Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Blessings

What a beautiful day it was for Easter with a sky full of Sunshine.  I hope everyone enjoyed Easter with Family, or a close friend.  We had been invited to Dinner by my Auntie Gladys, however with barely one day off and so much to do we regretfully had to decline her generous invitation.  

This is the sweet Red Tri Boy who was adopted by another wonderful Forever Home just yesterday.  Another 6 weeks and he will be joining them.  His name is "Ace".

I managed to get a few minor chores done in the house today, however figured anything further could wait for a another day, as I wanted to take advantage of Rob and I both being home together, along with the Sunshine, to get some outdoor things done.  Trust me the outdoor chore list is as long, if not longer, then the indoor list.

The bit of raking I had started yesterday was cleaned up and thrown on the burn pile.  There is still evidence of the hard Winter we have now hopefully behind us, with much more out in our Bush.  The furry thing floating around in the pond? that would be one of many moles who had a wonderful time burrowing through our lawn and gardens all Winter long.  He was the one who was not so lucky to make it to Spring.

The one thing I did want to get accomplished today, if nothing else, was the outside dog, run immediately off our basement from the walkout, cleaned.  Rob was hard at work giving me a hand, or I should say actually getting the bulk of it done himself.  I want to make sure when the puppies are being weaned in two more weeks we are prepared with a place for them outside in good weather.

Bandit? you think he was worked like a dog around here, would you not? by that tuckered out look on his face.

For those who follow my blog on a regular basis, know we had one of our Fab 4 pups from last year's 2013 litter returned to us, either to keep or to re-home.  With so much on our own plates with already our four awesome Aussies, and a new litter of pups, we decided it was for the best to find a Forever Home for our Semah.  On yesterday's post I had asked for prayers to be sent up on Semah and my behalf.  I had no sooner hit the "post" button on my blog when a text came in.  

The family who will be giving one of our pups from this recent Extraordinary Eight litter a Forever Home, had said her Step Father & Mother might be interested in giving Semah a Forever Home.  I had a lengthy discussion with gentlemen this morning, who said they would think about it and let me know either way on Tuesday of this week, but could I send him off some more photos today when we had Semah out for a run.

These are some of the photos of Semah  "off Leash" with Rob that I had sent off.

Sometime after the photos had been sent off, I received a phone call from the couple that they would definitely like to give Semah a Forever Home.  I could barely speak to them at first as I welled up with tears (as I am doing right now typing about this).  You see I didn't want Semah to go to just any home, I wanted him to go to a home where he would get lots of love, attention and be taught obedience to make him flourish as a proud Australian Shepherd that he is now and what he will be when at his full potential.  This was all promised to me by this couple.  They will be arriving this next Saturday all the way from Windsor to pick this handsome boy up.  Six weeks later, their daughter and her family will be making the same trip to pickup her new boy.

I will be trying to find time to do a post this week over on the Checkerboard Aussies Blog, so stay tuned for some cuteness coming your way.

I am ever so grateful for anyone that took time out of their own lives to say a "prayer" for us.  Thank YOU.

Everyone at our house was outside at some point with us doing yard chores to enjoy the Springlike weather we had this Blessed Easter day.  A fine bunch are they not? or we like to think they are.

After a very busy day, I got off easy with our Dinner by throwing together an Omelet.  Leftover ham is great to have around.  Tomorrow might bring a Best Ever Quiche to our Dinner table.

Rob is resting his back.  I am going to finish up here to have a little rest myself before it is time to take our Aussies out & about for their last run of the day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Good for Semah, and for little Ace!

    That meal looks scrumptious!

  2. The weather was fantastic this weekend ! Miggs went for her yearly doggie spa day and we puttered in the yard and had a nice family Easter dinner . Lovely photos such lovely pooches , how do you guys keep up with them they are such an energetic breed and love to work like the Boarder collies . Glad you had a good Easter weekend as well ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good evening !

  3. Really enjoyed your post and the pictures of your beautiful pups. Happy Easter wishes!

  4. Happy EAster to you too! Do the dogs origiinate from Australia - or is that too obvious? Cheers from carole's chatter


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