Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A Few Here And There Photos

Now what?  I really do not know why I am having such an issue uploading photos into blogger, but it has been "Maddening" !!!  I have even gone from Google to Internet Explorer browser.  Google nothing, Internet Explorer is letting me upload a few.  Maddening I say ! maddening !!!  All this is happening on my new laptop which has been working out fine until yesterday.  What a pain to go upload all my photos from my Desktop then back out to "fill in the blanks" on the laptop.  Does nothing ever want to remain a smooth steady go of it on a daily basis in life?  Apparently not so in mine ... here I go back to our Yesterday.

"Yesterday morning at approximately 7:30 am the "Checkerboard Aussies" were loaded and ready to roll on down the Highway."

"It appears Lexus is checking everyone in the far rear is settled in okay."

"Missy Mercedes has her mouth full so we won't be hearing much from her.  Buddy is in the "can't see much out of this here" kennel right beside her."

"Okay, we are all ready to "rock", head it on out Pops !"

"It wouldn't be a Road Trip with out a Tim Hortons coffee, now would it?"

"At this point Wiarton and Southampton are way long behind us, as we are now entering Paisley.  Paisley is a very quaint little village."

"Next we head on by Dunkeld.  This Hotel has been a Landmark for Years."

"We are now heading into the valley fast approaching Walkerton."

"Carrick Wines, located in between Walkerton and Mildmay.  Well worth the "drop in" if you are by and they are "open"."

"We all arrive safe and sound for everyone's annual checkup and vaccination appointment at our Vet's, the Mildmay Veterinary Clinic.  We LOVE coming here as everyone is so nice to us!"

"Buddy's very first visit here.  What could possibly be around that corner? something scary maybe?"

"First one in and first one on the scales.  Good boy.  Buddy came in at 36 lbs.  Not too bad for a youngster that he is."

"Kisses to the Vet right off the bat."

"Then a very big smile !  He is quite the social boy, our Buddy is."

"Next in the lineup was Missy Mercedes who weighted in at a whooping 44 lbs.  She is our personal little trash can, this girl is.  Good as gold for the Vet she was, once she got over her initial nervousness."

"Bums up Lexus.  Not even a flinch out of this girl.  As a matter of fact, there wasn't a flinch from any of our "pack"."

"She does love her Mommy.  I always gets lots of hugs and kisses from my Lexus girl.  She is my "Pretty Girl"."

"Last but not least, is our Big Guy, Bandit.  The little bit of smudge in this photo? that is where Lexus kissed it with me not noticing right away."

"Bandit was in tune to some pretty mournful howling going on somewhere else in the building."

"Lexus had to have a peek out in the hallway to see where all the commotion was arising from."

"On our way out, we all wondered if it had been coming from these two handsome characters?"

We loaded everyone back into our Van to make the trip back home, which normally takes around an hour or so without any stops along the way.

"Rob had seen this Sweet Corn sign on our way.  We had to go back the way we came so we could stop to get us a dozen cobs."

"The honor system was at work at this Corn Stand.  Can you believe only $4.00 for 14 Cobs of Corn? what a steal of a deal now a days, and fresh picked that very morning !"

"The Corn Stand was located right here in front of the Dunkeld Turnip Waxing Plant.  Later on you could pass by here to purchase some Turnips at a real "steal of a deal" also."

"Next stop was the Tara Post Office so I could mail my second Post Crossing Post Card."

"Thanks to this very nice Postal Clerk, my Post Card was going to be on its way to Germany."

$255.00 and change later, $24.00 being Bandit's meds, we finally made it home.  Oh that didn't include the $4.00 for Corn, nor the $3.59 on Tim Horton's Coffees.

"Bandit was prescribed some antibiotics with hopes of speeding up the healing of the Hot Spot he has.  Poor boy, I hope it works quickly as I know he is in much discomfort with the itch driving him crazy.  I personally know what itching can do to a person, short of driving them over the deep end."

"More recipe books that my Niece Joanne gave me.  Already I have been browsing through them all."

"My friend, Diane, who had picked up some fresh garden veggies from us yesterday, can never come empty handed.  She brought a can of Cherries for Rob to have a pie this Winter, and I, Lip Balm that she had made herself.  I will have to get her method from her some other time."

We had a fairly early Supper with an appointment to meet up with someone shortly after.  Then it was off to try out the "Dog Park" over in Oliphant to give Buddy a run, run, run ... without the worry of the highway and him not listening.  It sure makes a huge difference I find from having our three other Aussies from puppies, then having gotten Buddy at the age of sixteen months old.  

"...and run, run, run he did.  Lots of sniffing going on with all the other doggie smells within the perimeter of the fences."

"Good boy, good boy, good boy."

"Rules to be followed."

"Double gated entrance and exit made it really nice."

There had been a pair of boxers there when we first arrived at the park, however they had been just finishing up their run, shorty leaving the whole park to us and Buddy.  Since Buddy is not "fixed", I would prefer having him run by himself, especially since he really doesn't want to always listen to "come" when it is time to leave.

This was pretty much our Yesterday.  What a time I had getting this posted this day!  I will combine today and tomorrow all under tomorrow's post.  Today I made Homemade Laundry Soap with much ease I am sure it will be a "regular" thing to keep doing.

Little Missy Mercedes is calling for out, so I am thinking I will take the girls out for their run a bit earlier tonight, with Buddy following with his walk, then end it up with Bandit.  Looks like I am going to maybe have some time to get a bit more reading in tonight.  I found a couple of healthy "treat" recipes in the new book I was lent...leave it to me to "skip" the boring stuff and get right into the recipe, eh?  

By the way, whoever left me the comment, "they put the bread knife back in the knife block after cutting bread"?  You never left your name, so how will I know it is you  if I come over to eat at your house????  Dang, dang and triple dang I will never have a chance not knowing who you are ??????

Tomorrow is another day I always look forward to, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. I've been having some serious issues loading photos, too and so have a number of other Blogger bloggers. So it's not your new laptop's fault, that's for sure!

    Anyway, as usual I adore your happy, rambling photos - especially the one of Mercedes. The look on her face is priceless!

    And you went to a turnip waxing plant???? HOW COOL IS THAT? I wondered how they got waxed! Maybe next time you go you could do a "how it's made" kind of post about turnip wax!

  2. Why does it look so easy for you to bring the Checkerboard Aussies to the vet? You have well behaved pups (compared to mine).
    Aimee from Craftmates


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