Wednesday 15 August 2012

My Very Very First .....

A beautiful Tuesday evening it was last night.  What to do to take advantage of such a Summer evening, especially when Summer seems to escape from us too quickly?  

"You first consume your fresh cooked pickings from the garden that day."

"Then you head on out to the Box Office for 1/2 Price Tuesday Admission."

"Where else but at the Owen Sound Drive-In !  In our neck of the woods anyway."

What to do until the "featured" movies begins?  Enjoy the previews for upcoming movies soon to be released of course ....

 "....or you text people while waiting for the "featured" movies to begin." 

"So begins Ice Age 4 ~ Continental Drift"

Both Rob and I enjoyed Ice Age 4, although I am sure Rob more enjoyed the second featured film more ..... The Dark Knight Rises, which I kept falling in and out of sleep while it was on, not because I didn't enjoy it, I was just too dang, dang, triple dang tired is all.

Today?  Well my today was very uneventful, as I was feeling pretty "poopy" all day.  I did manage to strip our bedding to be washed and hung out.

"It seemed pretty touch and go out there for awhile as out of the Eastern skies there was some pretty loud Thunder going on .... "

".... while at the same time the Western skies were full of Sunshine and huge fluffy white clouds."

Regardless I took the chance with it all working out good, as no rain became of all those dark skies and thunder.  I am happy to report my bed is all freshly line dryed and made back up, if nothing else this day was accomplished.

I did also managed to get a wee little bit of vacuuming done in around the dining room area.  One household tool I love and just happened to have picked up last month on a Swap group was....

"...this handy dandy lightweight Electrolux Ergorapido.  It is amazing to pickup those unwanted doggie hairs which always seem to have floating rights over our floor areas.  Available at Costco Stores for $89.99; my price off the Swap, $20.0 ... she "scored" again !"

"Trust me if the one I bought gives out, I won't hesitate paying the $89.99 at Costco for a new one, as it sure beats dragging this heavy thing out on an everyday or not daily basis."

"Our veggie garden seems to have flourished naturally so after the rain we had this past weekend.  A little more throughout the evenings sure wouldn't hurt it any with lots of sunshine in the day time (am I wishing for way too much again?)."

.... and now for "My Very Very First ..... GIVEAWAY !!! "

"Being this beautiful Gift Bag, Handcrafted by my very own Sister, Donna.  A lovely crocheted piece of handiwork I must say, even though I couldn't didn't do it myself."

How to win this lovely Gift Bag?  Just ....

1.  Share my Blog link on your own Blog, Facebook page, or by Email to a friend(s);
2.  Leave a comment on this post letting me know how you shared my Blog link (if you are unable to leave me a comment here, please email me at;

(You do not need to have a "blog" or "Facebook" account, just share by email with a friend by copying & pasting the link from the address bar above into an email)

Easy peasy as 1-2-3.  Thank you to all and everyone for their participation.  I will "draw" the lucky winner's name and post this coming Sunday.

Today would been Julia Child's 100th Birthday !!!  Wow !  An admirer? as I am, especially after watching the Movie, Julie & Julia, (I am also a huge fan of Meryl Streep) you may read all about Julia Child HERE .

Courtesy of Google

Thank you for the "Muffin" comments on my post of yesterday, NO Cathy all the Banana Muffins were consumed last week while you were off Holidaying, as they were all very much appreciated.  In light of my having a "down" day, I couldn't force myself to do a daily walk today, however tomorrow is not beyond my reach ....

Here it is another day gone by .... where does my time go?  I suppose it is "okay" to have not such a great day in consideration of how many fantastic days I do have, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Oh you know I will share your page!
    Just cause,,, have a great evening!
    Your Woodford buddy!

  2. Drive-in movies? How quaint. They disappeared down this way in the 1960's - too much TV competition I reckon, tho' given today's TV content a return to the "Days of the Drive-in" would be welcome! lol!

  3. You're on my blogroll...does that count?! :) I haven't been to the drive-in forever... Ice Age looked pretty funny, but I'm really excited to see Batman on DVD!! :)

  4. I had to laugh at the muffin comment!!!!!

    Yes, I will share your blog - I will go now to FB, as a matter of fact since, like Carla, you already have a happy place on my blogroll.

    Ooooo, you have a drive-in, too? Ours is just around the corner from us - such a fun place!

  5. Have you on my blog roll, hope that counts


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