Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Flattered Beyond Flattery

Yes my dear Rob was called back out last night at Midnight.  Yes I never got back to sleep.  Two nights running, I will be fading fast early this evening.  Such is the Life of a broad married to a Crabby Cabbie.

My day was, per usual, BUSY !

I had to head on downtown Wiarton this morning to the Bank.  I first stopped at our local Foodland to check out any "specials".  I lucked out and found some stewing beef for 30% off.  Perfect day to make Beef Stew in the Crock Pot since it was a damp, cold, rainy day.

Next stop the Wiarton Echo where I picked up some outdated piles of newspapers for when the puppies start being weaned, and I take over Mama Lexus' duties.  I also made a stop across the way to see Debby & Jim at The Berford Street Tea Room.  It being a very very long Winter I hadn't much of an opportunity to stop in for a Hello too often.  I am glad I did as I always enjoy a visit there.

Last stop on my way home, where Rob caught up to me was at my girlfriend Koreen's business, RAM Trophies & Sportswear.  We are both so busy all the time it is difficult to get in much of a real visit with each other, but like I had said, "Rob caught up to me" so it was time to head 'r home.

Back home I got going on getting the Beef Stew prepped and thrown into the Crock Pot.

I lost track of time, however sometime after lunch my old VON Volunteer girlfriend, Diane, (and I don't mean she is old, just VON was old ... ha ha ha), had called me to say she had an outfit our other old VON Volunteer girlfriend, BJ, had wanted to her to pass on to me.  I told her come on over for a cuppa tea.

My house was a disaster, per usual, as nobody comes when it is spotless.  Murphy's Law.  I never had to mind about Diane, as she is one of the most loving souls a person could ever know, and a fearless friend to have.  We had a hoot catching up a wee bit, but not long enough ever.  She was telling me BJ said they were going to call me up to come back to volunteer for VON, and Diane kept insisting how otherwise busy occupied I was to do that.  Diane had seen first hand how really busy I really am at times.

I can't wait until our next get together.  I miss those girls I did VON SMART Program with.  Truly I do.  And Diane if you are reading my blog tonight, tell BJ the sweater outfit fit perfectly & THANK YOU both.

This afternoon Rob called me to run out to do a couple of errands for him.  Whilst I was out I stopped in to Revell Real Estate to see Mike Revell, as they are property managers for our neighbours rental property.  There is a pretty big problem with a Beaver having had built a dam on that property, in turn flooding out our, and our neighbour's property.  Mike assured me he would look into getting the problem resolved as quickly as he could.

We could almost stock our fields with Trout as the water sits right now.  The Blue Heron who has returned, the Wood Ducks and the Canada Geese have not minded, or so I have been noticing.  I hope to stop over at the neighbour's tomorrow to try and capture the culprit who is responsible for all of this on my digital camera.

I finally made it back home to see Rob had retrieved a pile of mail from our Mailbox.  I sifted through it to see a Letter from The Town of Bruce Peninsula.  I thought either something to do with taxes, or our Crabby Cabbie license, so I opened it before anything else.  I started to cry a bit ....

.... I am flattered beyond flattery.  The 2014 Volunteer Awards take place May 22nd, 2014.  I will be there with bells on, along with my camera.

My Peers think I deserve such an honour and truly I am speechless for how much they obviously think of me in respect to what they think I do within our Community and as a person.  Thank you fellow Volunteers for your vote of confidence, as I am deeply appreciative for your support always.

For anyone who has followed my blog over the past three years, you might realize how passionate I am for the Community and County I reside in, Wiarton and Bruce County respectfully.  I also wish I had more time, as I would go back to my Hometown of Southampton to capture more memories of my growing up Years there, more then I have been able to.

After I relayed my joy to my two siblings who do not "do computers", I got going on getting the Crock Pot Stew thickened for Rob and I to have our Dinner.

A perfect Comfort Food Meal for such a dreary wet day.  It complimented the warming heat from the Wood Stove this day.


Today has been a pretty good day all around, even though I never got but one shelf dusted off, and I was told I wasn't to be blaming my friend Diane.  Guess I will blame my Crabby Crabbie for those errands I had to do for him.

Oh yes, I also have a friend flying over the Pond to Wales this evening.  I heard she would be bringing presents back.  I am so excited .... ha ha ha.

That is all she wrote, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.  


  1. Congratulations Cindy!! You truly do deserve the honour!

  2. Well deserved my friend!!! xox <3

  3. Congratulations Cindy!! You deserve it:) Until I started reading your blog, I had no idea where Wiarton or South Bruce Peninsula was!! Now, after reading your blog and seeing your pictures, it makes me want to travel there for a visit. Congrats and Hugs~ Lynn

  4. Oh, that's great! You definitely deserved it!! Congratulations!!

  5. Well done Cindy you do deserve to win for all the hard work you do.

  6. Well done Cindy!! Lots of pics of the event please!
    Jane x

  7. Congratulations Cindy! And hope you get some sleep soon!

  8. Congratulations!!! Try earplugs at night - sometimes it's the only way to get a good sleep. I do HOPE you get one tonight. x

  9. Your efforts have been rewarded, and deservingly so - congrats!


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