Wednesday 8 August 2012

A Fine Conductor That Boy Made !

Any ideas what Aiden was doing before last night's Supper?

"Full fledged Conductor he was being in the moment, and a fine looking one at that !"

This past Saturday one of the Garage Sales I had attended in Wiarton was located in part of a barn.  How could anyone not notice the Village and Train also located within the barn walls????  Of course I had to inquire .... upon doing so, I was told by the owner, a Mr. Don McCallum of Wiarton, to contact him by phone to set something up, as I had mentioned our Grandson was visiting this week.  I did so call him with the "surprise for Aiden" being arranged after yesterday's Vacation Bible School had ended this day.

"I am pretty certain Aiden was pretty surprised.  He seemed to hang on to every detail of what Mr. McCallum was explaining to him."

"See the Train here?"

"There it goes around the bend with the Caboose bringing up the back end."

"Aiden was even able to handle the controls !  Lucky boy."

"Lots of History within the pages of these books.  The "Guest List" was started in 2007 according to Mr. McCallum."

"Chairs with wheels are the way to get around for taking it all in, especially when you are almost eight years old and have someone escorting you at the same time as pushing.  Poppa was pretty impressed with the whole setup and running of the Trains as well."

"Time was given to explain how this here clock actually kept time in its operation."

"Dolly's Diner ... way back in the 50's."

"Lots of construction going on at this location."

"Activity going on here at the Army Base."

"Thank goodness there is a Bar & Grill ... a Conductor might find themselves with a great hunger and thirst going on after the job of running a Train."

"Here is a local Village.  You know we all need somewhere we can call Home and hang our Conductor hat."

"Mr. McCallum had shard with us he is a retired History Teacher from the Lion's Head School.  Aiden's statement to me about Mr. McCallum was, "he was nice, Grandma".  It was a good fit Teacher and Listener."

Many thanks to Mr. McCallum from Aiden, Rob and myself.  We look forward to visiting again sometime.

Back I go to this day at hand .... my morning began with the first blooms of this Year.

"From the Hibiscus."

"As well as the Sunflower.  I do so love this rustic colour the best of all the Sunflower colours."

This day consisted of much running the roads again for me.  Once the usual morning duties were finished, it was off to drop Aiden to VBS, then around to drop off a jar of my Homemade Beets as thanks to Mr. McCallum, to coming back home to get a load of Aiden's clothes hung on the line.  By this time my niece and her friend, Russ, had arrived to go along on the trip into Owen Sound with me.

Owen Sound was a trip into the Mall, a grocery store, then off to an Auto Body Shop for an estimate on my Van from when it got backed into on Sunday.

"I leave my groceries entrusted to two people who appear to be having way too much fun to be looking after my grocery cart ... lol."

Finally we made it back to the house around the lunch hour.  Jo and Russ headed on home to her house, while I made some "Crabby Cabbie" business calls before Rob and I made a trip down to Port Elgin.  Run, run, run  ... I am pretty sure the total of time I spent at home today between the hours of 8:30 am and 5:00 pm was less then a hour.

The highlight of my day was going in to the Saugeen Township Building on some "Crabby Cabbie" business with me inquiring about a person working there who I had gone to Grade School with.  Sure enough she was there, as one of the other staff had told her someone was out front to see her ..... as she came walking towards me from a distance she called my name !  OMG ... my friend, Rhonda and I hadn't seen each other in at least 40 Years !!!  It was like we had been caught in a Time Warp as we chatted as there had been no time whatsoever having lapsed between us.  YAY !!!  I am so happy we have "hooked up" after all these years.  We are going to get together for lunch next week ..... I can't wait.

"Before I knew it we were back in Wiarton at 4:30 to pickup Aiden from VBS.  We found him out in the lot having some basketball fun with his new friend."

Back home thinking about Supper ... I had taken a pound of hamburger out.  Rob loves Hamburger Helper, which I hate ... however I love Pasta.  I compromised....

"Hamburger with garlic, diced onion and celery, chopped tomatoes, and seasoned with a little oregano and thyme."

"Served over Penne Pasta.  We were both happy."

"Check out the books I scored today from another Southampton friend I grew up with.  I am so looking forward to getting into the Family Slow Cooker and Cooking With Quinoa books.  The other two?  will be a work in progress .... lol."

Every Summer when Aiden is here we have always made a trip next door to our neighbours, Elliot's Garden Center, for a traditional ice cream cone.  Tonight after supper was the night to do this.

"With 5 minutes to go until closing, Aiden was making sure there was someone still there, pointing out to me after this photo was taken that the sign did say "OPEN", with him spelling that out to me."

"Does this "look" not spell out open and excitement to you???"

"Not a problem, we were there under the wire to get our annual ice cream cones."

"I am certain this is the first time I have ever been in the store and being the only Customer."

Funny thing was when Aiden and I were eating our ice cream out by the pond, more customers pulled in after 7:00 pm having no problem getting service, as the doors had still been "open".

"Yep, Grandma is left behind in the dust once again."

"There is our corner post.  I really have never taken much notice to our property from this angle before.  Our house is right behind the row of Pine trees."

"Another place Aiden and I have always gone to on his every visit had to be done this night.  Do you think I was getting tired yet?"

"Five minutes, if that from our house.  Should you ever come North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard you will be sure to pass by "Spirit Rock".  Well worth the drive or walk in."

Back home again it was time for a Mommy, Daddy and Connor phone call, a bath, then a Good Night to Grandma and Poppa.  Thank goodness I am am "pooped" and then some.... grammar or spelling, it really doesn't matter too much to me, as I am too tired to even go there ....

"I was happy Rob took over "Checkerboard Aussie" duty tonight for me.  Here he was out having some fun with Buddy."

I would like to thank the newest follower, Justine, for joining me here "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".  Welcome Justine !

"The Sun has gone long ago ... "

... as I should also have been in bed myself long ago, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Cindy,

    I am worn out just reading your post. What a lovely thing to do with Aiden, I bet Connor was wishing he was there to see the train set?

    Raining already here this morning...


  2. What an exhausting day! Lovely to see around where you live and beautiful flowers. I used to dream of a train set like that as a child. I bet your grandson is having a fabulous time with you.


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