Sunday 12 August 2012

Masterson Family Reunion 2012 !

"6:30 am out the front door to see we had 2 1/2" within the past 24 hours.  Whoohoo!"

"Bring on the Sun will ya baby !!!  The plants have returned with a new lease on life after over 6" of rain or more in the preceding three days."

"Oh to have 1/8 th of this energy throughout my whole day I would be a "Super Woman", I am certain.  Or a woman with permanent PMS with those gnashing teeth maybe?  LOL."

"The whole side of the shed is displaying a lovely array of lace."

"What a wonderful smile I g0t from Buddy first thing before we headed out the door for our morning jaunt together." 

"I am more then certain there will be an abundance of Peas and Zucchinis to be picked from the garden this week after Nature's own watering has replenished everything."

"Hark, what goes there?  Those ears are in tune to something going on."

"Some other early morning risers out and about is what had been heard."

"Inside the house there were two Rip Tail Snorter's enjoying their breakfast."

"Yes my Son had also risen thinking he can have some fun with Mom's camera."

"...and more fun with Mom's camera.  Mom, check out my FX4 will ya?"

"With not too much sleep under his belt, here is Rob who was having some fun himself at the expense of Chevy and Bandit by the looks of things here."

Finally we all got packed up.  Paul, Holly and the boys gathered up all of their belongings while I got everything packed as today the Sun would be shining on the Annual Masterson Family Reunion taking place where our home roots began .... Southampton, Ontario.

"We have arrived.  There is Southampton's Town Hall.  How many times have I passed by this location in my lifetime ... many times I am sure."

"What else would be at the end of Southampton's High Street, other then the vastness of Lake Huron embarking along the sandy beaches."

We were among the first to have arrived, Rob, myself, Aiden and Connor.  Paul and Holly had been in their own vehicle leaving the boys to ride with Grandma and Poppa.

"I get to first see my Aunt Gerry and Aunt Pearlina.  I was at the luncheon for Aunt Pearlina's  91st Birthday this past Spring.  I also hear Aunt Gerry is celebrating a birthday herself this upcoming Tuesday.  Happy Birthday Aunt Gerry !"

"Love to see all my Cousins, as I know for a fact I don't see some of them unless it is once a Year at our Reunion.  Cousin Jim with his Marty, Aunt Shirley and Aunt Gerry."

"Julie, Corey and Michaela (darn I hope I spelled that right)."

"There is my Cousin Vi with her new Great Granddaughter.  What''s up with that? she isn't old enough yet to be a Great Grandma !!!"

"I am pretty sure Cousin Jim and Bill haven't seen each other for quite some time?"

"After a bit of socializing had been had, everyone gathered their plates to enjoy one fantastic Pot Luck spread of food together."

"I forgot to take a photo of my plate of food, however since my niece Jo-Anne's friend, Russ was seated directly across from me I took advantage of his "very full" plate.  My plate was maybe filled 1/4 of his in comparison I would think ... lol."

"This was my dessert plate.  One piece of Sex in a Pan I was so happy my Auntie Gladys had made and brought, along with the Rhubarb Custard Jo-Anne had made ... oh man they were both so beyond good !!!"

"This plate of dessert?  Oh that was Russ's ... you know the guy who was sitting directly across from me .... LOL."

"See it really was his plate and NOT mine !!!"

"Everyone feels good after eating Yummy desserts.  Here are my happy kids, my Paul and his Holly."

The weather this day was absolutely perfect.  No rain, no humidity, just a beautiful cloud covered comfortable all around weather day.  Thank you for prayers answered, even though I know I shouldn't be praying for anything that is self-serving ... but really really, "thank you" !"

"Let the games begin ..... "

".... and they are "off" !"

"There is some fine looking guys standing back from the sidelines."

"More games to keep everyone active."

"A little bit of pouting going on here by the looks of it."

"With a little bit of coaxing he was out and back in the games !"

"The Game Ambassadors were doing an awesome job."

"The sidelines had been formed with everyone cheering the participants on ... "

"They are off to the races !"

"Not first but still making it to the other side with the other side cheering them on."

"Look here, there are some of my family members anticipating the next game."

"This is a fun game by filling the sponge and transporting its water into the pail across the way."

"Yep there is my Cousin Troy with bow and arrow getting ready to take a shot at somebody, while Uncle Basil looks on, unsuspecting I am sure on what his son is about to do ... lol."

"Here is Ambassador Bill looking on to make sure those sponges are filling those pails."

"Go boys go .... "

"Here is my Uncle Reg enjoying it all."

"Almost directly across our Paul is also enjoying watching on all the fun being had."

"What would the games be without the Water Balloon Toss?"

"Oops I am thinking Aiden got his Daddy with a water balloon, or did he?  LOL."

"Pinata time ... that Pinata was jam packed as everyone had lot of candy once it had been busted wide open."

"Oh no... was this more pouting going on here?"

"A mouth full of candy and a bag full of "stuff", could life get any better for an almost eight year old boy?"

"Time to get ready for the drive back home.  Everyone was pretty much packed up ready to head home."

"On our way back home I was thinking how nice it would be if Rob and I were going out for a ride on our Motorcycle, but we were both way too tired from good company, good food and good fun this day."

The Annual Masterson Reunion was a success for another Year with fun by all who had attended I  hope, as I know I sure enjoyed myself !

Here it is with "Checkboard Aussies" needing in, out and about before I call it a night, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. What a fun day with your family!!And that dessert plate...Mmmmm...

  2. Wow, that looked PHENOMENAL! I love family parties like that and yours looks like it was wonderful! I just love the Southampton area, and Lake Huron has to be one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. (Inverhuron Provincial Park is one of my favourite camping spots.)
    All that fun AND sex in the pan? Life is very good.

  3. Been a LONG time since our family had a reunion. The cousins are all getting pretty elderly now. At 60 I'm one of the kids. Sure would be nice to see them all again. Your post conjured up fond memories.


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