Friday, 11 April 2014

The Saga Continues

The Saga of the Good, Bad & the Ugly continues .....

Check out these little darlings within 2 hours of being born .... the "Extraordinary Eight".  To date there is 1 Black Tri Male, 1 Red Tri Male & 2 Red Tri Females available for Forever Home, all the other four have already been spoken for not even 24 hours in this World.  A healthy beautiful litter of Australian Shepherd puppies from our Bandit & Lexus.  They have once again done themselves proud.

Out & about today I was happy to learn we are not the only ones with a driveway in such a state.  This has to be the worse time of Year once the thaw had made its appearance and the mud took  over.  With the dogs it even seems worse some days more then others.

I had to make a visit that has been on my mind for the past few days.  With bad weather, a 3 week shut-down of facilities, and me being too busy more then naught, I just made up my mind to leave everything & go visit my Mother at the Nursing Home today.  I was happy to see the plant I had dropped off to her 2 weeks ago was still blooming & full of colour.  Mom has her Bears all in order and displayed so nicely.

I even stayed and had a wonderful Lunch with Mom.  When I go back to visit next it was decided by the two of us that it will be for an afternoon they have Bingo so I can join in.  It was great my Mom has invited me to Bingo !!!  we also had some good laughs between us which I enjoyed immensely, as I think she did as well.

Since I had also been in the neighbourhood I had decided to drop in to visit one of our Everything 8 2013 Puppies.  You would not believe "Rusty" went absolutely nuts when he seen me coming up the driveway & the kisses I was bestowed when I went through the door were something else !!!  Rusty's owners can not believe the reception he give me, as he never has given another.  I must have left a great impression with this guy before he left for his Forever Home I would think?  He is such a handsome smart boy, who does our love for our Australian Shepherds proud as well.

This afternoon I had to head over to Sauble Beach for a Chiropractor appt. for 3:30 pm.  Afterwards it was over to the Saugen Gas Bar in Southampton to get the van filled up.  I can not begin to explain the phone calls and messages I had dealt with about puppies throughout the day.  Between puppies and a couple Wiarton Chamber calls I was kept hopping.

My neighbour, Pari, had also gone along to keep me company this afternoon.  When we returned to Wiarton we had decided to call Rob to meet up with us downtown at Red Fish Blue Fish for Dinner.

This was the 2nd time we dined at this little nook, and were far from disappointed with the quality or quantity of the food we received. 

Back home after Dinner I had two more puppy phone calls to make.  I just finished up with the phone calls at 9 pm..  I can not see much break for me in the next upcoming days, and my head is spinning now.  I am happy to report I did manage to make my bed and do a few dishes up at some point today... *sigh*.  At least I got to sleep until 3:30 am this morning instead of 2 am instead the two previous days.

My nice clean washed hallway from two days ago?  PAW prints up and down it first thing this morning when Lexus decided she would have a gander throughout the upstairs of the house after having been out in the muck.

The BAD? all that mucky mud.  The GOOD? everything in between.  The UGLY? me if I don't get some sleep and housework done at some point, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. In Lexus' defense, she did have a busy day, so a little muddy walk in the house is justified...

  2. I do not like this time of year because of all the muck. Rod managed to get one set of snow fences down yesterday though..........too soon????

  3. Oh puppies and your Mom's smile what more could a person need to make them happy and smiling too:):) Hug B

  4. Our driveway looks like the Somme.
    Jane x

  5. Your fish and chips meal looked yummy - Brad & I must try that restaurant :-)

  6. It's a mud hole around here too - and where there isn't mud there is SNOW. Tried to walk back to my compost bin today and it's still a foot deep! I'm sure the rain coming over the next few days will take most of that down. I'll go up and check out the river back of my place in a couple of days and see how the freshet flood is going!


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