Saturday, 5 April 2014

A Sweet Maple Tour 2014

I had plans today to go on the Kemble Maple Syrup Tour.  Almost by the time Noon hour was rolling around I was getting the feeling it was not going to be happening.  

Rob was out early this morning on a couple of calls.  The weather was awful this morning here with high winds and blowing snow.  Not something I wanted to venture out in myself.  

My man came through for me after all, and we headed towards Kemble shortly after the Noon hour.  We thought we best start at the Kemble Church and work our way backwards so we wouldn't miss the Luncheon.  

Passport in hand, I directed my driver (thanks Rob) until we arrived at the Kemble Church.  Lots of bright Yellow Signage to guide us along.

We choose to have the lunch of Pulled Pork, Baked Beans, Homemade Coleslaw, Corn Muffin, Apple Slices & Maple Shortbread (Coffee, Tea, Water & Juice were also available), rather then the all day breakfast.  The Church was very busy with other lunch goers.  Lots of volunteers were on-hand on the front lines and behind the scenes.  Pancakes were All day from Breakfast throughout lunch from 10 am til 3 pm..  The Pulled Pork was amazing !!!

After lunch Rob & I headed to the upstairs of the Church to take in the various Artists and their works.  Lovely eye catching creations.  The Sunflower Table Runner was calling my name as I had passed by it, but I was strong continuing right out the door.

Time was going quickly by us, so we bypassed a couple of stops.  There were 7 participating Maple Syrup Producers on the Tour this Year, and we stopped at 4 of them.

First stop was at Miners' Maple Products.  Ha ! Abby spotted me that I was taking her photo.  Russell & Abby Miners have quite the Maple Syrup Production.  The stove that boils the syrup is heated by wood chips.  Russell opened it up to show us, and believe me I was not going to go to close to that heat.  The very bottom photo show the syrup being filtered prior to being transferred into the steel kegs.

Our 2nd stop was to the Van Bilsen Family Farm.  This is close to how I remember Maple Syrup being made when I was a young girl, expect the half steel tub was over top an open wood fire.  The Sugar Shack was about the same size though.  Owner, Mark, was explaining the process to his audience.

Stop #3 was at the Dejong Acres Farm.  The Dejong's also Farm Sheep, who are well guarded by their Maremma dogs.  Anita was in their Sugar Shack explaining their Syrup productions to a group by the time we had arrived.  Dejong Acres Farm has a Farm Store as well where you may purchase a variety of Farm products from Lamb to fresh Eggs.  

Our 4th and last stop was the Regal Point Elk Farm.  Driving back to the Sugar Shack, we first had to pass by the herds of majestic Elk.  They are quite stately, are they not?  On to the Sugar Shack there was a stand where you could buy and experience some Maple Syrup Taffy hardened by fresh snow.  I remember throwing it into the snow to harden as a young girl out on the Smith farm in Tara.  By the way, Light Syrup is good for Pancakes and such, while Amber is stronger and best for baking, so I learned today from Eric at the Regal Point Elk Farm.

Should you have never experienced a Maple Syrup Tour, I would highly recommend the Kemble Maple Syrup Tour.  It is well planned out from Year to Year with a very good turnout I might add.  Next Year it will be on the 11th of April, 2015, so please do mark your Calendars.

I had a great afternoon spent with my husband, however I find myself exhausted (per usual).  I just know it is going to be another early night with me falling asleep while the Food Network watches me sleep, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. It looks like you had a productive day, and a good deal of eating too!

    We had some of the wind, and a bit of the snow here.

    In regards to your note at my blog, your area's getting at least one Doors Open event this year, in Owen Sound, and perhaps not that far off from you depending on your driving. I recall you go down to the Kitchener area periodically, and there are other events in the vicinity.

    1. Owen Sound is only 35 km away from us William. I will have to google it. Thank you for the info. And yes I am stuffed !

  2. I'm going to put that on the calendar for next year!

  3. LOVE maple syrup...and the elk are gorgeous!
    Jane x

  4. Wow - the maple syrup making is a huge production there! I'm impressed. And all of the artists' tables looks wonderful - I love those sculpted fugly heads! Glad you got to go!


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