Saturday, 18 August 2012

It Is No Wonder I Am Tired !

After my usual in, out and about our property with the "Pack" of four, I actually sat myself down to enjoy two cups of Java this morning to get me "kick started" for the day ahead.  Trust me I needed two cups to get going towards this day ....

I just arrived back home here after 9:00 pm, thinking on the drive home how great is to have taken photos throughout my days, otherwise I am certain many days I might have had some issues remembering what I have done .... lol.  Also it is good to have photos so one can say to their other, "see what I did all day" !!!

I actually got some paper clutter cleaned up along with a bit of dusting and such before I remembered I had to go pickup a huge canner with rack I had bought from a lady for $10.00.  I spent more time chatting with her then I expected to, however she was such a nice lady it was very easy to do so.

I picked up Rob a Timmies on my way home to find he was actually up and about when I got here.  We had a bit of chit chat over what he wanted for Dinner.  

"He wanted a fried egg sandwich, so I opted to make him another omelette since I still had mushrooms in the fridge to be used up.  Much easier then the Pork Tenderloin Dinner I had originally planned, which now will wait until tomorrow."

Since it is suppose to rain tomorrow, I thought I best be getting some of the acerage lawn cut.

"This hiker was just passing the front of our place when I was heading out for the lawn tractor.  We had passed him Yesterday when we had been up in Lion's Head.  Man some of these people sure put the miles on their feet."

"Apparently someone had been having some more fun with my camera.  LOL...further proof who really does all the work around here !"

Just as I gotten started with the lawn, our friends had shown up with some more of the decking.  While they were unloading that I got together a bag of fresh beets and a couple cucumbers for each of them from the garden.  When the guys took their leave, my "Crabby Cabbie" also headed out for work at the same time.  I resumed with the lawn cutting.  I managed to get it all done except for the center part, or any of the trimming.  The trimming is a huge job in itself to get done.

I made a call to Rob for him to stop in at the Southampton Pet Hospital to pickup a cone for Bandit, as we have a little problem flaring up again this Year.

"Here is our boy reluctantly getting his neck measured.  I wonder if he suspects what is up with the measurements?"

"A "hot spot" has appeared on Bandit's back end the past day or two, which he is making worse by the constant licking, however it must also be driving him nuts.  This I know with my allergies how he must be feeling."

"I had great success with the Hydrocortisone treating the problem last Year, so we will be giving it a go again this time around."

Around 3:00 pm the gang were all ready for around their 4th time for a jaunt, so outside I took myself.

"The Hibiscus have just started to show off all their glorious beauty.  I wish they would last more then the one day, but grateful for the abundance of buds they do have."

"Lexus taking a "round" out of poor Bandit.  What this poor guy has endured from pups and other dogs through his lifetime thus far...he has the patience of Job he does."

"Aren't these tomatoes pretty?  They are low/no acid tomatoes.  Oh the flavour of them are heavenly.  I pick and eat right off the vine.  They look like miniature Pears."

"All 17 of my "other" tomato plants look like this still.  Green, green, green....I sure hope the weather stays at least until I get a crop from them to put down for the Winter months."

"If it isn't Buddy, or Mercedes, it is Lexus checking out what she can snatch out from the compost ... ewwww."

"One row of Leeks weeded.  Look of the pile of weeds gotten !"

"Lexus took it upon herself to take off way in the back field in the high grasses, while totally ignoring my calls and whistles.  I had to send the "big" guy out to round her up for me.  Good job he was doing bringing her back in.  Truly, he is my Main right hand Dog."

"Finally she came booting it across the field to me."

"She knew she was in for it and had to heel at my side all the way back up to the house."

"I have to get taking inventory on how many jars of Pickled Beets I still have put up.  Still lots here even after I have been sharing with a few people here and there.  If I still have lots put up there will still be plenty more to be shared with others."

"The brilliant yellow of the Zucchini flower is awesome.  These flowers are also edible, did you know?"

