Friday, 24 August 2012

A New Partner In Action

Yesterday I had a "Good Tired Day" ... today, trust me, I felt like a "Mac Truck" had hit me and layed me out flat !!!  This is one of those days when you wish you could shake, rattle and roll all that fatigue and pain right out of your being ... regardless if you don't hop on the Bandwagon of Life you get left behind, so on into the day I went !

First off my usual Friday morning trip then where else ... North of the Checkerboard up to the Good Doctors.   You would think I would get tired of heading up there every Friday?  How could I? when so much goes on there sometimes ... I would be afraid I would miss out on something if I didn't show.

I couldn't even get pass the door to go into Dr. Loney's this morning, as it was encased in Spiders and their webs, not so much unlike my own doors at any given time.  Dr. Loney's lovely Office gal, Cara, came to my immediate assistance, broom in hand I might add.

"Cara also saved a "Praying Mantis" from being a spider's breakfast by rescuing it from spider webbing."

"I was able to capture a couple of nice shots before it was released to a much happier place hopefully far away enough from the cobwebs."

I not only got my usual "shot in the arm" today, I had to give up a few tubes of blood .....

"After some great advice, previously given to me by Dr. Loney, I learned that if your veins have a problem giving up blood, then drink lots of water previous to having blood taken.  By golly Miss Cindy it works !"

I got myself back home, but had first to go downtown to pickup a piece I had bid on in the Wiarton Salvation Army's "Silent Auction".  I have decided whenever there is time and money both at the same time, which will be a miracle in itself, I would like our bedroom redone in stark white with blue(s) ... so in the meantime I am collecting as to give positive energy this is all going to materialize some day, hopefully sooner then later ....

"It seems to be of very heavy pottery (not that I know anything about pottery), with one little chip and a wee crack you really have to look to see ... $16.00?  A good buy?  I hope so...?  I like it, so this is what counts, this I am sure of."

Then I came home to have a coffee before Rob took off for the rest of the day in his "Crabby Cabbie" vehicle but not before his new "partner" went along with him.

"This little piggie has been paired up with .... "

"None other then, The ..... 

...until she gets her belly filled with pennies."

The Canadian Pennies days are numbered, is the Nickel next ?????     Not too certain myself whatsoever, however one of the other VON SMART Volunteer girls had mentioned the Penny last days have been extended to the new 2013 Year.

With my "Crabby Cabbie" and his new partner out the door, hopefully getting some action by way of Taxi fares and pennies, I took to doing some volunteer phone calling.  Then I headed on out the door myself in the direction of Owen Sound's Walmart ....

"Oh man, coming down the North Hill into Wiarton the traffic was backed up and it sure wasn't due to the Ferry having gotten out  in Tobermory."

"Sadly it was a "rear end" accident.  One of the Police Officers directing traffic had mentioned the lady who was hit from behind could have a possible Neck injury.  Well I sure sympathize with that poor lady, as I know all about neck injuries and continued problems stemming from them.   Not nice."

Once the traffic was let through, I made a quick stop over at the Wiarton Farmer's Market over in Bluewater Park.

"Here is one of my most favourite Market gals, Anita Dejong of Dejong Acres Farm."

"Oops I have been spotted !"

"There is that award winning smile she knows  I can always count on from her !  Thanks Anita xxx."

"Pull your pants back on .... I finally made it to Walmart in Owen Sound."

"...and back home with."

"This is almost a replay of a couple of weeks ago, is it not?  A bit of Deja Vu? "

There had been a little defect in the keyboard of the first laptop I had purchased.

Walmart's policy with Electronics is they may be returned within 14 days of the receipt, after that time it gets returned through the Company/Manufacturer.  

Walmart went over and beyond their Policies by exchanging for me 21 Days past the date of the receipt.  Not only did they do this for me, the same laptop had been on sale the day before (sale had ended) giving me the sale price on my exchange with $50.00 put back on my Visa Card !!!

YEAH .... WALMART !!!  I was ecstatic ... if I hadn't been feeling so "wrung out like a wash clothe" after the "Mac Truck hitting me" feeling, I am pretty sure I could have done a Happy Dance right back out to my parked Van !  I must also mention the three Walmart Staff members, lady at Courtesy, Manager who had been consulted, and the Electronic young lad who had brought up the new laptop (there had only been one in stock) where all beyond EXCELLENT in their "pleasing the customer" skills.  Thank you.

"Wasn't sure if this guy had hitchhiked himself a ride or hopped on the side of our Van when I had gotten home."

"This goodness in a bowl sure tasted really good, but didn't give me the energy boost I was hoping for."

Remember this past Sunday, Carla over at My 1/2 Dozen Daily had won my Giveaway?  This made it all worth it when I seen this photo .....

"Princess Mya has a new bag for her Webniks to keep them all snug as a bug in a rug.  Drop on over HERE to see the other cute photo."

Look at this, I made it though to the end of another day.  I am confident there will be a bright new horizon awaiting me in the early morning light when it comes to be tomorrow, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkeboard".


  1. Yikes...I can't believe you are holding this thing! It's huge :) The Kid has piggy that looks almost the same! I guess it doesn't serve such a nice purpose as yours though.

  2. Love the photo of the praying mantis!! Great shots! :) Your laptop is soo pretty!! Not back & ugly like mine! lol! Glad you saved another $50.00 on it!! Yay!!

    Mya LOVES that bag & has been dragging it around for the last 2! I never even stood a chance!! ;)


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