Saturday, 26 April 2014

Prayers Answered !

I was so totally wiped after not much sleep and two events back to back Wednesday and Thursday that last night I totally "crashed" at 6 pm into bed.  I watched Kitchen Nightmares then slept.  I had dreams, but I did sleep better then I had been all week, and that is something in itself.

I had almost forgot to post about dropping in to see my Mom on Thursday.  Not only did I see my Mom, but also my BFF, Colleen, who had been there attending a program.  It had been a few years since the three of us had sat all together.  It was nice.  Mom even had asked me for Lunch with her again, but that will have to wait until maybe next week.

Last night the skies had been so dark with the Sun streaming in from the Western Skies.  It almost appeared surreal.

Back to my day at hand, I kept busy getting things tidied up here and there the best I could.  I was awaiting the arrival of the people who had committed to giving our Semah an Everlasting Forever Home.  John and Carol were driving 5 hours one way to come to collect Semah, only from what I had told them over the phone and photos they had viewed.  I was still a wee bit nervous, praying this was a perfect "match".

John & Carol were thrilled with Semah, understanding his still puppy needs.  He will be a handful for awhile, however I am very confident he has been placed in good hands.  Prayers answered !  thank you to all who sent one or two up for us.

The afternoon had slipped by that fast when spending a couple of hours with John & Carol before they left on their long drive back home.  It was all worth the time.  I will be receiving reports on Semah's progress as time goes by.  I am excited to hear how well he settles in with this devoted couple.

Rob & I are both very happy to have a new Wiarton "Crabby Cabbie" driver join forces with us.  Thanks Heather for coming "on board", we are looking forward to you rocking the Taxi Business with us here in Wiarton & Surrounding areas !

It is really nice to find someone who is honest and dependable to come on board with us.  We have already been fortunate to have our Crabby John driver "on board" with us for a Year now.  Truly we are blessed.  Having Heather come "on board" with us has been yet another prayer answered.

It has been a pretty good all round day this day.  I am looking forward to having a day to ourselves tomorrow, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Yeah for Semah! And I'm glad you guys got a new driver. Maybe, now your hubby will even sleep once in a while :)

  2. glad Semah has found his forever home. Good you were able to find a new driver as well.

  3. Great news all round Cindy! xx

  4. Sounds like a very successful day :)


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