush becomes less narrow and more open when it comes out to the Rankin Bridge itself going over the Sauble River.  It is very beautiful.  There my very PATIENT husband waiting for me to finish up with the picture taking I enjoy doing so much.

Once Rob had finished up at where he was going, I had mentioned to him that my friend, Lynn, had been posted onto her Facebook page last night that she had been doing some baking.  That was her first mistake to post it !  I took it upon myself to text her to say we were headed her way ...

Yes arriving at Lynn's place was no problem as she was ready for us.  There was Rob waving at her through the window as I was coming back out with a container of warmed and buttered Banana White Chocolate Chip Muffins.  Oh my goodness Missy Lynn, they were AWESOME ... Thank YOU ! xx  Always some kind of goodie waiting over at Lynn's house, there is so.

This afternoon I finished puttering up a bit more, then did some posting on the upcoming Wiarton Event on the Wiarton Facebook page.  Lots of Wiarton Businesses will be participating this upcoming Wednesday downtown Wiarton for the WHITE WEDNESDAY Event.  Check it out HERE.

Late afternoon I kept Rob company as he drove over to the Saugeen Gas Bar over at Saugeen First Nation, Southampton to fill up our one vehicle with fuel.  It is nice to have company to go along some days.  By the time we got back home it had been after 6:00 pm, and time to think about getting our Dinner made.

I had leftover slow cooked Pork Loin from the night before.

Warning, the first photo is a good reason why veggies are to be thoroughly washed before using.  All the veggies were diced up, with the dehydrated mushrooms covered with some boiled water to first soften them up.  Olive Oil heated in the ceramic pan with veggies thrown in to be sauteed.

More veggies added in the way of sweet pepper and garden fresh peas, along with diced leftover pork loin.  After all was nicely done, then in went the leftover Basmati rice along with some Soya Sauce.

It was a really great Stir Fry with my very FUNNY husband making me laugh once again with his antics.

I am a pretty lucky girl wherein my husband is Considerate, Patient and Funny all in the same day, am I not?

It was a really good day where I was left feeling I had accomplished something.  I am hoping I get a few more good days like this ahead of me, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. You do keep busy!

    That backroad is tremendously appealing.

  2. That is my favourite road in the area too. My kids used to make me go out of my way to get to my mom's just to go there. "mom, can we plz go thru the tunnel?" That's what they call it due to the tunnel like affect of the leaves on the trees. I can't believe you posted that picture of me. I thought it was just a pic of the muffins. I don't even have my eyes open! lol Supper looks fantastic.

  3. So pleased to hear you so up-beat. You deserve a good day! Is that a fly on your celery???? xx

  4. Cindy, I really loved your post today! Some days I feel for you, you're so busy, so I loved sharing your good day. (And of course I could relate to your nice comments about hubby, being another 'kind, considerate' hubby myself)! That back road got me thinking, I always drive straight up #6; I'll have to get off and start exploring some of those back roads. Hope you have another good day!

  5. That road does look like a tunnel--pretty! What a friend to have buttered muffins waiting for you. You are a lucky girl!

    Thank you for linking your stir fry. It looks delicious and is a good way to use leftovers.


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