Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Bad, Bad, Really BAD !

This morning my Cousin and her hubby, Ross, were up our way and dropped on in for a wee visit.  This was very nice, and they also took along the Beets I had already for Rob to take to Aunties, saving Rob a trip over Port Elgin way.

"Why do guys always appear they are conversing about such huge World events...when us woman folk know better.  LOL."

Once Vi and Ross headed out, I had to get Rob a lunch together as he was heading on into work earlier then usual today.

"Leftover Chicken or Turkey in our house usually gets turned into Chicken Salad Sandwiches, if not for Chicken Pot Pie.  Yummy."

"Making lunch for Rob is just carrying on from where I left off with Aiden."

I am NOT happy with myself lately, or more like the past three months or so of bad, bad, really BAD !

What could be so bad?  This is what is so BAD .....

"Muffin Top Me !"

I have been BAD, not eating properly or being as active as I should.  Now in my defense I do have Menopause, lowered metabolism and gravity all against me .... does all that count in my favour????  I sure hope so !

Three months ago I weighed 3 lbs less then I did this morning, my hips were 1 inch smaller, as was my waist, and my stomach was 2 inches less then it is.  OH MAN !!!  Smarten up Woman ....

Where did my "will power" go when the Grandboys were here, as I joined along in the homemade desserts, ice cream cones, consumption of Candy ..... oh and I am sure eating more then I should be.  Those days of finishing "just that little bit" left on a child's plate catch up with you once you reach a certain plateau in life, does it not?

I need to "smarten" up before I end up being a Beached Whale ... it goes on so easy, but most certainly does not shed as easy.  I do feel much better when I weighed less, so why does this not encourage me to have "will power"?  cause sometimes life circumstances control our brains, that is why .... those three things I have already mentioned in my defense, as well as "stress eating" and "emotional eating".

Yes, these things all have had an effect on my "Muffin Top", this I am certain of ....

What am I going to do about my overflowing Muffin Top and increased inches?  Well get back on the "Band Wagon" is what I am going to do ... which I started doing today (almost killing myself getting started at it, I might add, lol).

"Buddy and I headed on out for a walk this afternoon (after pushing myself to do so)."

"Muffin top me and skinny little Buddy."

"Check out the scenery I zoomed in from way back up the road."

"Lots of logging was going on here."

"The Potter's Daughter lives on Kribs Road not too far from our home."

"Walking by this home I have admired many times before ... 2 years ago when I was walking daily before I had tore my meniscus, twice I might add, why only do it twice?"

"They have a lovely view of Colpoy's Bay from their backyard."

"...and it is For Sale !  Nice home, lovely property and what a view."

"This is one funky looking tree.  It looks to be a cross between a Pine and Weeping Willow tree.  Strange."

"Just a bit further up the road is a bit of farm life in the fields."

"We made it down to the Bay.  Fun was going on out in Colpoy's Bay."

"Many many Years ago the Bay used to be up to these docks."

"Buddy and I stopped for a bit while I enjoyed watching these guys frolicking and having some fun."


"A little further along this one was salvaging their dinner."

"I made it to the top of Spragge's Hill ... *PHEW* it wasn't an easy feat let me tell you with that grade...lol."

"I am confident I am off to a good start against the Battle of the Bulging Muffin Top."

With 1 hour of walking now under my belt today, what am I planning to do here any minute now?  Eat the fresh picked Beets I pulled from our garden and have cooked up in my Pressure Cooker, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. funny I was just thinking the same about me, when I looked in the mirror this morning, need to do something about my eating.......


  2. from one muffin top to another!
    dont sweat the small stuff!

  3. Muffins all round I think - don't you just LOVE being menopausal (grrr). Anyway the walk looks lovely and I enjoyed the views .... I am coming back into the land of the living xx


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