Saturday, 23 November 2013

Two Kinds Of Being Sick?

My morning did not begin too well waking up to look outside and seeing the condition of the roads, then checking out the forecast for tonight and tomorrow.  With a heavy heart I made the decision to cancel my trip down to my friend, Bob's Retirement party in New Dundee this evening.  Secondly this meant I also missed out on seeing my Grandsons, who live very close to there.

Weather stresses me out and makes me sick, more so since I had the accident upcoming 3 years ago that I can still not manage to shake the paranoia of winter driving from my thoughts.  *Sigh*

First photo was taken about 6:30 am this morning, then the next three about an hour later.  The Crabby Cabbie vehicle Rob was taking to pickup a fare in by 8:30 am was being "warmed" up for him to go.  When he left the roads had been slick and very slippery.  My vehicle sat untouched loaded with Christmas gifts to be delivered and a Retirement gift that will be given after the party has been.

Once Rob had arrived back home later this morning, he needed to make a trip down to Saugeen Gas Bar, and asked if I would like to go along and then stop in to have a quick look at the Christmas Bazaar at the Sauble Beach Zion United Church.  I really think he was trying to lift my spirits by tempting me with something he knows I like doing.

Off we went about 11 am heading South down Hwy. 6.  Going on to the Noon hour and the plows were just coming out then.  Down through Wiarton we headed, driving into more blustery weather further South.

We filled up the Crabby Cabbie vehicle with fuel then made our way back towards Sauble Beach, where indeed we did have time to stop in.

On entering there had been some very cool Windchimes made by a chap locally from Hepworth.  See this Rose? can you believe it was made by a dried apple? beautiful is it not?  and I even knew the lady who makes them.  The stained glass was absolutely lovely, and I am kicking myself I did not buy a ticket on it.

We even ran into a couple of people (always) we knew.  There is my friend, BJ with her friend, Julie (wave Paul, lol).  Rob and I had the luncheon of Ham with Scalloped Potatoes and a Cabbage Salad with Roll.  Truly I could not believe the turn out considering the squalls coming off Lake Huron at the Beach.  The lunch was the draw I am sure, if not the dessert most certainly was.

It really was a quick stop at the Bazaar with lunch the main focus as there was not much time to look at "stuff" with Rob having to be back in Wiarton for a 2 pm pickup.

Heading towards Hepworth it was very blustery.  The first photo was about the same spot where I hit black ice with my vehicle rolling end for end 3 times.  Finally back on Hwy. 6 towards Wiarton it had somewhat cleared, and the Sun actually appeared coming down the South hill in Wiarton.

When we got home, Rob dropped me off.  After bundling up from the cold I spent some time outside with each and everyone of our Aussies.  All four of them enjoyed the snow.  Sure glad someone in our household likes snow.  Really I do not mind snow, I just prefer it parts down each side of the roadways is all.  Oh for a perfect World in Bruce County, right?  *Smile*

I forgot to post our Bandit's photo on yesterday's post.  He got to enjoy some leftover turnip when we were done our dinner.  Another Turnip fan in the family.  Our grandson, Aiden, was happy to hear this when I spoke to him last night.

Once getting unbundled and back inside the house my throat had started to ache, along with a headache that seems like I have forever, with feet that would not get warm and a sore throat.  I was feeling sick, thinking a cold is on its way to invade my body.  It does not surprise me with Rob having it for 2 weeks it was inevitable I would get something from it.  Once this set in I then realized this was the reason I was maybe not meant to go today, or maybe for other reasons unknown.

Late this afternoon I sat down to begin this blog post when my phone rang.  It was our young friend, Nathan, calling from Australia.  We had a lovely chat that did somewhat further brighten my disappointment of the day.  

After our telephone conversation was over, Nathan posted a comment to this photo for me on Facebook, "Does this capture your thoughts of today Cindy Masterson-Roth ?"   Yes this pretty much summed up the day for me ... thanks Nathan for putting a *smile* on my face. xx

Not to long after I had another two *smiles* put on my face.  One was from Rob's thoughtfulness of bringing me a package of Halls and my favourite kind of apples home for me, and of my Son, Paul's girlfriend sending me a photo of them at Bob's Retirement Party.  I am *sad* I am not there, but happy I was in their thoughts.

Here is my "cute" youngest Son, Paul, with his very pretty girlfriend, Elizabeth.

My poor Paul, we told him if something ever, God forbid, came between himself and Liz, we were going to keep Liz.  Hmmm wonder if that will be incentive for a relationship of a lifetime? *Smile*

A friend of mine posted that Hwy. #21 was closed between Port Elgin and Kincardine this afternoon due to multiple vehicle collisions.  I did not have a good feeling about this, but never called our Driver John, who I knew was down in Tiverton for his Family Christmas Dinner today.  Rob later called him to find out he was at the Hospital as his daughter, husband and 3 children had their vehicle go off the road and roll.  They were all at the Kincardine Hospital, and at that point all the children had checked out as being fine.  Hopefully this is the case with the parents as well.  Prayers going out to their family, and we will definitely be following up with another phone call yet this evening.

Everyday I need to remember to "count my blessings", as I do have many regardless of how down or otherwise I might feel any given day, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Don't blame you for not enjoying winter driving. We headed south wards today and took an hour and a half to get to Arthur instead of the usual 45 minutes!

  2. Oh, I hope you feel better soon! We are pretty sick here too :(

    And I really dislike driving in winter weather too...

  3. Wow Cindy, you folks are getting a pretty good hit this weekend.
    Friday night was pretty nasty here. It wasn't bad when I ran into town with the girls yesterday, but then the salt and sand truck came down my road this morning. The highway was clear.
    I really do understand your not wanting to drive in snow after that experience. Been there and done that as well.
    I hope your sickies leaves you soon. I was so glad to get rid of my headache. My friend Beth was complaining about it yesterday so I think it must be making the rounds.

  4. Given the conditions, especially what can happen in that part of the province during the winter, it's entirely understandable.

    We got some of the same. It was snowing when the Santa Claus parade got underway here. I snapped some shots, including the jolly elf. I'll have to post them in the photoblog sometime in the next few days.


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