Sunday 20 March 2011

Feeling Like a Comfort Food Day Already !

Brrrr a balmy -7 C out there this morning; have to go look out the front window at the fan to check out the wind direction.....barely moving, so I would say -7 C without a Wind Chill.  Rob has started the upstairs woodstove, as the downstairs one went cold thru the night (better then it going bump thru the night, lol).

Hope there is no snow in today's forecast:


Increasing cloudiness late this morning. High 6. UV index 3 or moderate.


Cloudy. Rain beginning this evening. Wind becoming southeast 30 km/h this evening then becoming southwest 30 gusting to 60 before morning. Low plus 1.

By the looks of this we will have to get the downstairs stove fired up to keep the dampness out of the house, and dry the laundry I will be washing & hanging down there today. 

I missed the New Moon last night, it was suppose to be the largest in 2011.  Just as well, as I needed the sleep to recoup some of my energy from being so busy last week.

Upon awaking this morning, it felt so strange with the thought, "Aiden isn't here".  I was actually starting to get used of hanging with the grandson (oh really now, I think the best part was getting out of the humdrum housework routine).  Funny once they pierce that little part of your heart, it isn't too long before you want them back again.  Aiden did inform me he was returning this Summer to see his cousins again, help Poppa with the wood & me with the Gardening, so I will be counting the months until his return.  In the meantime it will be twice weekly phone calls to hold me over.

I had forgot to mention the day we went to the local library was St. Paddy's Day.  The librarian, Mary Jane, was so awesome with Aiden.  She had made up clues here & there around the library to find the Pot of Gold at the end, which was a bowl of Whether Candys wrapped in gold.  Aiden had a very good time at the library.

Lots of fun stuff to do at the library, even ride a turtle.

I must include a picture of our 'little' ham, who was staying fit by exercising with Aunt Lizzie's (our cat)dumbbell toy.  Have to get those muscles built up to impress the girls since he is starting school this fall:

Conner's shirts says, "I can't talk yet but.....I've got an Attitude".  "Watch out guys, once this guy hits the beach this summer there might not be any girls left for anyone else"

While on the subject of children.  Riley's team won their last game against Moncton yesterday.  Way to go Riley !  Aunt Gladys & I really enjoyed watching his game, being quite impressed with the plays.

Rob's most favorite pasta are Scooby Doo's (what does that say about him, lol).  I recently came across a One Pot Macaroni with Beef & Tomato Casserole, which is a little bit different then the version I make, but close.  Thinking I will try it out on him since I woke up feeling like some Comfort Food would be a good idea for today's menu.  I found this recipe on the Canadian Living Website:

I might as well keep going with this and give him a full day of "what would Rob like the most" and put a pie together for him too.  Haven't decided what filling yet, but will figure that out when work is in progress, or should I say 'thawing' mode, lol.

Canadian Living also has a whole pie recipe section that I think I will check out today:

I might be able to do one of my usual favorites but find one of theirs to put a spin on mine?

Rob just left the room after coming in & saying to me, "who reads this stuff", well I told him, "a few people do & I am just proofreading the part about you".  Guess who was reading this stuff then?  LOL, he probably just wanted to make sure I didn't put anything "bad" about him.....too funny Rob !

Just five more days until Lexus' due date.....come on puppies !!!  I am hoping when the time comes they are able to be out & about the weather has somewhat improved with the muck being dried up.  Would be much easier to deal with dry puppies then about 5 or 6 puppies rolling about getting covered in muck.  I would have to wear a 'wet suilt' to deal with that.

I suppose I should go make my bed (humdrum) then get on with my day of laundry, comfort food & pie making.....

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