"I noticed a couple of Sunflowers had been knocked down to the ground, either by an animal or the wind.  Amazing though they are still producing their flower with the bud still intact."

"This, I believe, is Turnips.  Rob had mentioned he had a package of seeds he planted.  This will be our very first time trying to grow Turnip, so we will see."

"Really now, I can not recall ever having a dog with such a long tongue as our Lexus"

"With Lexus put away it was Mercedes turn to come out for a run.  We headed over to the wash stand.  This wash stand is one of my favourite spots by our house to sit.  I have spent many times here, other then hanging laundry, either being sad, crying by myself, enjoying the dogs, watching our grandchildren, or just sitting to enjoy the warmth here from the afternoon Sun by taking in its energy."

"This day I enjoyed the antics of Missy Mercedes while I gathered energy from the Sun's warmth."

"I also noticed these little button mushrooms while I was taking in my surroundings."

With everyone attended to, even our Buddy boy, I headed back into the house as earlier this day someone had been whining about all the cookies I had made when our Grandsons were here had mostly been eaten up by them.  I recall a few trips to the cookie jar by one other "big" person in the household, however that same person must of had one of my Menopause moments as they can't seem to recall this fact.

"Out came our newest favourite Cooke Recipe."

"In almost no time at all the kitchen was smelling heavenly with fresh out of the oven cookies."

"Still a bit on the warm side a few packaged and ready to be delivered."

I got myself ready, as Rob had let me know he indeed was able to purchase a cone for Bandit.  Out the door again I went for the "how many times today" .....

"I must say the rain we have had over the course of the past week has put some "green" back into the lawn."

"Someone getting a little impatient with waiting for me to get there as fast as he?"

"Oh yes, another photo to prove this day our Van was cleaned out by "moi" also.  Oh yes, credit goes to where credit is due, I think Rob cleaned the dash on the driver's side for us, did you not Honey?"

We headed on over to Southampton to meet up with our "Crabby Cabbie"  to pickup that dreaded "cone" for our Bandit Boy to prevent him from licking when I apply the cream to his irritated spot.

"Isn't it pretty?  I was very relieved to see it didn't come in "pink", as that would have further humiliated him."

Then the "package" was put into my "Crabby Cabbie's" hot little paws .... hopefully ceasing all belly aching over who ate the most cookies while Aiden and Connor were here.

"Of course there had to be some clowning around and exaggerations while a cookie was being consumed.... lol."

"Along with a huge drawn out, "thank you Honey"."

By the time Bandit and I headed back home from Southampton it was getting dark, and was dark when we did get home just after 9:00 pm.  Buddy and the girls had to first be taken care of before anything else, then the cooled cookies needed to be put into their appointed Cookie jars, before I even thought of sitting down to recall my day (of course with all this help and cuing from my photos, thank goodness).

Here it is already almost 11:30 pm.  After this day I just had, it is no wonder I am tired.  Off I go, hopefully into a fitful evening of blissful slumber, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. That is an action packed day! I have never seen tomato's in that pear shape, odd but interesting. Good luck with canning, so thankful ours is done other than making pickles.

  2. What a busy day you had! Your vegetable garden is amazing; turnips, beets galore and tomatoes, unbelievable. Pear shape tomatoes are out of this world! I grew them one year and they were amazing You certainly put a lot of energy maintaining your lovely property. I love reading your blogger:Just North of.... GREAT JOB and a wonderful writer! Thank you .....Anna Frank Bernard

  3. Awww...poor Bandit!! Hope hs spot clears quickly for him so he can get that stupid cone off hs head! lol!!

    I bet you fell asleep in 20 seconds flat, Cindy!!!

  4. Omigawd, woman! That cabbie of yours is darned lucky to have such a hard-working woman!

  5. Looking good and working hard there :) Our tomatoes are doing pretty good this year. We had these yellow pear tomatoes last year but I couldn't find them this year. They are pretty good! I canned some beets too recently. They are yummy but so much work and quite messy!

  6. Poor Bandit.......I pooped just reading your list of what you did all day...



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