Wednesday 16 March 2011

Have the Canadian Geese Returned Or Am I Just Hearing Things?

Last night at dusk, 7:55 to be exact, I heard Canadian geese honking out over the field beside our house.  Robins being sighted, geese honking (as I actually didn't see them).....please be Spring soon!  It has been very cold first thing these last few mornings from -13 yesterday to -1 this morning.  Brrrrr, sure glad Rob is up along with me this morning & getting the woodstoves fired up.  By the looks of the rain in the forecast the rest of the week, we will be keeping those woodstoves fired up just to keep the dampness out of our bones.


A few showers or drizzle ending this morning then clearing. High 6. UV index 4 or moderate.


A few clouds. Low plus 2.

Today is a very special day for a girlfriend I grew up in Southampton with.  Leona, have a very very "Happy Birthday to you & All the Best Wishes for the Day ahead".  For any of you that knew Leona growing up, she was a Graham  girl & now is a Jack, residing with her husband, Doug.  Darn, I really must get together with that girl, as we aren't too far of a drive away from each other.  Leona we will have to get a date for that firmed up instead of all this talk, lol !

I am up & having my coffee earlier this morning !  Yeah !  Maybe I will feel back on track & into my old routine (or somewhat of a routine if you call making my bed before 8 instead of 9, or later with Aiden here), now that my brain has maybe, and I stress maybe, gotten itself around this time change.

The "Rich & Easy Mud Cake" was made yesterday !!!  As well as partially eaten as you will be able to see by the start, middle & finishing results:

One little cake monster had two slices, so this is how much was gone after three of us had a sliver & one of us had two slivers.......yummy !  Thanks again, Jiba May, for the recipe.  The local Foodland store did have self-rising flour & I didn't have time to make icing from scratch, however Betty Crocker was kind enough to assist me in that department.

Aiden has been patiently waiting for today to arrive, as we are going to see the "Cousins" at my Aunt's home in Port Elgin.  Aunt Gladys is making us lunch & we are brining cake.  What a deal that is.....

Rob is home today, so I am wondering if I will return back home after our Port Elgin adventure to find supper has been prepared, breakfast/lunch dishes done, vacumning & dusting done.....oops, I had better "snap" out of that dream real fast !  LOL, sorry honey, I know you have a busy "man day" planned with bringing in wood, in & out with Bandit & Lexus, and all that other stuff that isn't on my "honey-do list".  Hugsss & love, muches & bunches !

One of my Facebook friends, Teresa, posted a 'wonderful link' yesterday of Kindergarden Children performing, from Korea I believe.  I really enjoyed this:

Just click on the above link & it should take you right to it.

Our computer is located in the spare bedroom where Aiden stays on his visits with us, and let me tell you it has been one very big effort to concentrate on the typing of this blog (at the best of times), so you can imagine how challenged I am with a 6 year old in the background playing & talking to me !!!!  LOL.....phew good thing I am ready for that second cup of coffee that I so fondly love.

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  1. Sounds like your off to a good start for your day,say hello to the aunt and cousins(pic;s please)The cake looks delicious(going to try it)...You and the boy have a wonderful day.
    love and hugzzzzzzz
    PS: Drive carefully.....


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