Thursday, 2 August 2012

It Is All About The Puppies, Is It Not?

"Last night's Moon.  Almost "full"."

"This is how the same Moon looks done by a professional with a fantastic camera and lens, a  Nikon D300s manual mode @ 600mm, ISO 200, F22.  Photo courtesy of our friend, Herman Roote."

Herman does some totally amazing photography.  I look forward to sharing more of his photos in the near future.  Thanks Herman for sharing.

"Heading down the stairway this morning I spied this Daddy Longlegs.  I really had thought I had gotten all these guys sucked up yesterday.  I got my trusty camera, snapped his picture then ran to then get my trusty spider buster and sucked him up before he escaped my eye.  To make matters worse there had been a very black hairy looking thing in the bathtub this morning.  Shall I begin a new blog, "Takeover of the Spiders & Daddy Longlegs"?  Ewww, I do hate spiders !"

My Niece, Joanne and I had made plans for today to go shopping over in Owen Sound.  I got everyone looked after, had a quick shower and headed out the door by 8:30 am. to meet up part way.

"This is a photo of Joanne taken in front of Chantry Island at the Long Dock in Southampton a week ago by a visiting friend.  Lovely photo of her so I thought."

I had a pretty nasty headache the whole while we were out and about.  Thankfully I had a couple Ibuprofen in the glove box of the Van which took a bit of pressure off.  With the change of barometer this is to be expected with me ... please do arrive soon rain as we are in desperate need of you !!!

Once I had dropped Joanne back off where we had left her vehicle parked, I managed to make it back home just before my "Crabby Cabbie" had to go out the door.  A few words in passing, a quick peck on the mouth and he was gone.

"I got some photos printed off while we were in Walmart today.  A couple for the boys and then for Rob and I to have."

"Since the boys had only Tractor Tom to play in our Van's DVD player, I picked them up a couple of DVD movies at the Dollar Store along with a couple of Scooby Doo marshmallow sticks I could not resist buying them."

"For some dang, dang, triple dang reason Blogger turns photos around from time to time, so tilt your head a bit .... some more great bargins gotten at the Dollar Store."

"Of course how could I ever forget "treats" for our four four legged kids here at home?"

I was very excited yesterday to have received photos from two "Checkerboard Aussie" 2012 Puppies !  

"This is Fraff.  Fraff now lives up in the Haliburtons with her new human and doggie family.  Here she is with her buddy, Pinch.  I hear Fraff and her tear up and down the river banks having a great old time.  Thanks for sharing, Shar !"

"This here is Scout.  Is she not also a darling looking girlie girl, unlike her rough and tough sister, Fraff .... lol."

"Human owner, Kelly, passed on that Scout now has several commands down paw and is still working on her "nippiness" ... what Aussies doesn't want to "nip" and "herd" right off the get go?  Thanks for sharing, Kelly."

"This is an update of Sparkle.  Sparkle was rescued on the 13th of June 2012 by one of my blog readers, Marie.  Sparkle has apparently made a huge impact in Marie's neighbourhood becoming the "Princess" there, as well as in Marie's home.  Thanks so much for the update, Marie."

"Today I was introduced by my Niece to la SENZA .... "

"... as I thought it long over due for my own personal puppies to be leashed and under control!  LOL ... I could not resist."

Seriously ladies and gents, the staff at the La Senza store at Owen Sound's Heritage Mall are absolutely beyond wonderful.  This is their business and let me tell you, they do know their business.  The time they take to make sure you have a "perfect" fit is well worth any extra you think you might be spending on a La Senza bra.  Really though at Buy one for Full Price and receive 50% off the second, how can you go wrong even on the pricing.  Two comfortable properly fitting bras for $62.00 is well worth the "uplifting" experience in my books.

Once my headache had subsided somewhat late this afternoon ...

"I gathered the Zucchini pickings for the day.... "

"Placed the new frog watering can I had purchased for $5.00 to have at the pond."

"...and had some time with three of our "Checkerboard Aussies".  Lexus."

"Little Missy Mercedes."

"Bandit boy sporting his new Bandana."

That was pretty much the day at hand with me thinking it now time for some "one on one" with our fourth "Checkerboard Aussie" boy, Buddy, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. hahahaha nice bras. and yes they do know their stuff at La Senza. that's where I got fitted too. Went to an expensive downtown shop and the girl in their wouldn't even pull out a tape measure. I was sooo uncomfortable. Turns out once I was measured and fitted properly at La Senza, the other place had me in a bra that was two sized two small. and let me tell you.....comfort is important to us ladies if we have to wear those god awful contraptions all day long!!!

  2. Great to see updates on the puppies, they are certainly growing.

    I hate having to buy bras, such a procedure........


  3. Wow Cindy... You sure are "blessed" with your "girls".. LOL!!! ;)

    Thanks for the updates on the puppies..they are getting so big! Absolutely gorgeous dogs!! :)

  4. Hello Cindy
    Thank you for visiting and following my blog. I am now your newest follower...and this is just a quick hello as I'm off back into your blog to browse around :-)

    Keep well

    Amanda :-)


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