Monday 7 March 2011

Wow I am actually blogging !

Good morning everybody: 

I am totally estastatic (is that how you spell that?)  My nephew-in-law, whom by the way is the smartest dude going, got me going lickity split.  I can't believe it.  I am so excited my tummy is doing butterflys.

What a perfect day to start a 'blog', the sun is shining my headache is only in a 'dull' state, so how much better can it get, lol.  And I am 'alive', 'well' and 'sharing' with some of my most favorite people.

Unless somebody missed my daily Facebook Wiarton Airport Weather update for today here it is again:


Sunny. High minus 7. UV index 3 or moderate.


Increasing cloudiness late this evening. Low minus 10.

I could care less how bad the weather when there is sunshine !

Okay, I have 2 coffees into me, my bed made, and the fire started (isn't that a man's chore, sorry guys), and my very very first blog happening !  How much better does it get !!!!

Going to get changed & start organizing a part of the basement to setup the whelping box for our sweet little Lexus.  I must admit I think of Jennifer quite often when I am cleanning or trying to organize, as she told me about 4 years ago (when she was doing her basement) about not getting overwhelmed & to start the 'grid' method.  Just get yourself started by doing it in grid style.  Thank you Jennifer, as it has stuck, believe it or not !

I have to preview this & get my site posted on Facebook so you guys are able to keep me on the straight and narrow everyday.  Friendship is so wonderful, and you have no idea how much I appreciate it !

Thanks everybody, and special thanks Jay !  Will be back later after I have done a little bit of gridding. 

Your North of Wiarton Woman !

Well here we are 11:17am  and what have I accomplished this morning...umm let me dwell on that for a moment.  Okay got it, "Nothing", well if you call taking Bandit & Lexus outside, talking on the phone to one of my nieces, and a girlfriend, & my grandson's Mother, checking out some features on my new blog, answering 2 Facebook messages, having 1 more coffee, checking the wood in the woodstove, then I guess it is nothing !

Seriously I am going down to that basement & clearing out some more "I have been hanging on to this stuff for this many years" stuff.  Wish me luck.  Will keep you posted.

I am thrilled with getting some more cobwebs (or dust collecters) off the rafters, and my husband said he would help me with it tomorrow !  Yeah !!!  That doesn't happen way too often enough so I am holding him to it.....wish me luck, lol. 

I just found out that tomorrow is International Woman's Day so we will have to celebrate.  I really didn't know we had a day, and quite tickled that we do, so please remind me to wish everyone a "Happy Woman's Day" tomorrow.

Rob (my husband for all those who did not know), suggested we have plain old fish & chips for supper.  I am thrilled with taking out a cookie sheet placing the portions onto them, sliding it into the preheated oven & letting old Captain Highliner & McCains do all the work for me.  Now who can I get to set the table & do the cleanup afterwards? 

Oh I did do something else with my day, I had a 2 mile walk with Leslie Sansone "Walk Away the Pounds".  Between her & the treadmill they have been two of my best friends these long Winter months.  If anyone should try her CD's, don't forget you don't have to use the weights, just the walking & arm movements are a great way to stay active (and warm I might add for those of us in the cold climates). 

Got the April Chatelaine in the mail today....sorry didn't see any recipes in this months issue that were as appealing as last months, either to my palate or my budget.  Speaking of budgets, they are saying gas & food prices, once again, are on staying on the increase.  Will the dreaded threat of depression be upon us in the very near future?  It is not looking to good for the Baby boomers or us that are the tailenders of the Baby Boom, nor our children & grandchildren.  We will have to be more resourceful and helpful of each other and our families in tougher times.  I am truly grateful of having family and good friends in my life.


  1. hello Mrs. Modern Day Blogger!
    I have you in my favorites and will look forward to stopping by and seeing whats up in your neck of the woods.

  2. Good morning, Mrs. Florida, I am happy you have brought some southern sunshine into my life ! And you are more then welcome to come up to my neck of the woods anytime you aren't down east of here.

  3. Congratulations on your new blog. If only I could figure out how to do this. Mine would be full of half truths, sarcasm and who knows what else. I look forward to reading this.


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