Wednesday, 16 April 2014

A Little Bit Of A Break

It was freezing in our house this morning when I woke up around 5 am.  I absolutely REFUSED to get out of bed until Rob got up first (as it is always me getting up first) to start the Wood Stove & warm it up a bit before I got up.  Thank goodness he did, and by the time I did get up at 6 it had only been 16* C in here, and -10 outside.  Brrrr .... 

Barely up and moving, but dressed, the phone rang at 6:30 am.  My brother Allan called to see if I would like for him to pick me up to go for coffee.  I told him "sure, as I had until 8:00 am to spare".  I rushed to get the dogs out, about and fed before he arrived.

We headed downtown to Tim Hortons.  After we got settled with our beverages, I put in a call to our Sister, Donna, as it was her Birthday today.  It was kind of nice we both got to greet her at the same time, something most unusual.  After the Birthday phone call, Allan and I caught up a wee bit with our lives, and about Mom.  It had been some time since we had been together, so it was kind of nice, and a little bit of a  break from my normal routine.

Here is Allan just pulling out of our parking spot.  The German Shepherd? that is Gator who always goes along on the ride with Al.  Dog people we always have been, can you tell?

I was busy running around most of the morning after Allan dropped me back at home.  I finally got back home again after 11:00.  Once I had a bite to eat I had to do some Crabby Cabbie phone calls and a bit of paperwork before heading out after 2:15 pm to meet up with our driver before my Chiropractor appt. in Sauble Beach.

I had picked up my neighbour for her to go along on the ride with me to my appt. and back.  We took a brief trip down to the beach to see how Lake Huron was in respect of the ice.

Finally there was a bit of sand showing this week.  The Lake? I think it will be awhile before the ice breaks up.  The Gift Bowl? think the roof will need repairing before they re-open on the 1st of May this Year.  The last remnants of Winter linger on, and on, and on....

I didn't home, again, until after 4:00 pm, by that time it was time to think about Dinner.  I had a Pork Tenderloin out, and leftover Brown Rice, so what better to make then Mustard-Maple Pork Tenderloin with Vegetable Fried Rice.

Of course when I had Dinner on the go Rob got 2 calls to go out.  I managed to hold everything over for us to finally sit down to eat at 6:40 pm.

This Pork Tenderloin Recipe is never a disappointment, and Fried Rice? who can pass that up.


Should you be interested in any of my recipes, along with photos, please check out my Facebook Page, Foods Simply Made North of Wiarton, bygoing HERE.

I had a problem with a Trojan Virus sending emails out from my Email Account.  Why can people not get a life instead of creating havoc on others by creating viruses?  I suppose this will always be the way of the World with these things, always someone else wanting to make others miserable.  I ran a new anti-virus program, as well as a Malware program, confident I got rid of it (I sure hope I did as I depend on my Internet for Social Networking and Business).

I have had lots of suspicious emails from family and friends in the past as such, but have learned to delete them over the Years.  I have been "caught" a couple of times throughout the years as I am sure most people have.

On that note, I think I will call it a night here, as I am pretty certain tomorrow will be bringing another busy day for me, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. I've occasionally seen the odd email from someone who doesn't usually communicate... best to not open any link inside.

    It was chilly here today as well, particularly first thing.

  2. I to have had the odd email that try's to portray someone I know but I just delete them as we have a code in our emails so that we all know they are real . Cold and icy here this morning still chilly out there tonight , Weather getting back to spring like from now on they say ! Happy Belated B-day to your sister . Thanks for sharing . Have a good Easter weekend !

  3. Have a good Easter Weekend Cindy. Is Rob working all weekend?

  4. My email was hijacked once. What a mess. So stupid of people to do that.
    The flavors on the pork tenderloin sound really good--and it looks easy to prepare too. Fried rice is something I haven't made in a long time. You are making me crave it! Thanks for sharing, Cindy!


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