Thursday, 24 April 2014

Two Events Within 24 Hours !

Last evening Rob and I arrived downtown at the Wiarton Inn.  Our Hosts were Owners Lynn & Gord Wright, where we were attending the Wiarton Chamber of Commerce Annual General Meeting & Dinner.  The Turkey Dinner prepared by the Wiarton Inn was amazing many thanks to our Hosts.

We were fortunate that Robbie Robinson of 92.5 The Dock was in attendance as our acting MC, along with Speakers, Mary Lynn Stanton of the Wiarton Willie Committee, Mayor John Close, MP Larry Miller, Alanna from The Bruce County Spruce the Bruce Program, and MPP Bill Walker.  Us Chamber Executive and Members in attendance had been a very captivated audience.
A very special presentation was headed by Wynn who is part of the WRC, a sub-committee of the Wiarton Chamber of Commerce.  The information Wynn addressed was not only interesting but also a great benefit to the future growth of Wiarton as a whole.

WDCC President, Paul Deacon, introduced all the Chamber Executives, as well as presented Past President Mel Rinehart with a plague recognizing Mel's years of volunteered service with the WDCC.  Mel has now retired his position within the WDCC.  Congratulations Mel on your Retirement !!!

There had been door prizes with each recipient of each drawing the next.  I won a lovely set of Rock Glasses with Wiarton on them.  Since I do not need anymore glasses, I gifted them to Robbie.  Everyone had fun.

Presenting the 2014 Wiarton District Chamber of Commerce Executive Members, and  dignitarties.  Sue Given, Paul Deacon, Koreen Ryan, MPP Larry Miller, Mel Rinehart, Todd Gibbons, Josie Myles, MP Bill Walker, Paul Sutter, Cindy Masterson-Roth & Mayor John Close.

We are hoping Mike Revell, Revell Real Estate, joins the executive yet this Year, also inviting anyone else in the Wiarton Business Community to come "on board".

It was a lovely evening out, and a very successful AGM & Dinner.  We are hoping next Year the numbers in attendance will be larger ..... I BELIEVE there is *Unity Creates A Strong Community*, and really we all want a STRONG Community, do we not ?

I do believe in Wiarton as a Community can grow to be stronger, and I would love to think I have been a part in its growth, as well as all the other wonderful volunteers this Community is blessed to have in it.

Today?  Another Milestone for the Community of Wiarton and surrounding communities in Bruce County.

The Rotary Club of Wiarton has been working with other service clubs in the area to install a walk-in fridge/freezer for the Peninsula Community Food Bank located at The Salvation Army Wiarton Community Church in Wiarton. There have been MANY fundraisers for this in the last few months, culminating, with a dinner and silent auction on Friday, Ocotber 4, 2013. Thanks to the support of our wonderful community we have surpassed our fundraising goal and construction began on the 13th of November 2013.  (excerpt thanks to The Rotary Club of Wiarton)

This 24th Day of April, 2014 marked the day of the Ribbon Cutting of the 

Two key figures in today's Event were Mary Miller of the Wiarton Salvation Army, who was the representing recipient of the day, and Mike Mason of The Rotary Club of Wiarton, MC & representative of participating Community Service Clubs.

The Phoenix Internet Club from the Peninsula Shores District School made a donation to the new Peninsula Food Bank facilities.  How amazing was this ? our Youth bringing more strength to the needs of their Community.

Two of the main players in making this possible for our Communities were Mike Mason of The Rotary Club of Wiarton, and Jim Howe of The Sauble Beach Lion's Club, who both put endless, selfless hours from the moment this plan had been conceived.  My personal thank you gentlemen, as your acts of selflessness has inspired me personally.

The people in attendance this day all had someway contributed to this day, with many many more who were unable to attend.  Thank you to ALL who made this day possible, as it will benefit so many more from this day forward.

It has been a busy last couple of days for me, but the rewards are amazing as anyone could tell.  Yesterday had also been a Milestone in my own personal life, as yesterday marked the 5th Year that I quit Smoking Cigarettes.  I am very proud of myself for accomplishing this feat, as it was not an easy one.  I commend anyone who has or might be in the process of quitting themselves.  Not easy, but the rewards are greater.

Life is Good.

That is all this she wrote, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. You were kept busy!

    And that is a good milestone personally. One of my brothers smokes. I doubt he'll ever quit.

  2. Congratulations Cindy!! I also am a former smoker and it was one of the hardest things I have ever done:) Congrats on ALL of your accomplishments!!

  3. congrats Cindy on that milestone. You are certainly busy!

  4. Thanks, Cindy, for attending the Grand Opening of the Peninsula Community Food Bank! And..., for the kind remarks for Jim & I.

    Oh! And a great accomplishment with the quit smoking thing!



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