Monday 14 March 2011

Love My Grandchildren Just Need to Get Back Into the Swing of Things.

This Spring ahead really is messing with my brain transmitters with regards to the time I should be up in the morning (and Elsie no comments about my transmitters,since I do know you follow my blog).  I just can't seem to get going before six am yet, but have no problem staying awake in the evening.  It will sort itself out, as do the Jersey cows when the poor farmer has to readjust their milking time.  Here it is 7:55 am and I feel by the time I have my coffee the morning is way off towards the sunset already, lol.  In speaking with a number of people we have all agreed this is the time we should stay at with it not going back again in the Fall.  As one person stated to me, "all we have is time, why don't they leave that alone" !  Like I said, I will eventually get my routine back sooner or later.

I am happy to say the fruit flys have vacated my kitchen & those black bananas on my kitchen counter made up two dozen delicious banana muffins.  Rob wanted plain banana with no walnuts or chocolate icing, so we compromised not putting any walnuts in the batter & the icing on (out of Betty Crockers tin) when Aiden wanted one iced.  I was very impressed how that was all worked out between the two of them.  A wonderful compromise for a yummy outcome:

A good day was had by all !  Poppa & Aiden played Mariokart on the Wii on and off all day, Bandit & Lexus got some play time outside in the snow with Aiden, and I got a picture coloured for me !

A very intent Mariokart competition goes on in this household:

Still lots of snow from Friday evening to be romped around in, but it wasn't great for Snowman making so we made snowballs & pitched them for Bandit & Lexus:

The picture Aiden coloured for me is one that will surely be an added conversation piece to the front door of my refridgerator:

He did such a wonderful job & loves being colourful !

To be quite honest, we are only two days into it and I am pooped out, lol.  I don't want to be taken the wrong way, as most days I am pooped out, but it is exhausting sometimes trying to be attentive to what is going on in a six year old brain and what is coming very quickly out of their Paul's Uncle tells him, Aiden & Paul are so much alike in that respect, lol.  Busy, busy, all fairness I have no problem talking up a storm most days either !

Hoping to do a day trip to Port Elgin as my both my Aunt Gladys & Cousin Vi have their grandsons, who just happen to be the same age as Aiden.  It is nice for them to get to know who there cousins are, that is one of the downfalls of families living so far from each other.  Aiden is looking forward to having a playday with his 'cousins'.  Another day we will make a trip to the local library in Wiarton, as they have a children's reading at 10:30 in the mornings going on right now, which we might both enjoy.

Oh before I have to go run (and get dressed by the way), as I have a 9:00 am appointment, I must not forget the good old Wiarton Airport Weather for the day report:


Clearing early this morning. High plus 1. UV index 4 or moderate.


Clear. Low minus 7.

It's looking good, and the sun is now shining here Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard!  I am looking forward to another great day.

Off and running (not too fast) to get myself somewhat presentable .......

Oops almost Aunt emailed me a puzzle which I thought I would like to share, as I enjoyed piecing it together (have I mentioned, I love doing puzzles).  Here is the link to it:

Now I am really, really off and running.  I haven't even had a 2nd coffee yet !


  1. Good Lord Woman I am tired reading this blog. Glad you are having a good busy time. HAGD No Comment on your comment. lmao

  2. Cindy, thanks for putting the jigsaw puzzle on. I have never seen one like that on the computer and it was fun.
    I tried to put a photo with my name but it wouldn't accept it.:(


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