Tuesday 8 March 2011

Will Spring Ever Be Sprung???

Once again the sun is shining, so how can you beat that?  Makes me feel like getting out of bed, which isn't easy some days for some people, lol. 

I had the offer of help from Rob yesterday to finish cleanning one part of the basement for little Miss Lexus & her whelping box; I might add she is not so little anymore.  Our Grandson, Aiden, who is 6 1/2, is coming a few days for March Break, so I am so hoping she has the puppies when he is here, as I think that would be such a cool experience for a little guy !  By the way, here is our 'little' girl:

I found an awesome "Vinegar Use" site online that I would like to share, from cleanning to pets, so I hope someone can get something useful from it as much as I have:


It even gets rid of dog fleas, a past problem I have experienced, along with Bandit being skunk stunk 2 years running !  A well worth site that I have added to my favorites.

I am so looking for Spring to get itself Sprung, as I am really getting tired of fighting this bulge around my middle that some people refer to as their "Spare Tire".  Well, I have a few other choice words for this spare tire, and it is something that just isn't letting up or spinning off down the road away from my middle drift.  Ahhh the joys of menopause, lowered metabolism, cold winter months with the comforting foods of hibranation.   I am thinking once Spring ever decides to Spring, I can get outside more often, walk more often, be busier more often, and work on getting rid of that spare tire more often !  Bring on the Springtime !!!

Speaking of March Break, it has been recently mentioned to me by a good friend that Southampton's Bruce Museum has activities going on for children that week, so I checked it out it and really sounds like some fun stuff and educational.  You can find them at:


Oh and not to disappoint my weather followers.....it is friggin' cold out there ! 


Cloudy. High plus 3.


Cloudy. Low minus 1.

Or maybe colder in the house since the woodstove went out sometime through the night, brrrrrr.  Thank goodness I am smart enough to know about layering clothes, or I would be pretty blue looking right now, but then again, blue is one of my favorite colours.

I have taken out a Smoked Picnic Ham for supper tonight, which I think I will be plopping into the slow cooker and let it do it's own cooking magic.  Then I will have broth to make soup with. lots of ham left for grilled ham & cheese sandwiches to go along with the soup, and maybe a ham casserole.  I love making one supper that provides a few different ideas for a couple nights after.  Makes the humdrum of that "what I am I going to make for Supper" a little bit easier some nights. 

With my second cup of coffee under my belt I am ready to take on the making of my bed, getting dressed, and doing up those breakfast dishes !!!!  Onward little woman shall I march......

A very "Happy Woman's Day" to all my woman family members, friends and followers ! 


  1. Do pilates to get rid of your spare tire! And It's sunny and cold in Hamilton.
    Great first entry!

  2. No blog update today. Are you busy busy ??


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