Sunday, 19 August 2012

Cones, Party, Signs, Kitty & Subway

"First one in the "pack" out and about for their morning jaunt most mornings is Buddy.  This was at 6:30 am this morning."

"Now the morning dew is once again very heavy, but this morning also very wet since we had a very quick Thunderstorm come in from the West, heading East, at 2:00 am., leaving behind 1" in the rain gauge.  This is how I roll in the mornings, rubber boots with my stylish flowery nightie ... no fears of coyotes or bears coming to get me, as I would probably scare them far more then they I."

"My back barely turned to take a picture finds Buddy sneaking out of the compost again."

 "I love capturing photos such as this ... "

"Here is the decking we bought, with the pile being higher after Lorne and Mike dropped off the remainder of it Yesterday."

"Puddles of rain and muck for our Aussies to run through ... they never fail to do so it seems."

"Mercedes turn out found her also stealing watermelon rind out of the compost.  Is watermelon rind safe for dogs?  of course I checked this out HERE, as I do not any of our Aussies sick by any means.  Mercedes also LOVES Bananas !"

I puttered around a bit this morning, extremely reasonably quiet while my Crabby Cabbie got some sleep, having not arrived home until 3:45 am..  I was more then surprised when he was up by 9:30 this morning.  Once he had his coffee, I got him to be the "Bad Guy" ....

"Yeppers, I got him to place the dreaded cone around Bandit's head."

"Bandit sure wasn't too happy about this, but I am hoping it is Rob he is upset with and not "moi" ... lol."

"I sure hope we get this "Hot Spot" business cleared up in short work with the Hydrocortisone Cream."

"Everything in the living room got moved back to give Bandit some "space" as it is difficult to judge with a cone around your head, don't you know?"

I didn't stick around much longer once the cone had been placed, as I had been invited to an Epicure Party at a friend's home in Wiarton for 12:00 pm.  Off I went to attend ....

"When I arrived at the Party I walked in to find all these "goodies" awaiting me.  I hope I didn't "hog" most it all as there were also a few others present other then myself."

 "There is the hostess, Lynn, who I might add is a very gracious one.  Thanks for the invite Lynn, I had fun !"

"This would be Kris Dawson, the Epicure representative.  I was beyond impressed with Kris's presentation of the Epicure product.  She knows her "stuff" and then some.  She is refreshing and extremely helpful on both a professional and personal level.  Thanks Kris, I would certainly never have a problem giving you a referral, ever !"

"This is how we influence little girls to grow up to have Epicure parties, is it not?"

I ordered two Epicure products at Lynn's party.  One a mix to make Salsa, which will be nice to have on hand this Winter to use along with my canned tomatoes (I am hoping to have if they ever turn from green to red), as well as a Bacon Ranch (oh I don't know if I have that just right) which I think will go wonderfully on Baked Potatoes, a Salad or a bit shaken in eggs for an omelette.  I will post more on these two items when my order arrives.

Need some Epicure products to add or replenish an existing supply? or to try out for a first time? or maybe have some friends together to do some sampling?  ... then please do contact Kris Dawson by Calling:  519-935-2320, or contacting her at  Trust me, you won't be disappointed by one iota !  Tell her I sent you .... just because it is nice for people to know they do get referrals and good things are being said about them.

"When I had left for Lynn's place our "Crabby Cabbie" vehicles had looked like this."

"When I had returned back home after the Epicure Party I found Al Hopkins of Signquest here doing his Sign "magic"."

Both vehicles were done by Al this afternoon.  Need some fantastic signage done (& not only just for vehicles)? then just give Al Hopkins of Signquest Signs & Graphics a call for a "quote" at 519-379-2129.  Al is not only good at what he does, he also has the personality to go along with what he does.  Thanks again Al for helping us out on such short notice !

Rob and I had to head over Glammis way to check out a vehicle we thought we might be interested in.

"Through Paisley and past the Old Mill we had to travel.  Should you ever get a chance, drop in at the Mill."

Once we made it to our appointed destination, I amused myself by watching a kitten out in the field playing with the horses ....

"This little one was having a "horse of a time" horsing around out there.  It was beyond laughable at some points when looking on."

We never got back into Wiarton until just after 6:00 pm.  I was famished, as either of us had taken the time to eat today, other then a few nibbles I had enjoyed at Lynn's house by way of sampling the oh so good Epicure products.

"Tired and hungry we made a stop a our local Subway.  Chicken breast, lots of veggies on a Herb and Cheese Sub bun... yummy it was."

Today was the day I was drawing the name for my Very Very First Giveaway ....

"Ballots made up, folded and shook around."

"The official Ballot picker, who other then my "Crabby Cabbie" !"

"Drum Roll please for the winner of this beautiful hand crocheted bag done by my very own self Sister, Donna , is ..... "

Congratulations to Carla of My 1/2 Dozen Daily.  Carla your winnings will be off in the mail to you tomorrow !!! 

I do LOVE giving .... and receiving too I might add !

Again the skies have darkened as late evening fast approaches my "Crabby Cabbie" our "Checkerboard Aussies" and little old me here, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Denny sometimes get those "hotspots" - hasn't for several years now, but I treat them by washing them with a cotton ball liberally soaked in Tea Tree Oil (our indigenous peoples showed us the benefits of Tea Tree Oil!) - usually available at a pharmacists.

  2. Thanks so much for coming to the Epicure party today. Enjoyed seeing you again. The vans/cabs look fantastic. Love the signage.

  3. There is a new cone out now that my vet told me about. It is a small version of a kids pool ring. It inflates around the neck stopping them from chewing, but it allows them to see around them. May be worth a try if Bandit needs one for an extended period.

  4. Aww... poor Bandit :( Congrats to Carla on her win!! :)


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