Friday, 31 August 2012

House Guests For the Holiday Weekend

Not only is it Friday, it is also a Holiday Weekend  !  Happy Labour Day Weekend, as I am most certain everyone deserves an "extra" day off from what they do best.  I am not sure if my "Crabby Cabbie" gives himself the "extra" day off or not.  Thinking not, since Monday is his regular day off anyway ... to bad, so sad for my Dear "Crabby Cabbie".

We had a couple of "house guests" arrive last evening for the Holiday Weekend.  They actually might be staying over until Tuesday morning.

"I am pleased to introduce Lily and Aspen who have come to stay while their owner, Ashley, is gone way North of the Checkerboard, across on the Chi-Cheemaun, "Big Canoe" in Objibwa, up towards the area of Espanola visiting her Grandparents."

~ Photo Courtesy of Ashley Stewart ~

"Ashley showing off how friendly Lily can be.  Aspen is the newest and youngest addition of the duo and not as friendly yet."

"Lily (above) and Aspen (below) had no trouble whatsoever settling in.  I think they rather like our basement (good thing they do, as I most certainly don't).  Maybe it is the Spider Web decor they find so appealing?"

I was awake way before 6:00 am this morning.  I finally dragged myself from our bed at 5:45 am.  The winds seemed to be very high outside our windows, so I ventured out on the deck to see what the temperatures were like.

"Looking over into the Western skies I got the last glimpse of the Moon taking its leave."

Speaking of Moons, this evening is to be a "Blue Moon".

"Photo Courtesy of Spiritual Awakening on Facebook)

I am in hopes the cloud cover isn't too heavy this evening so I might be able to view this evenings "Blue Moon" myself, as I don't recall ever being witness to one ever in my lifetime.

The only Blue Moon I recall is this one ....

Quite the catchy tune, is it not?

Once I had first looked after all four of our "pack" this morning I then attended to our guests needs.

"Oh man, these two girls eat better then I at times ... Romaine Lettuce in a bag?  girls do you know how much that costs your Mama????"

"Both girls oblivious to the costs in today's World, passed me by without a glance and headed right on over to their Salad Bar I had made up for their Breakfast."

Once everyone was settled in for the morning, off North of the Checkerboard I went to see my Good Doctor.

"A little something going on next Sunday in the Village of Colpoy's Bay I noticed on Dr. Loney's bulletin board.  Um, maybe something interesting to take in for a few people in the area?"

A fairly new friend of mine, Lynn Wright, belongs to Wiarton's Optimist Club.  They are holding a Yard Sale at Wiarton's St. John's United Church on Berford Street in the downtown area of Wiarton (Main Street) to raise money to put into the Basketball Court at the Jimmy Brown Park.  The Yard Sale and BBQ runs from 8:00 am until 1:00 pm.  Go on out and show your support for Wiarton's Youth !

I decided I would donate some of my time to the cause by baking a couple of things to be sold at this Yard Sale.  This afternoon this is exactly what I did ... by trying out two more "new to me" recipes.

"Ingredients all ready to "rock" my kitchen by putting together a Zucchini Pineapple Bread."

"Dry is soon to meet Wet."

"The Recipe's batter divided into two smaller pans."

"Seventy minutes later they are out of the Oven and cooling on the Counter."

"Cooled, wrapped, labeled and ready to go."

By this time it was going on to 2:00 pm.  I had an appointment at the Wiarton Hospital at 2:30 pm.

"I arrived just a little bit before my scheduled appointment so I could get parked and walk the block over to the Hospital."

I was in and out of Xray lickity split.  Hopefully the xrays will tell all as to whether my left heel has suspected Tendonitis or a Heel Spur.  Whatever it is, it has been quite painful for the past few weeks.  I should know more by my next Friday appointment with the good Doctor.  I am hoping it is the lesser of the two evils, as my volunteering for the VON SMART exercise program begins on the 12th of September, and I can not afford to be laid up too long.

With the xrays out of the way, I returned home to first attend to the "Checkerboard Aussies", two pick some green tomatoes with hopes they will ripen in the baskets, as most of the ripened ones I was finding on the vines were getting Blossom Rot, more then likely due to the lack of rain this Summer.

"This is what I picked today, before rot set in, with another 3 L basket in our kitchen I had picked a couple of days ago.  Oh I so hope I get some kind of tomato crop for my stewed tomatoes to hold us over the Winter months."

With all that out of the way, I carried on with some more baking ....

"With the tops scored, it is easy to recognize these cookies as being Peanut Butter, is it not?"

"First batch fresh out of the Oven to cool."

"Six bags containing 1/2 dozen cookies all labeled and ready to go."

"I managed to get these all safely delivered to Lynn just after the supper hour."

Recipes please?

Zucchini Pineapple Bread can be found HERE, many thanks to Mary at One Perfect Bite.

Peanut Butter Cookie recipe can be found HERE, with thanks going out to Joanna Goddard at A Cup of Jo.

Both recipes were easy to follow, and everyone knows how much I LOVE Easy Peasy as 1-2-3, with everyday staples you would find in your coffers.

I think that was pretty much an "enough of a day" for myself.  I think I will take our "Checkerboard Aussies" out for their last jaunt of the evening, check on our Guests and hopefully take in a Blue Moon this evening, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Thanks so much Cindy! Glad to see Lily and Aspen so happy! :)

  2. Peanut butter cookies!!!!!!! Oh gawd, I wish I was in the kitchen with you when they came out!
    Hope your foot is feeling better.
    By the way, hehehehehe, I had some fun at my blog at your expense... hope you appreciate my zany humour and how much I adore your blog.

  3. got some cute guests there!! :)

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