Sunday, 5 August 2012

A Wee Little Bad With Lots of Good

"Things didn't get off to such a great start for Bandit today, as he got himself into a bit of trouble right of bat !  I won't tattle tell on him, let's just said it was "food related"."

"While I was out in the Garden Aiden came along to check out his pea crop."

"Too sweet with never a mind to not sharing with Grandma."

"Fresh beets pulled for a meal."

Once we were down out in the Garden, we got started in the Kitchen.

"Aiden "cracked" his very first egg ever."

"He was extremely pleased with himself."

"He then carried on with adding the rest of the ingredients."

"I am pretty sure this was Aiden's first time handling a mixer ever as well."

"While I was getting the dry ingredients together, Aiden got busy sucking up some Bandit hair for me.  Jeez I just love having all this help."

"Dry met wet with Chocolate Chips added to the mix."

"Thank goodness I had muscles that feel like bricks when you touch them helping me, or so I was told ... (this so reminds me of his Father when he was this a "T", lol)."

"Fresh out of the Oven, Peanut Butter Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies.  Yummy."

"We had to make a trip to town today as we needed to get a lunch bag for Aiden to use at Day Camp this week.  What a deal we got at Rankin River Trading Company for $1.49, perfectly suiting our needs."

"A silhouette display of the new plate and duck I procured yesterday at Garage Sales."

The Rotary 75th Village Fair is going on this weekend in Wiarton.  Rob and I decided we would treat Aiden to a couple of hours there this afternoon considering it was "Kid's Day".  Kid's Day meaning you pay $25.00 and they can ride over and over again all day on the rides for the one price.

"We arrive at Wiarton's Bluewater Park where the Fair activities take place each Year."

"What Fair would be without pony rides?" 

"Do you think this guy can swing that sledge hammer and hit the "bell" at the top."

"There surely hadn't been obviously any doubt in his mind for he did it a couple times while we looked on.  Fun !"

 "Aiden is getting his wrist band put on for him before his fun begins."

 "This is where it all starts at the Gator Roller Coaster."

"Check out the size of this Scooby Doo, will ya ???"

"I am pretty certain Aiden when down this slide about 1/2 dozen times."

"While I had been talking to someone I had ran into who I knew, I finished up by turning around to find out Poppa had spent an extra $10.00 so our Grandson could go "rock" climbing!  I think I would have had been a wreck, however knew he had done this before with his Parents, so it wasn't anything new for him."

"He "almost" got to the top where he was to tag the top, when for some reason he lost his nerve."

"Down he came .... "

"The attendant was absolutely amazing with Aiden.  Aiden pretty much drank in his every word."

"Second round, with him looking down to the attendant for a bit of support on making the last maneuver."

"He does it !!!!  Yeah Aiden !!! "

"Mission accomplished with a pretty excited almost to turn 8 Year Old.  My Grandson amazes me!"

"Patiently waiting in line for the next ride."

"Kid's Day shut down at 6:00 pm, so we headed over to the park just for a bit more Fun."

"It appears this little lady was enjoying the sand between her toes."

"This little guy way over yonder was having some fun with his Daddy assisting him."

"A running start to ...."

"Ending up on his bum at the end of the slide."

 "I do so love catching Aiden when he does not know I am taking his picture."

We headed from the park over to the Foodland Store to see if they had some of their Storemade Garlic Sausage for our Dinner.

"When pulling into the Store's parking lot someone was pulling out of their parking spot and backed right into the back corner panel of our Van!  An eye witness had seen and did attempt to run towards to this person to tell them to stop...obviously with no luck for us.  *Sigh*, the Police were called even though no charges would be laid since it was a private parking lot incident, however the damage might exceed $1000.00 so you are to call them.  This is something not I, nor anyone else, needs to happen.  Such is Life at times .... "

"The good was while we were waiting for the Officer to do up the Incident Report, our dear Aiden managed to get his loose tooth pulled.  He was one happy boy !"

"All ready for the Tooth Fairy to arrive tonight."

When we got back home I thought I had better fire up the Oven again for the second time today to bake up some more snack for my boys.

"Batter whipped up in good time."

"Muffin tins loaded up to the top."

"Fresh Banana Muffins in almost no time at all."

Needless to say I am, once again, exhausted but happy with the Lots of Good overruling the Wee Little Bad moments in our day, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Look at Aiden!! Such a big helper! I bet he had a blast today!! My Kid would just die from excitement if he saw this gigantic Scooby Doo. We are in a SD stage right now :)

  2. Cindy my dear... You must sleep well at night! lol! Looks lie another fabulous day! :)

  3. Thats a lot of living for one day!! Ha, I know you are having a ball with that sweet little guy


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