Friday, 8 November 2013

Give Me A Church Turkey Supper Anytime !

I am praying I do not come down with whatever Rob is beginning to get over with.  I did not sleep worth a dang last night, again, getting up before 6:00 am.  Honest to goodness something came over me and I had to go back to bed just before 8:00 am, finally forcing myself to get back up to make ready for an appointment I had downtown this morning.

Once motivated and out the door, I shook it off for the time I was otherwise occupied.  

Before my appointment I had a couple of stops to make.  First to see my friend, Gayle, who had been away helping her daughter the past two weeks.  I also needed to find a very large cardboard box, so the next stop was at Rankin River Trading Company.  I was very happy to have dropped in there as I realized they had their Paderno Sale running again.  I LOVE my Paderno Eco Ceramic Fry pan I bought pre-Christmas for myself last Year (on sale at an excellent price I might add, at Rankin's).

Truly so many great Kitchen items to choose from.  Should I have lots of money, and a huge Country Kitchen I have always dreamed of having all my life, I would surely equip it with one of everything from these Paderno Kitchen items displayed.

Paderno is also ALL Canadian Made.  Check them out, should you not be familiar by *clicking* HERE

Rankin River Trading Company? check them out by *clicking* HERE.

Once my downtown errands and meeting had been finished up, homeward bound I was ... this was not to last too long, as my dear "Crabby Cabbie" called to ask would I mind going to Owen Sound for him.  How could I say "no" to him, as a business will only be as good as what is put into it, and this I have to support always.

I gave my neighbour, Pari, a call to see if she would travel along with me to keep me company.  I was happy Pari agreed to go with me as by this time in the day I had such head, neck and shoulder pain I needed company to divert my attention.  Not only that, Pari also had a couple ibuprofen that helped me make the trip as well. 

By the time I had dropped off Pari to her home, and made it home myself, it was not long before Rob arrived home himself.  That did not last long as he got called out to do a trip to Owen Sound himself.

Thank goodness he made it back just in time to collect me, go next door to collect Pari, then head downtown Wiarton to meet up with my Auntie Gladys, and her good friend, Liz, who were meeting us at the St. John's United Church for a Turkey Supper at the pre-arranged time of 5:00.  I think we were 10 minutes late.

Auntie and Liz were kind enough to wait inside the foyer for us until we arrived so we could all go into the Church hall together.  Oh my what a Dinner it was !!!  Turkey, Stuffing, Turnip, Corn, Peas, Gravy and a fresh Dinner Roll, with Apple & Tomato juices on the table.  The turkey had been prepared locally by Sullivan's Meat Shop, Downtown Wiarton, while all the trimmings and desserts were prepared by the Ladies of the Church.  (PS the dinner roll on my plate, I passed over to Rob's place, otherwise there would not have been any room left for Dessert).

Auntie and Liz both had Dutch Apple Pie, Rob had Apple Pie, Pari had Pecan Pie, and I had Elderberry Pie.  There was not a complaint about anything .... it was ALL so very very good.  I was very impressed with attending our very first Wiarton Church Dinner.  It is not that we would not go in the past 10 years we have lived here, it was just we never had the opportunity to go in the past before now.  Looking forward to the next one we will be attending.

I was excited to find Rob had brought a sample home of what our stairs are going to be re-done with.  The stair we have are just awful in both material and how they had been built.  Not one of the steps are the same size as another.

The lighting was not too good this late in the day, however the Maple replacement will be much nicer then what is there now.  What was there before the pine steps?  then had been covered in Pink Carpet (as still is the stair gong further down to the basement)  The whole house had been pretty much "pink" ... we are slowly, very slowly, getting a few things changed up one by one, hopefully with our bedroom next on the list after this as it is in dire need of repair and change.

I am all in but for my "shirt tail" at the moment.  A couple of ibuprofen, a nice warm bed, and the TV tuned into MasterChef Junior is the order of the evening for this gal, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Have a more restful night! Looks like the dinner was delicious!

  2. Think I'm coming down with must have floated in with the snow.
    Jane x

  3. How I love, love, love church suppers! Those ladies know how to put on a spread!


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