Sunday 17 November 2013

Feeling Grumpy & Weird Thoughts???

It is amazing how much better one feels when they get a good night's sleep, but why was I feeling grumpy all day long ?  There are some of Life's mysteries we will never be able to figure out EVER !  

I got going on stripping the bed and getting the laundry done.  I went downtown Wiarton to do a bank deposit and drop into our local Foodland to take advantage of the Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts on sale for $3.97/lb, as well as pick up a few other things.  I took a bit of time spend outside in 15*F weather giving our Lexus girl a good brushing out.  

The Weather Network had issued warnings for High Winds up to 100km and Severe Thunderstorms.  As I type, I do hear the winds have increased and it is raining at the moment, so time will tell.  Here is the link for the Weather Watch for Southern Ontario:

.... and my poor sick Rob didn't get anything done today much as he is still under the weather, sorry about the pun, but what he did do was peel 4 turnips.

I took over by cutting them up, and blanching them in my Pressure Cooker for 2 minutes of perfection.  Have I ever mentioned, now that I have almost gotten over my fear of it, how much I LOVE my Lagostina Brava Pressure Cooker?  Truly I do.  I have yet to experiment cooking a full meal, such as  Roast Beef dinner in it yet.
Four small turnips yielded us four medium freezer bags of prepared turnip  for the freezer.  Lots more turnip to go in the 50 lb box we had bought for $10.00, but really we do LOVE turnip.

The afternoon was pretty much consumed by the Turnip and a couple of phone calls with my BFF, two of them anyhow.  Rob did not want to go out onto the windy and raining evening to BBQ the two steaks I had taken out for dinner, which was just as well with me feeling a bit on the grumpy side, so he took us to Subway each for a $5.00 Sub.

Back home, after our Dinner of Subs, I made our bed back up front.  Okay here comes the Weird thought .... as I am calmly making our bed I begin thinking, "what if I died and could hear what everyone was saying about me, then came back to Life to speak to those same people".  Okay did I get too much sleep last night? am I too grumpy today?


Truly it made me laugh, but still this is not the first time I have such weird thoughts.  Does anyone else have such WEIRD thoughts also that they care to admit too?  or I am the only weirdo (in a fun way, as truly I don't want to attract really scary weirdos) out there? *Smile*

By the way, how is everyone who "signed on" for the 52 Week Money Challenge doing?  the end is almost here, with the balance saved to date being $1,128.00.  I still haven't decided what I will be doing with the end result of $1,378.00.  The possibilities are countless ... repair our stairs, update our bedroom, repair eaves troughs, do the front part of the roof at the front of our house, buy wood for the winter, pay down our mortgage, buy myself a new camera, or a new Dyson Vacuum cleaner for the house, hire someone to shed me of 20 pounds and iron out my wrinkles?  Truly an endless list in my eyes, endless .....

This could have proved to been very scary ...

And "just for fun" ...

Here is to another good night's sleep, and a tomorrow with no grumpy feelings or weird thoughts, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Oh, you're not alone. I've had many weird thoughts. Most people, I expect (if they have a bit of imagination), do....

  2. I am doing great on my 52 week challenge, 2 weeks ahead. I don't know why I thought I was behind last month and transferred 4 weeks when I realized I was right on the mark. I also am trying to figure out whether to splurge or do something sensible like new carpet in our bedroom. What to do, what to do????? Alice

  3. Glad you got a good nights sleep . I cant say that I have weird thoughts lol ! We just had the high winds and rain for all of half an hour and now it is all calm out there ! Thanks for sharing , be safe in the storms and have a good evening !

  4. No, Cindy, you are the ONLY person on the planet who has weird thoughts. Sincerely. :) But on the other hand, you do have good taste in vegetables. Turnips are one of my favourites, too!


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