Sunday, 13 April 2014

A Stick In The Mud

I had forgot to post the "selfie" that I took of Mom & I when I was up to visit her Friday.  We had a laugh about this too !   Hoping I remember to take one every visit I have with her from here on in.

I actually slept most of the night through, however the Sinus headache I went to bed with was still with me this morning.  Rob and I were both up as we were on a mission, as there was a couple wanting to meet Semah this morning and we were to meet up with them part way.

We were at our appointed destination for 9 am.  Rob had a little one on one time with Semah before the couple arrived.

Unfortunately Semah is a very strong boy and still very much in "puppy mode", so he was a bit too much for the people who thought they would be interested in giving him a Forever Home.  Their hearts were in the right place.  I know what a handful Buddy was when we got him at 15 months old, and two years later he has just started to come around nicely with much consistency and perseverance from me.  Semah is going to require a home with a firm loving hand.  This pup doesn't have a mean bone in his body, and really is just a typical Aussie 1 year old that needed more attention, exercise and training.  He will give someone, hopefully soon, a lot of wonderful years as a companion, this I can almost guarantee.

Once we wrapped up our good-byes with the couple, we left to head on over to Owen Sound.  I had picked up a Paderno Pizza stone for my friend, Sharon, downtown at Rankin River Trading Co., and was dropping it around to her since we had to go pickup Semah some food at Walmart anyway.

Look at the treats Sharon had left for me !!!  They have a Star Fruit Tree at their one place in Florida and she experimented with making a Star Fruit Pickle this past Winter.  Are they not absolutely cool looking.  And I got two bags of Cinnamon Chips !!! they make the best cookies going that my grandchildren LOVE.  Thanks Sharon, very much appreciated.  Looking forward to trying the Star Fruit pickles the next time I have a Ham.

Between Sharon, and my friend, Lynn of Turnips 2 Tangerines, I have been well supplied with Cinnamon Chips.  Can not thank you enough ladies !!!  xx

The end of the day yesterday had not been a very good day for my Rob.  He went to pull our personal Van out from where it had been parked on a strip of grass just past the gravel drive way, and when doing so ... well photos tell all do they not?

Rob was quite the "stick in the mud" literally after the Van sunk up to the front bumper in muck.  This afternoon our Tractor had came to the rescue.  This has had to be the worse Spring for mud & muck in the 10 years we have lived here, since the the first Year we had moved in.  Guess after 11 years it is time to get a few more loads of gravel to put in.

Once we had the Van out, Rob took it down to the car wash to rid it of the mud and muck.  It probably took 2 or 3 washes to get it clean again.

When we had been in Walmart I had broke down and bought some Sinus Medication.  I have never had a good experience with Sinus meds in the past, but was feeling deperate today.

I immediately took the suggested 2 pills when we got back out to our vehicle.  By the time we were headed out of Owen Sound my lips had been tinkling and I felt very ill.  Once back home I got to lay down for about an hour or so, getting up to having the "shakes".  I still can not take Sinus meds as the Sudafed in them obviously still does not agree with me.  Needless to say I still have a Sinus headache that is relentless with this changing weather.

I am thinking this headache is not going to be letting up anytime soon, as there is a Rain Fall Warning in effect for the next couple of days:

Rainfall Warning

Issued at 3:13 p.m. EDT Sunday 13 April 2014
Rainfall - afternoon to evening Monday. Rain associated with a low pressure area over Kansas will continue across the area tonight and into Monday evening. Latest indications at this time suggest that rainfall amounts will be slightly less previously forecast with 25 to 35 mm likely by Monday evening for most areas. However, a swath from the Bruce Peninsula across Georgian Bay to Parry Sound and Huntsville could see amounts of 30 to 50 mm by Monday evening.

My Sinus Headache is still full blown, not helping it any by looking at a computer screen.  I am hoping it does not get worse by turning into a Migraine on top of it.  Since the Sinus Meds did not barely touch the problem I suppose I will do what I normally do and suffer through it until it passes.  There could always be something worse, however when you are feeling something at the time unfortunately it is hard to see that, especially when you are in "ownership" of the pain you are feeling.

That is all she wrote this day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Thunder and Lightening here. Had a yard sale today, writing about it Monday's post. Hope your headache feels better soon.

  2. Ugh, I hope you feel better very soon! And I hope you find a nice home for this cut puppy soon too.

  3. Sorry to hear about the stalled adoption. Semah sounds like a wonderful puppy. Get better soon and remember to take those selfies with your mom! :O)


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