Monday 13 August 2012

Heading On North Of The Checkerboard

I am thinking I slept  pretty darn good last night as I don't remember a darn thing.  This is good.  Rob also had said he slept good too.  Both of us have been on "high" speed, or so it has seemed, the past three weeks or so.  I know with the Grandboys having been here, with a week in between their visits, to play "catch up" I most certainly have been busy.

I looked around this morning thinking to myself I am going to have to start another "catch up" again this week.  I began today by doing three loads of wash,and hanging it all out on the line.  According to the weather forecast we are to get more rain tomorrow, so our bedding will have to wait until Wednesday to get done.

"By 8:30 this morning Rob and I were heading into Wiarton.  This photo is a bit on the dark side considering the light of day, as I have been experiencing with my camera settings trying to figure "stuff" out.  Maybe someday I will get it."

"It took us two trips with the Van but we got all this Flagstone home.  We couldn't use our trailer as it has no sides.  The grand total cost for all of this you might wonder?  FREE !!!  Yay, I scored again.  Hopefully this can be incorporated somewhere around Rob's pond, or this is what I think is what he is planning for it."

The remainder of the morning was spent doing a bit of this and a bit of that, including the laundry.  By late morning we had to go collect one of Rob's "Crabby Cabbie" vehicles from our mechanics to bring back home.  There is always something going on with one thing or another when it comes to vehicle ownership isn't there?

Rob decided it would be a perfect day to take some "time out" for us.  He fired up our old Goldwing ....

"... and we headed out our driveway North on Hwy. 6."

"Past our neighbour's, Elliot's Garden Center." 

"On past the Checkerboard heading further North."

"The Handicraft House.  I have yet to go there this Year to check out the Sunday Outdoor Market."

"Last stop in Mar for fuel before Ferndale."

"Just Me"

"Paul Duff's Studio.  I have yet to stop in here, maybe on the Artist Studio Tour this September I will get to.  I will have to check the Tour listings."

"Boating on by ...."

"Just because."

"Wind turbines just South of Ferndale."

"Nice to see some Hay piled for the Winter months, as there is to be a shortage with the lack of rain we had this Summer."

"Ferndale the place to gas up and/or grab some eats before you get to Tobermory."

"This is my turn off every Friday to my Doctor's for my weekly shot in the arm."

"Now that is one pile of Hay !"

"There hasn't been a time we have passed by here that I haven't admired this home."

"There is Kevin's Mobile Service.  Need a mechanic on wheels?  This is the guy to call for those big jobs."

"Enjoy the lovely countryside over at Cape Chin while you drop in to see Pottery By Ben."

"This Store/Gas Bar must be a saving grace for Year Round Residents of Miller Lake and Dyer's Baby at times throughout the Winter Months."

"This sign should tempt anyone to head straight up to Tobermory, should it not?"

"The Dyer's Bay signage is a little blurry as Rob must have been "giving 'r" as we passed the road to where my Cousin's Summer Cottage is."

"Our final destination ... still a little blurry.  Must be the camera? couldn't be the operator."

"There is my friend, Jenny, who works at the Lone Wolf Drive Thru ... get your beverages while you pickup your smokes !"

"One of our favourite Summer stops to eat on the Bruce Peninsula, DNA Fish & Chips, just before Tobermory.  Open daily from 11ish until 7:00 pm."

"There is Dave.  Gotta love the kitchen attire.  Nice apron Dave !"

"Well worth the drive ... White Fish in Herb Batter with fresh cut fries.  Yummy."

I am pretty sure we returned back home, South of the Checkerboard, around 4:00 pm.  I was beyond exhausted, told by Rob I was "snoring" on the couch for at least over an hour.  *Sigh* I am still tired.... but there were things to be done.

"Here I go again, as I head out at 7:00 pm Garden bound."

"I had promised my Auntie some beets, so I needed to get them picked tonight since the rain is expected tomorrow."

"It is always nice to have a little help at my side."

"While Lexus and I were going through the rows of Beets, Rob was in the patch of Peas."

"One bushel of Beets equals two 3 litre baskets of beets and one huge pile of greens for the compost."

"Is our Lexus girl not beautiful?"

"My hands and fingernails are usually pretty dirt embedded most of the Summer months."

"My favourite paring knife is this very sharp Henkel.  Does everyone not have their own favourite knife?"

"Check out all the Peas Rob had picked !"

"Rob was busy between cleaning, blanching and removing the Peas from their pods."

"Eight cups of Peas ready to be bagged for the freezer ... oh so sweet they are.  Thanks Honey, I really do appreciate the help."

 Rob says there is lots more Peas coming, so we should have another bag full for the freezer soon once it is all said and done.

Did I mention I was still tired? have I ever mentioned my middle name is "tired"? do I think it is is time to almost call it a night?

Lots to "catch up" with tomorrow, so yeppers I am thinking it is time to almost call it a night here, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkboard".


  1. Yes! Lexus is a beauty. But those beets? Those are downright gorgeous. I LOVE beets fresh from the garden. In fact, I won't even buy them from the store because they're nowhere near as good. Your bike ride looked like so much fun. Me and Dave were out for a toot last night and it really is a bit of paradise.
    Love all your scenery and road signs!
    And yeah, SLOW DOWN! Go back to the couch and catch some more zzzzzzs. Gawd, woman, you make me tired just reading about your busy life!

  2. The fish and chips looks yummy!


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