Thursday 10 March 2011

It's Raining, It's Pouring the Old Man is Snoring... All Day Long !

Wow, and to think I thought yesterday was a gray dull day.  Today surely has that all beat to "heck".  Oh well, I can certainly think of a whole bunch more unpleasant types of weather then a bit of rain or snow, and I for one am not made of sugar, even though I am a little spicy at times (lol, or like to think I am). 

Before I get into the real meaty part of my daily thoughts, let's see what the good old Wiarton Airport has to say about the weather I am to face today:


Periods of drizzle mixed with rain. Wind south 20 km/h becoming light early this morning. High 6.


Rain. Amount 10 to 20 mm. Wind becoming northwest 30 km/h after midnight. Low plus 2.

Wowser, that seems like a lot of rain.  Sure going to have to be careful in our laneway when I am out with Bandit & Lexus today, as there will probably still be lots of bumpy ice rink out there.

I was not aware that March was Nutrition Month, until a friend emailed me that it was and was kind enough to share some awesome links with me regarding nutrition.  I, in turn, would like to share them with everyone with hopes they are enjoyed by more people, so here they are: 

Celebrate Food....From Field to Table.
Nutrition Month Website:

The new Dietitians of Canada cookbook is called COOK, and can be found at a bookstore or library near you. Also you can purchase this cookbook online.

Free Healthy Recipes:

Free Online Meal

Have a question for a Registered Dietitian, Call an Eat Right Ontario RD for free information at    1-877-510-5102.

Now that I got all the wonderful educational stuff over with I would like to share what Rob requested yesterday and that I had to whip up for dessert last night.  Hope you all enjoy this as well:

Ummm one of my most favorites, Strawberry/Rhubbard.  I only got to try a little sliver, and hate to tell you it is already half gone, so if you hurray over by this afternoon there might be a piece left to go along with a coffee.

Since our little girl, Lexus, seems to be the center of attention lately, shortly to be placed in the background of all the attention once the "Puppies" arrive, I though a little credit should be going to the proud father to be.  He looks so proud now, I hate to see the confusion on the poor guys face when there are about six little ones biting at his face & heels, lol.  However in the meantime he is pretty calm looking....and here is Bandit !

I am thinking he was looking for Rob to pull in when I took this picture yesterday, as he is looking out towards the highway.  A picture of handsome father to be he is !

I suppose I must get into my daily humdrum or not so humdrum day.  Ummm what could be on the agenda today ?  Oh I suppose lots, as there are over-ripe bananas on the counter that could be made into muffins for Aiden's arrival this Saturday, or someother grandson or two that might show up on our doorstep as well,  lots of "Dust Bunnies" floating around that could be rounded up, and I must not forget a soup is to made with the broth from the Smoked Ham (that I never got around to yesterday).....okay that sets my day in motion. 

Wow....Rob just came up from having Bandit & Lexus out for another morning jaunt.  He has informed me Lexus had jumped into the whelping box and was throughly checking it out.  I am sure she is not going to making it to the anticipated due date of March 24th.  My dear Rob best get going lickety split and get those finishing touches on the whelping box & pen today !!!!!  Hopefully there will be a joyful puppy update in the very near future in our household.

Closing off for now.  Looking forward to my day & any joys it may bring (even accomplishing the dust bunny roundup).  Wish me luck ! 

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