Saturday, 12 April 2014

Out Old In New

The Weather decided to do another change about it bringing me a headache that won't quick. Typical and expected, but truly I thought I had skipped it the other day, now realizing it was just leading up to the "big" one today.

This morning I had to get up and get going regardless of a headache or not. Sleep?  I missed out on a whole bunch of that last night as well.

I stopped in to the local Foodland Store this morning on my travels.

I have been collecting stickers for the Thomas Cookware Collection they are promoting at the store until May.  I almost have enough for one pot to add to my new set of Paderno.

If nothing got done, other then the bed made, I took out my old set of Meyer's Cookware, and filled the cupboard with the new Avonlea Paderno set this morning.  "Out Old, In New" it was.

We had a couple drive 4 hours to our place this morning to meet up with us about the purchase of this little Red Merle girl.  They are already the proud owners of one of our puppies from last Year, and will be adding to their Aussie count with this girl in 8 weeks time.  I LOVE when I know our pups are going to such excellent homes.

Since we have had two incidents with water in our basement within a weeks time, I have been searching for a dehumidifier "on sale".  The irony of this was the week before there had been one on sale.  Murphy's Law right?  This morning I was getting the Wood Stove lite, and just happened to look at this week's Canadian Tire Flyer.  Low and behold on the back page was a Dehumidifier "on sale" Saturday ONLY for 35% off.  Rob was on a call in Owen Sound this morning, so I had called the store to make certain they had them in stock (as sometimes one day sales there are only one or two available).

Rob did pick us up one, and we saved $130.00 !!!  Whoohooo !!!  I sure hope it lasts us a couple of years, as they are not cheap even on sale.  I had put away the money from when I had sold our used mattress and a couple of other items.  I pretty much had the cost of this covered from those sales much to my relief.

This afternoon I was busy making a couple of calls on behalf of the Wiarton Chamber, also stopping in with another Chamber Director to go over some Chamber business.  Volunteering is time consuming sometimes, but can be very rewarding at times.

This past week has been National Volunteer Week.  Thank a Volunteer today, as truly they are the backbones of many Communities !!!

I actually got home and settled back in enough to think about getting some Dinner together for Rob and I.

Grilling Steaks, steamed Broccoli and Brown Rice was a most satisfying Dinner for us this evening.

Another busy day behind me with the morning headache still with me, I am praying I get myself some sleep tonight, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Hard to imagine the pups can be that small!

  2. Hope you're feeling better today? Those pups are so cute.

  3. I hope you are feeling better, and would LOVE to see a picture of the whole litter!


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