Saturday, 25 August 2012

Indeed A Very Sad World Out There

My "Crabby Cabbie" arrived home at 4:30 am. this morning.

Me:  You were busy

He:  I just go home from being at the Cop Shop for 2 1/2 hours

Me:  What happened

He:  The VON Piggie was stolen

It is Indeed A Very Sad World Out There at times, is it not?  for someone to stoop as low to have stole a little piggie containing pennies for a charity?

So the story goes ... my "Crabby Cabbie" had picked up two girls approximately in their early 20's as a taxi fare.  As they were heading back from the Foodland in Wiarton, where Rob had taken them to get some "cash back" monies to pay the fare, as they were headed over Owen Sound way.  Rob got the money for his fare before they had gone any further.

Part way between Wiarton and Hepworth these girls had pulled out a bottle of Vodka and began drinking  in our Taxi.  Rob was having "none of that" of course, so he pulled in at the Hepworth Tim Horton's and told them to remove themselves from the Taxi.  They refused, so he called the Police.  The sure got out of the Taxi once the Police had been called, taking along with them the VON Piggie for Pennies and a package of Rob's cigarettes, which had both been located in the console between the front seats.  One is unable to stop someone from picking something up while at the same time as they are driving, as anyone would well know.

When the Police had arrived in Hepworth, the girls in the meantime had gone out into the roadway and stopped a truck, trying to get in to have the driver drive them away.  The Police got them at this point. Rob's cigarettes had been found when the girls went to jail, underneath the one girl's armpit under her clothing .. after she had blamed the other girl for taking them.  *Sigh*

The VON Piggie for Pennies?  She had been tossed somewhere from the time they had gotten out of the Taxi and picked up by the Police.  Rob told me he had been so angry he had been shaking.  He had the Piggie half full, with full intentions of having it filled by this evening and handing it in for another .... Man Oh Man he was "angry".

The girls were both charged with being "Drunk in Public" and "Theft Under $100.00".  I wonder if there had been any remorse when they were released from the "clink" this morning?  I suspect there had not been.

When I finally dragged myself out of bed this morning I was hit with a Migraine Aura not long after feeling I could almost be knocked off my feet.  The whole house had been spinning.  This feeling like a "Mac Truck" has hit me has been going on for sometime now .... *Sigh*, but as I have said, you can't stop living regardless of the pain ... I popped some Migraine medication and carried on with my day very slowly.  All I ended up accomplishing was the hanging of two loads of laundry on the clothes line, but it was something and that is what counts.  I was upset, however Rob reminded me this is part of life  and all the other stuff can wait to be cleaned up another day.

I did manage to drop off a few Zucchini to an acquaintance, something else to another, then some beets yet to another, on my way to dropping off a couple of posters to Hepworth.  In return, the first place I was given a cup of coffee and some fresh garlic, the second a muffin and some homemade crackers (I will be begging, borrowing and stealing the recipe for these) and the third place I declined the offer of Tea, however I did receive a very nice "hug".

"These are the Homemade Crackers my friend, BJ, had made and gifted me a few to sample.  This bag had been very full.  These were the last two that were eaten right after this photo was taken, since I  had thought I best take a photo before I had inhaled the last two, as I had made short work of  the rest of them between Wiarton and Hepworth."

"This is the Poster I had posted at Cindy's Variety Store, the UPI Gas Station and on the Employee Bulletin Board at the Tim Horton Store.  All three places were extremely helpful."

This VON Piggy for Pennies was stolen from our Taxi early this morning August 25th.  Apparently it was then tossed somewhere in the area of the Hepworth Tim Hortons.

There is not a lot of value to this Piggie, however the monies being raised for the Non-Profit organization of VON Grey-Bruce has much value.

Should anyone find this VON Piggie, kindly contact us at:  Telephone Number

When I had come back through Wiarton on my way home, I had stopped in at the Wiarton Salvation Army Store.  The last Saturday of every Month, they have a "Fill A Bag" Sale on for $4.00.

"Check out these Capris I "scored", two pair that fit me and two that will fit a friend.  Like brand new ! and "name brands" !|

"Along with two casual tops.  One for me and one for her."

"and lastly two tops that will hopefully "fit" my Mother.  The one on top still has the store tag on it for a price of $39.95 !  She scores again !!!!"

I was in my brother's apartment in Kitchener on the 20th of July, 1969.  I was ten years old.  I was kept awake as there was a "World event" on television that made History in this World.  I am sorry to say, as all things do come to an end, the First Man on the Moon passed away this day.  A news release can be heard/read at the following web link:

I am sure this World Event, nor Neil Armstrong, himself will never be forgotten.  Rest in Peace Neil Armstrong.

Upon my return back home, the migraine had also returned with me.  Not even the medications were doing a 100% job.  I found myself falling asleep, sitting up if you could imagine, on the couch.  When I woke back up I think an good hour or so had passed.

The migraine is still here, so I am drinking as much water as I can to keep myself hydrated and will try some more medication once the "pack" are all settled in for the night before I crawl into my own bed.

I am off to fetch myself some more water, and have another lay down before the "pack" all need out in another hour or so before I call it a night here, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Sorry about the migraines... my Dave gets terrible migraines too. Funny, I get the auras without the headaches and Dave gets the headaches without the auras... weird... I do think I'm getting the better end of the deal though.
    1. Theft of VON piggie - BEYOND STUPID.
    2. Crabby's ability to put up with people's crap and drive them around – GOLD STAR!
    3. Girls with no money for important things but lots for vodka – RIDICULOUS.
    4. Homemade crackers – YUM!!!!!!!!!!
    5. $4 bag of awesomeness - SHE SHOOTS, SHE SCORES AND THE CROWD GOES WILD!!!!!!!
    Hope you're feeling better soon!

  2. that is just plain bloody awful Cindy. No wonder Rob was mad, I would have been furious as well.

    Great buys at the store.


  3. Horrible!! :( Some people have absolutely no conscious!! Hope the piggy is returned to you!

  4. I can't believe they stole the piggy :( So sad. I hope somebody will return it to you guys. And I'm sorry about your migraines.I hope you feel better after some good night sleep.

  5. Feel better soon! So sorry about your piggy, how can people be so mean!

  6. Those two are right down there with the people who steal the poppy boxes every fall.
    What's with the migraines? I was feeling great when we drove home from the cottage yesterday. Today this horrible thing is just under the surface. I've been blaming it on to much time staring at sun kissed water.


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