Friday, 17 August 2012

Good Company IS Good For The Soul

It was lovely out when I was up, out and about early this morning with the "Checkerboard Aussies".  An awesome cool breeze, not too cool and not too warm.  Darn perfect sleeping weather in my books, so why didn't our "pack" figure that out and sleep in ????  LOL... no matter as I had to be up as of course Fridays bring a trip North of the Checkerboard for my weekly shot in the arm by the Good Doctor.

"The timing had been perfect.  A light rain had began once I had  the "pack" all settled back in from their morning jaunt."

"Rob had an appointment along with me at the Doctor's this morning, so I was able to take a couple photos on our way there ... the sky at our house just before we left."

"Rob needed to have a Tim Hortons coffee "fix" from Wiarton to take along with us on the drive.  We both had a chuckle when we were going through the Drive Thru, as I wanted to know why would someone leave a hospital "drip" bag by the garbage? was a "wasp trap" !  Well from a distance it sure looked like someones "drip" bag to me..."

"As we headed North past the Checkerboard the skies hadn't improved any."

Our appointment with the Doctor went well.  I, feeling very much like a pin cushion when there, took the shot in the arm without an outburst or wince (I am certain he has gotten really good at this needle thing with so much practise the last Year or more on me), and Rob with good news on the weigh in scales for a 10 lb loss ... Yay Rob !!!!  I swear he gave half of his 10 lbs loss to me ... when I was sleeping he transferred it over to me over the course of the past month.  Honestly !

When we arrived back home from the Doctor's, Rob and I had to go into town to buy some bread to go along with our Dinner today.  I ran into a friend who was telling me her father and step mother were due to move into their brand new home within a week or two (I imagine these people have been retired for sometime given the age of my friend), only to find out her Step Mother has Cancer of the Pancreas.  Too sad .... this is why I try to condition my way of thinking, however difficult some days, to living each day to the fullest, as we never know.....

You know we get to that age in our lives where it sometimes seems we are buying more Sympathy Cards for friends and families then Birthday Cards ....

"I felt rather sad the other day when picking up a card for a family member, then thinking I should get a couple more to have on hand.  This part of life is the part that saddens most of us, does it not?"

Once we arrived back home I sorted out a few things we had purchased while up in Lion's Head off the Swap.

"My Sister, Donna, knits hats for her daughter's Church who sends them to Africa for children.  I had made this purchase to donate to the cause, all for $5.00.  I think she will be thrilled when I pass this all over to her whenever I get to see her next."

"I know, I know ... I need to loose that 5 lbs Rob gifted me, but how could I refuse all of this for $5.00 ????  A brand new Bundt Pan, 2 sets of Mammoth Muffin tins, a set of 3 mini tart or muffin tins and 1 small donut tin.  Really I am certain I am a bake ware hoarder, as I really don't know where I am going to hide put all of these."

"These I bought for my Blogger friend, Gill, who is hosting an upcoming baby shower with a  "Tea Party" theme this Fall.  Aren't these lovely?  They are in excellent condition and all stamped "England", so well made China are they not?"

"Check these "chicks" out ... anyone knowing me, knows it would have been very difficult for me to pass up these pretties.  $5.00 for all this cuteness, no way could I pass."

Once I had eyeballed all my newly acquired treasures, I had to get going on our Dinner.

"Sauteed onions and mushrooms added to whipped farm fresh eggs in the pan."

"What would it be without the Cheese ????"

"Fold in one side"

"With the other side folded in to follow course."

"Flipped with what other then MORE Cheddar added."

"Served up with toasted Light Rye Bread.  It was very very good."

Eggs are so easy, quick and good !  How do you LOVE your eggs???


Rob and I enjoyed our Dinner together.  Once I had cleaned up and got a lunch together for Rob to take along with him to work, it was time for him to adorn his "Crabby Cabbie" hat and leave before I knew it.

"I know this is the second time I have posted photos of this Wedding Clematis (or so I was told it was when I bought it several years ago).  These two plants had just been transplanted to this location last Year.  I can not get over the beautiful display they are gifting us with this Year !"

Anyone wanting a piece of this beauty next Spring, you will have to mark your calendars and let me know, as usually I find a few spots where it has rooted itself with new shoots.  I can only remember one person so far who I have promised a piece to, but I am thinking there is one other I was suppose to remember .... oh man, if I wrote it down I am certain I would forget where I had placed the paper I had wrote it down on.  This is just what life has been like for me the past long while .... please Lord let this too pass !!!

"I was also trying to picture what our new decking Rob picked up for us yesterday is going to look like when .... "

".... it replaces this old rotting one off from our dining room patio door."

I also have to start visualizing when Rob is ever going to find time or someone to help him construct this new deck we purchased.  We do have one person lined up ... maybe this will be good with two of them, as you know what they say about "three being a crowd"?

Anyone in, about and around Bruce County looking for something to do this weekend? the Cape Croker Pow Wow begins tomorrow.  For further information check out the following web link:

Also the 19th Annual Heritage Farm Steam Show is happening, so you can check out further information on that at the following web link:

I had a friend and her husband drop in tonight to pickup some beets from our garden.  I have to say it was exactly what I needed .... Good Company was Good for My Soul.  It was good medicine for this "funk" I have been in for the past couple of days.

By the way, John Gray, this is not a Submarine in our yard, it is our Propane Tank, but now you have mentioned it ....

".... there really are similarities, aren't there?  LOL ... I really needed that laugh today, thank you xxx."

At least I know if there are ever extreme floods we always have another means of transportation with the "Submarine" in our yard, especially should there be no passage available for us on an Ark.

Here it is already going onto 11:00 pm.  Oh my, I must head myself off to bed here shortly before I find myself turning into one of those squash flowering in our veggie garden, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Hi there,
    Many thanks for popping in and commenting on my latest posts.
    If you know how to do granny squares then you know how to do one of the most important things in crochet as granny squares are the backbone of crochet! try picking it up again and you'll be hitched LOL.
    Sr P (hubby) is an Ice Age fan and I must admit I do have a good laugh with those films...not seen Nº 4 yet,but looking forward to it.
    Your new vacuum cleaner is very similar to mine if not the same. I really got fed up of lugging the monstrosity I had around, what with all its tentacles to be taken off and put on for each particular chore. A real pain I look for things to eliminate work not to add on extra. I am very pleased with this new one I've got. I admit I love eggs cooked practically anyway at all but I'm only allowed 4 a week .... u know the usual watching cholesterol as it seems mine is high at present. Love your gorgeous buys and even more so seeing how much they cost you. I'm a china/porcelain freak...I just love buying china. Have to control myself though or I get told off by Sr P. I was thinking the same as you the other day that I am hearing more of my friends and family passing on then happy events. I know it is natures way but its still so sad!

    Keep well

    Amanda :-)

  2. Glad to hear you have your bounce back in your step, maybe your body and mind just needed a rest for a few days. The dishes you found are so pretty!! Gill is going to love them all. I too am drawn to all sorts of pots and pans but no place to store anything else so I have to pass!!!

  3. Your blog is inspiring in the way you share about the way of living from there. I almost got hungry with the omelet you created.


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