Friday, 4 April 2014

Only Half Done (AGAIN)

Today I got some things done, some things not done, and some half done.  Better some then none done, right?

Laundry drying in front of the Wood Stove, then folded and put away later, with another load now hanging.  Bandit was a huge help by staying out of my way today.  He is such a good boy.

I actually took some time to read a bit of the manual for my new camera, as brief as it was.  I also took one "test" photo way across the room.  Then I got going on cleaning the bathroom counter, sink and toilet.  It only got half done, as I was called away before the bathtub and floors were washed out ... story of my life some days.

This afternoon I had to head over to my Chiropractor's.  I took my neighbour along for the ride and company.  Valumart had eggs on special, so we stopped in there to pickup a few things.  My neighbour had picked each of us up a Cash For Life ticket.  I came across these Lemon Snaps which appear to be a great healthy snack for Rob & I.  I tried a couple & they are very tasty too.

Dinner was amazing.  I had picked up ribs yesterday, freezing one package, and putting the other rack into the Crock Pot today.  First a rub was applied before putting them on a rack on the Crock Pot, with a wee tad of water on the bottom.  These were cooked on HIGH for 10 hours.  At the end I smothered the top with BBQ sauce leaving on warm for another 1/2 hour.  Needless to say they were "fall off the bone, melt in your mouth" yummy.  Not bad when you think this meal only cost us $2.33 !  not including the Basmati rice served on the side.

I had been gifted a Media Pass to the following Event tomorrow.  My dear Rob will be chauffeuring me around.  We will be stopping in for Lunch at the Kemble Church as well.  I am hoping the weather co-operates.  Looking for a fun outing tomorrow? then check it out, as fun it is as a couple, a family, or a couple of friends out and about.
There is so much to do around here I am almost feeling guilty about going on the Tour tomorrow, but the stuff will wait, won't it? as living my life is more important.

I am hoping to get a good night's sleep on top my pillow tonight as it will be a busy day tomorrow.  I have to still go clean up from Dinner, take two of the Aussies out, and call it a night soon, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. I can't keep up with all the stuff you cram into your day. I am definitely going to cook up those ribs for next weekend. And you have a great time at that tour, stuff will so wait.

  2. Sounds like fun have a good weekend !

  3. Mmm, ribs... sounds delish!!


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