Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Got My Paderno Going On !

I do not know about Rob, but I most certainly enjoyed watching The Hobbit last night.  Alas the the ending was left suspended with another Sequel to follow.  The next movie I am hoping to see is the one my neighbour has asked me to go watch with her, which is Heaven Is Real.  It is not released in theatres until Easter Weekend I believe. 

This is the Trailer for the Movie, Heaven is Real.

I did not have a great sleep again last night, but I was bound and determined I was going to get something done in this house today regardless !  

Not only did I get the bedroom dusted & vacuumed, I also washed the hallway and kitchen floors.  Trust me this was barely a dint in what still needs to be done, but hey at least it was a start.

This afternoon I had a Chiropractor appointment over at Sauble Beach with Doug Fryday at the Optimize Healing Centre.  Actually today I had been hurting so bad I had tears in my eyes when the adjustment had been done.  Hopefully it will all pay off sooner then later.  The nice thing is that my headaches are not as many as they had been every day.  BONUS !!!

On the way home I stopped downtown Wiarton, dropping  into Rankin River Trading Co.  Rankin is a dealer for Paderno, and Paderno has a Spring Sale beginning today until the 13th of April, 2014.  I have been wanting a new Cookware set for sometime, and I had the opportunity to purchase a set today.  How could I go wrong on a Paderno Avonlea 11 piece cookware set, Reg. Price $849.00, On Sale for $229.00?  I really could not.  And they are made in Canada as well, down in PEI.

Is this not a gorgeous set of Cookware? so shiny and new.  I even bought  universal pot cover, as I can not deal with my large fry pans not having lids when I could use one.  This lid solved my problem of splatter and draining needs.  I also got some Stainless Steel Cleaner & scouring pads.  I am set for the next 25 years, considering my set of Meyers Cookware has lasted me 20 years.  I got my Paderno going on !

Dinner the past couple of evenings has been Easy Peasy as one-two-three.

One night we had Lasagna, the next Macaroni & Tomatoes (my Fav), and tonight leftover Lasagna.  Love easy meals especially when we are both busy (not that Rob makes dinner much anyhow, but give him a box of Hamburger Helper or Kraft Dinner & he is SMOKIN' ) 

Tomorrow?  I am pumped that hopefully I can get some more housework done to feel I have a handle on it again.  One more thing I have on my mind is to go visit my Mother.  I am sure I will get in to do that as well.

Tonight, since tomorrow is not here until then, I am going to turn on my Electric Blanket on my bed, then head in to try and warm myself up as I am "chilled to the bone", Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard."


  1. The Hobbit was wonderful I enjoyed it to ! Oh always fun to get new cookware good for you . Glad to hear your head aches are subsiding more . The weather here has been lovely , sunny and warm and we have no snow left . Thanks for sharing ,Have a good evening

  2. Lasagna in particular is a good meal!

    And I'm impatient for the next Hobbit. I last saw the Captain America sequel, and I don't think I'll catch anything new until the Spidey sequel (what can I say, I'm a comics fan).

  3. The cookware must be fabulous to have such scrumptious looking meals! I saw The Hobbit and Desolation of Smaug out of sequence...won't do that again! You are ambitious with your house cleaning. I will need some serious catching up too!

  4. Can't beat "Made in Canada".
    Jane x

  5. That kitchen floor is GLEAMING!!! x


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