Monday 27 August 2012

The "Crabby Cabbie" & "Piggie Penny" Join Forces Again !

What a welcoming sight this morning arising to a gentle rain caressing the plant life ... a nice fresh smell to the nostrils when one first awakes.  It had ceased to fall by the time I had taken out, first Buddy, then Lexus followed by Missy Mercedes, with Bandit being last on the list this morning.

I actually woke up without a migraine or any sort of headache first off.  What a relief.

Since I was going to begin Post Crossing today, I needed to get a Post Card, as well as a couple of other regular cards I required.  Downtown Rob and I went first thing.  I had also promised a lady, who I had purchased a canner from, a couple of recipes.  I had to be good to my word, so these I also had to drop around to her.

Rob headed over to the Bank and Drug Store, while I headed out to get a Post Card and the other cards.  Finding a Post Card anymore is no easy task as it had once been, not seemingly that long ago?  I had to go to two stores before I found one, then even at that store there had only been three post cards in total.

"We had just finished dropping off the recipes as promised to the lady, taking in the view across Colpoy's Bay.  The view is never disappointing.  The Wiarton Marina in plain sight in the second photo."

"Does anyone remember these?  We can still buy them at our Bennett's Store downtown, along with Black Balls.  Memories from the past ... just a few left in the bag Rob had bought the other day were eaten in short work."

Once back home we got our lunches together.

"I threw a coleslaw with sunflower seeds and raisins together for Rob to have to go along with his Hot Dogs, while I had a Oriental Salad for myself."

Immediately after lunch I got going on preparing the Post Card and other cards so I could get them off in today's mail.

"The nice thing about the Post Card I was able to purchase was that it was of the "Corran" located a couple minutes up the road from us at the Spirit Rock Conservation Area."

"The next was to send along a note with the found Pirate's Eye Patch to our Grandson, Connor.  Thank goodness Connor can't read yet, as not to pick out Grandma's spelling  error(s)."

"The last card was one being sent off to Australia along with a packet of Sunflower Seeds.  This lady had commented on the photo of my Bronze Sunflower(s) I had posted to the Gardening Group on Facebook which I belong, stating she would love some of their seeds.  Well I searched the stores until I was fortunate at this time of Year to have found a packet, thinking they will be better then what I might have a chance to gather before the birds the seeds produced by our flowers."

"Ha !  I also found a couple of other cute cards I thought I had best pickup for when I need them at a later date.  The inside of this card says, "when you have to iron out the wrinkles".  Now which of my siblings will be getting this one for their next birthday ... hmmm."

I had all three cards ready to be posted, so on our way to Owen Sound we stopped to do just that.

In Owen Sound we had a stop at Walmart for a few things, the big ticket item today being Pedigree Dog Food ... 2 bags full !  Then over to Food Basics for a few items, finally stopping at the Bulk Barn as I needed some Spelt along with a few other items for a recipe a friend had just sent me the other day for those Spelt Crisps I had eaten on the way to Hepworth Saturday ... yummy.  I had to have the recipe !  Now I need to find time to try out the recipe.

"At Walmart Rob had even found these Post Cards !  I picked up five, just in case."

"Great News !  The "Crabby Cabbie" has been paired back up with a brand new VON Piggy Penny !  The forces have been reunited.  Angela just happened to have another "Piggie for Pennies" when we swung around to the VON Grey Bruce Office in Owen Sound this afternoon.  Thanks muches Angela !  I think Rob might be chaining this one down after his last experience HERE.  Should anyone see my "Crabby Cabbie" in his travels, please be sure to donate to the VON Pennies for the Piggie."

It was way past time to get our Supper going once we got home from Owen Sound, so I had to get right on it.

"Melted butter, minced garlic, cracker crumbs with eggs ready to be mixed in before shredded cheese and Zucchini are added."

"Hot cooked right off the BBQ, Zucchini Casserole."

"I never heard one complaint from the Chief BBQ guy, this being a sure fire indication it was all being enjoyed."

"A friend had just lent me this book the other day.  I am hoping to get some reading of it in between blogging and bedtime each evening.  Wish me luck, as I know I will be in dire need of lots of it."

"Finally I had a finishing touch put in the spare bedroom this day.  Rob put on the Angel switch cover I had gotten for "free" a month or so ago.  Suits this room very well, not to mention my love of Angels."

"What on Earth would this photo of my toilet roll be doing here?  I am just stirring the pot a little bit by raising a bit of "poop", no pun intended.  It did make me chuckle today when I was reading all about it HERE.  Let the "war" begin, Cathy, I am thinking Dave is ahead ! "

I have a very big day ahead of me tomorrow.  I best be calling it a night here very shortly if I am going to be starting at that book tonight, "North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. I'm glad you have another Piggy now. Too bad the other one was never found. And this is a yummy zucchini recipe!! By the way, I don't know if you saw the response to my post from last week but here's the link to my zucchini pasta recipe:

  2. I so love the postcards. I hope I can visit your neck of the woods one day!
    Aimee from Craftmates

  3. Have you posted that zucchini recipe? It looks delicious. I've been away for 3 weeks so may have missed it. Thanks.

  4. OH! You traitor!!!!! (Laughing out loud at your toilet paper poke! I'm gonna grab Dave out of bed to show him this. *laughing here*


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