Saturday 19 March 2011

Crunchie Chrunch Ground Until the Sun Warms it UP

I love mornings like this when I take Lexus & Bandit out with the ice crunching under my feet & going to the shallow puddles to break it upon stepping on them.  It really does bring back the child in me, which I think happens to many of us when they see a puddle froze over.  What a lovely morning though; cool & crisp with the sun in full force nor a wind blowing in either direction.

Here I sit peacefully with no background bickering, laughing or is almost back to "normal" at my house this morning.  Holly & the boys got off to an early start after getting dressed, fed & washed up, so that is the reason it is so quiet once again at my house.

I had a 'wonderful' birthday, along with many phone calls (even some singing phone calls), emails & facebook posts.  My girlfriend, once again didn't let me down, and was at my doorstep with cake, present & husband in tow to make sure I had her Birthday Wish in person.  Thank you so much Woman !!!!  Colleen got me the coolest musical, when you open it it plays "Bad to the Bone" !  Oh man let me tell you did we have a laugh over that one.  Should the guys ever forget, as long as Colleen are in each others lives & living close by each other, we will always have a Birthday Cake on our Birthdays !

Notice there are only three candles on my cake???  Nice.....

Holly & the boys got me a very lovely glass hummingbird feeder for my gardens.  Really wasn't sure why I was getting an "odd" look from Colleen when I showed her, but sure figured it out when I opened her gift which was identical to the one I had gotten.  LOL !!!!  They wanted to return it for something else, but as many of us know those tiny little male hummingbirds can be quite territorial, so it is nice to have a couple feeders hanging around & about your gardens.  Anything to do with gardens I never, never turn down.  How lucky can a girl get?

I did not have to cook, but I did have to compromise on what we were having, and I can at times be a very good compromiser.  Rob bought chicken, potato wedges & salads from our local grocery store.  At least I didn't have to cook so thanks for being so thoughtful 'honey'.

I finally got to watch the movie "Burlesque" last night.  Loved the parts played by Christina Aguilera, Cher, Cam Gigandet (what a hunk) & Peter Gallagher.  For anyone that enjoys singing & dancing as much as I do, I would highly recommend you rent it (I loved Dirty Dancing too).  I thought watching a movie was the best way to end an already great day.....

My niece, Joanne, and my girlfriend, Vicki, are both celebrating a Birthday today !!!  Happy Birthday gals....hope my singing doesn't damage our relationships!  Wishing you both a 'wonderful' day & if I lived closer I would make sure you both had a cake.  Actually if I had a picture of you both I would be posting it right below this paragraph, lol.

My Auntie is coming up to Wiarton so we can go watch our nephew Riley's very last hockey game of the season today.  He is eleven years old & made the "Rep" team this year.  I am happy to get out to see the last of his local games, as "Rep" teams do a lot of travelling, and I am unable at times to stray too far away from home.  Sure hope they win today !!!!

It has came to my attention that my niece, Stacey, found the video link on how to get a tractor out of "sticky mud" to be of no use to her in the City of Hamilton, so I will be emailing her a video of Einstein today to see if it would be more to her liking of being entertained.  Looking forward to your feedback Stacey????

Since the sun is out in full force now at 9:37 am, let's see what Wiarton Airport has to say about the rest of my day:


Clearing this morning. Wind north 20 km/h becoming light early this morning. High minus 1. UV index 4 or moderate.


Clear. Low minus 8.

As long as that sun stays out, the day ahead is looking pretty good.

Oh I almost forgot.....Rob had Lexus out the other day, and a hour later after she had been back in she was barking relentlessly.  I went on down to her pen, thinking she had to go back out again as the pressure of those babies (as us woman know) must have be baring down with her needing to relieve herself again.  I brought her out & trying to get her collar on, but she was trying to get at something between my legs on the floor where I was standing.  After getting her moved back & upon examintion of what was on the floor, much to my surprise, it was a gardener snake !!!!  Ha,ha,ha, I had to yell up to Rob to come down to give me a hand, and once he seen the snake, he said, "oh that is what she brought in with her, I thought it was a stick".  Omg!!!!  Not sure if that poor snake will survice the mauling Lexus gave it, but I am sure she had a hour of entertaining fun.  Snake killer for rent at my place should anyone be in need of one?  Except I welcome the gardner snakes into my gardens to take care of those mices, so I will have to let Lexus know she must be more gentle when playing with any she might come across in the future.

Three coffees consumed with my bed not yet made, but a load of laundry on the go, I must get off my duff to be ready for when my Auntie comes to collect me for that Hockey game I have been looking forward to.  Off & wonder I am so tired by the end of my days, I must learn to pace myself better, as this running business gets to be too tiring.

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