Thursday 23 August 2012

A Good Kind Of Tired

This morning I was up and at it before 6:00 a.m..  Really my body should not be listening to my head by just staying put in the old sack some mornings !  Just as well I was up and at it as I had left a sinkful of dishes unattended from the day before just waiting my attention ... shame for shame on me !

Remind myself to train Bandit, not only to answer the phone calls, but also to do dishes ... Rob could I work you into that mix too please?  LOL ... I think not as my dear "Crabby Cabbie" hadn't gotten in until just after midnight with the last thing ever being on his mind would be the thought of washing up even one dish.

Other then the days seemingly shorter, they have been the most beautiful weather days.  I wonder if we shall be having an Early Fall this Year?  I would LOVE it to be Fall right until Spring.  Just "skipping" right on by Winter.  A dry crisp Fall has to be about one of my favourite out of the four Seasons.

Once all of our four Checkerboard Aussies had been attended to and fed first thing off the bat, I got right to that pile of dishes, after first having myself two cups of Java to get me motivated.  It wasn't too long before Rob was up for his coffee,with us off to do a couple of errands downtown.

I had to get back home in short order to shower, ready myself and head out the door to the Town of Meaford to be there by the Lunch Hour.

"Here I was 1/2 hour earlier then the scheduled meeting time where other then the most popular meeting place in Ontario then at a Tim Hortons Coffee Shop !"

I was happy to be early as it gave me lots of time to go in to use their washroom facilities then be back out before my date showed up.

Just finishing up in the bathroom by washing my hands the door opened.  Low and behold the meeting between Gill, That British Woman, and I took place in the washroom !  LOL ..... at least we were all washed up before we went out to order up our lunches.

It was nice we had both been early as we had lots of time for a bit of chit chat while having our lunches.  We were almost finished up when Lotte, a gal who also volunteers for VON, and just happens to reside in Meaford, showed up to join us.  I am so happy I had invited her along when I had seen her this past Tuesday at the VON refresher.

Gill and I had no clue to what shops we should be checking out in Meaford, other then one Gill had googled,  thinking Lottie could guide us towards it .... oh no, this one shop Gill had her heart set on going to had been closed since last Winter !  Go figure, is this not always the way.

We all decided against going to the Meaford Flea Market, or the Candle Shop, all for mutually agreed upon reasons ... thank goodness as I am certain my allergies wouldn't have been up to all those perfume smells at the Candle Shop.  We opted to take in the shops in Meaford's downtown.

Lottie thought we might like to take in the Meaford Hall.  I was very pleased we did, as I was very impressed with it.

"Here Gill is checking out some of the Artwork.  We were trying to make out if it was paintings or photography.  It was all very good."

"I was totally overwhelmed at the beauty of these Handmade Quilts displayed as wall tapestries...absolutely beautiful.  I came to mind how much someone like Debby over at Nanny's Place would appreciate seeing something like these."

Oh by the way, should anyone ever drop over to Debby's blog at Nanny's Place, if she ever refers to the term UFO, it isn't anything flying up in the air that has been unidentified, it means "unfinished object" in her household ... lol.  Gotta love that woman and her sense of "smartness" !

"I found this to be interesting as well as lovely."

We took in a few shops along the town's main core.  The one shop I really loved I never ended up taking any photos in.  I suppose I  had been too busy taking in the few things I had admired in the shop.  I must too add the shop owner was a delightful person to speak to, as I had enjoyed doing so.

"I am thinking this was a Flower Shop when these caught our eye as we were passing by, since one had been directly centered on a shelf just inside the open door.   I suppose you could call it a "Bird's Eye View".   Are these not cool?  Not something to have outside my doorstep since being so light in weight the prevailing West Winds would have them sent way down South from me where Gill resides.  She would have the benefit of being amused by it on her doorstep.  Could not have that, now could I?  LOL...I don't even recall checking out the price of one? however unique they remained there."

"Gill had for some reason looked up, more then likely at the architecture of the buildings, when she noticed this roof top garden.  Lotte was very quick to explain the owner sold these organically grown rooftop veggies street side beside the building."

"We popped in to check out this Butcher Shop, The Cutting Edge.  For the life of me I thought I could but can not remember the owner's name.  He had told us he was a Country Singer, but returned to Meaford to begin this business once their new baby had been born.  Hopefully it will come to me (some day).  Regardless his shop was awesome, and I thought his prices were reasonable."

"Here I am lagging behind again while Lotte and Gill saunter ahead of me."

Our last stop was a Second Hand store located in the basement of a building close to where we had parked.  Very small, very congested and very busy ... Gill was quick to check for some Tea Cups with us all leaving in short order when none had been found ... way to claustrophobic for all three of us, never mind also how HOT in was in there !

Gill had to be off by 3:00 pm, which I am certain she was way ahead of her schedule.  She was going to stop at an Organic Market on her way out of Meaford before she made her way back home.  It was a pleasant time spent together regardless of us first meeting up in a washroom.... lol.  I am certain I will be seeing her again soon when I stop by next at her blog, That British Woman.  Thanks for the afternoon Gill !

Lotte and I then said our goodbyes.  Our paths will be crossing again, hopefully soon within the VON SMART circle.  I so enjoyed our time spent together, thanks Lotte so much for coming out today !

"Ha !  Speaking of VON, I had to make a stop at the office in Owen Sound on my way home to pickup some SMART "supplies" for the Wiarton Group.  Tis the season, as SMART will be up and running again soon, so best be checking it out HERE for further information."

"Then on the other side of Owen Sound heading out of the City, I got to see another acquaintance of mine.  Here is Toni giving up some of her time to help with another great cause."

"The United Way Bus will be here, I believe until Saturday, so drop on by to make your contribution to it being filled for those children who are in need, as ....

"Every child has a backpack – every backpack has a child."

It had been a great day.  My day did not end there ... I had a wonderful unexpected visit by Rob's Cousin Joyce.  It was really nice to sit together while we chit chatted about this and that.  I also got to learn that Joyce "hoards" recipes and recipe books as much as I do !  Should this be our only sickness then all the power to us ... lol.

Once Joyce was on her way, I did a bit of multi-tasking by calling my Cousin Paula while I took each of the "pack" in, out and about for the last time this evening.

I am almost ready to call it a day with the feeling of a Good Kind of Tired within my being, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Oh how fun that you met with Gill!! She's awesome. And I bet Debby could make that quilt, no problem.

  2. We had a super time and those "pumpkins" were in the $30 + range as far as I remember.

    Thanks Cindy for the lovely day out. I will be blogging about it on Saturday.......minus photos as I forgot my camera!!!


  3. this is a kind of day i'd love to have!
    aimee from craftmates

  4. Gill's a great day out companion isn't she.
    Glad you all had a great time (washroom introductions included!).
    Jane x


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