Monday 20 August 2012

A Wonderful "Crabby" Surprise

Believe it or not, I really can't recall too much first thing this morning, other then Bandit was at my bedside before 6 am asking for out.  He very seldom bothers us for anything, so I got up right away as I figured he really needed out to have woke me up.  Bandit is easy, as I can just open the door and let him out ... now I do worry from time to time he doesn't come face to face with a skunk, as we have had that scenario played out for us a couple of times in past years .... ewwww !

Since it appears my week ahead is looking pretty busy, I thought I would do up a couple of small loads of laundry today so it doesn't get piled up by the end of the week.  It was a perfect weather day again today.  Much cooler then it had been in the Month of July.

"Yep there was a bit of relaxation going on around here this morning after not being up and at it too long into the morning."

Once I had got the laundry going, our bedroom all dusted and vacuumed I thought I best get going on getting Carla's winnings packaged and post ready.

"Very colourful going through the mail it will be.  Carla sure won't miss it when it is among her regular mail, now will she?"

"After a bit of R&R, Rob did get moving by getting Old Betsy all rinsed off and ready to load some scrap metal later on."

Off downtown to to the Post Office I went, also with a trip to our Bank, making a Hair appointment for my Mother, and dropping in to briefly say "hello" to my friend at her place of work.  When I arrived home ....

"Rob had retrieved our mail with there actually being a package in it for "moi" !!!"

"Look at the wonderful "Crabby" surprise we received from my friend, Debby over at Nanny's Place."

"Being a good sport he is most times ... "

"Rob was also thrilled Debby had made this awesome "Crabby" table topper, along with a couple of napkins for the "Crabby Cabbie".  He of course had to model our gifts for Debby to see, with a "Look honey it stays there all by itself" ....  lol, that's my "Crabby Cabbie" for you!"

"Debby also makes her own Cards ... is this not lovely.  Thanks Debby it was a "surprise", most pleasant and the kind I love receiving. xx"

"Just after the lunch hour, the guys showed up to get the scrap Rob wanted cleaned up from our property.  Thank goodness more unsightly stuff gone before the grass dies off to have had exposed it again. !"

"Inside an old motor that was loaded up just happened to have a wasp nest in it ... they were swarming once they had been disturbed.  Everyone kept their distance while the swarming had been going on."

I needed to return an item back to a store over in Owen Sound.  Once the scrap went down the road, we met up with my Niece, Jo-Anne, at the Tim Hortons in Hepworth so she could go along with us.

After we got my return made, along with a bit of shopping Rob and Jo-Anne both got their hair cut at The Hair cutters.

"Here is Rob getting his "do" done.  Jo-Anne is in the seat to the other side of him, however I couldn't get a good view to take a shot of her....dang, dang, triple dang !"

We finally made out way back home, which I was pretty thankful about as I had been feeling pretty darn yechy and hormonal ... you know one of those "Roller Coaster" rides you are on in a Nightmare and can't get off?  That is how I was staring to feel today ... nasty, nasty, triple nasty let me "Tell the World".  *Sigh*.

After arriving home, we got on the go in short order.  While it was cooking I took the time to take off the clothe from the line.

"Supper was totally awesome ... new potatoes, steamed cauliflower and BBQ'd Pork Tenderloin that melted in our mouths.  Yummy."

While we were in Owen Sound we thought we would try out Nutri's Inflatable Protective Collar for Dogs, that we had made a purchase of from Pet Value, as suggested to me by Chania at RAZMATAZ.

"Once again, I had Rob be the "bad guy" by putting it on Bandit."

"Bandit was apparently "ticked" at Rob as he wouldn't even look at him for at least a good  Poor guy Bandit."

We are going to have to return the collar.  Rob thinks it is too large for Bandit as he is still able to reach back to "lick" his back end.  This is what we wanted to avoid by trying this method out, as the other large cone was very awkward for Bandit to move around in in the house.  We will give a smaller one a "try" to see if we have any success with that.  If not, it will also have to be returned.

"My dear friend, John of Tok Tok Place reminded me Tea Tree Oil works very well on these "hot spots".  I found where ours was and will give it a go.  I love this stuff however the supplier in Canada could no longer obtain it from the Australian Manufacturer any longer.  This was quite a bit ago, but I still have a wee bit left in this form of Antiseptic Gel."

I would love to thank Kathy Skinner for joining as a follower here with me, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".  I welcome your company Kathy, and thank you for following my daily musing and goings on here.

I am finishing this post up at a reasonable early hour this evening, as I am going to have myself a nice hot bath and call it an (hopefully) early evening, however before I do so I would like to leave this with everyone as shared with me by a dear pen pal acquaintance and follower of my blog, Marie.  Thanks Marie.

I hope others enjoy this as much as I did ...., "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Yepeee!! So glad the package arrived safe and sound. How could I not make a little something for your crabby cabbie when I had a bit of leftover fabric. With all the wonderful cooking you do I hope it will dress up a meal or two for you!!

  2. i will look up the tea tree oil for pets. i will check in the u.s. if it is still available (i recently moved near the border).
    aimee from craftmates


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