Sunday, 10 November 2013

Lest We Forget

I might have been awake this morning, however my body was telling me to stay put.  Oh I wish I could have but there were Aussies needing me and things to be done.  

A Facebook friend had posted an interesting article on Fibromyalgia to my page yesterday, that I thought I would put out there to share with anyone and everyone should they also be interested:

Fibromyalgia Breakthrough, Treat the Causes Not Just the Symptoms: 

NOTE:  It is my opinion from having FM myself the above symptoms are affected by some, however not limited to any just one.  There is also more to it at times then what the cartoon displays.  Like anything else, the more we know the more we learn, and are more aware.  Not all is for one person, but take what you will for yourself and leave behind the rest.

I got a load of laundry in the washer, after my Aussies chores and my coffees this morning.  I then dragged the wooden clothes horses from the closet to hang everything to dry.

I took inventory of the purchases I had made yesterday.  Albert Weber Summer Sausage for Rob, Multi-Grain Crackers for US (love these crackers), and a new leather wallet for ME !

Later this morning we decided to make a quick trip over to Owen Sound as I had  wanted to get a couple copies of photographs printed off.  We made a stop in Shallow Lake to pickup a box of jars that friends no longer required.  Thanks Pam & Randy, so nice to see you both.  Randy & I grew up together in Southampton, it was nice to see him again, however briefly, and to meet his lovely wife, Pam.  Hopefully a bit longer visit next time I am flying through that way?

On our way back from Owen Sound we swung around to Dejong Acres Farm, as Anita's Mom had left something there for me (thanks for the cassettes, Alice), and I needed a couple dozen eggs.

The Dejong Portable Grill Cart is parked for the Season, however there are lots of things to be had within the walls of the store.  Still a couple lovely Sheepskins to be purchased at a cost of $100.00 each (hope I quoted that price correctly, but I apologize if I have not).

It was another cold breezy day ... brr.  Back home with our purchases put away I could not get the chill from my bones.  That meant we needed the wood stove light, and Rob needed to go out to retrieve some wood from the shed.

Out Rob went with our Red Wagon and Lexus to help him.  Bandit was at the window watching their every move.  His turn out was next.

When I had seen Paul yesterday, he had given me two envelopes ....

Rob and I got two amazing photo cards.  One was a Thank You Card, for sending them the van to take them all to the airport when they had gone out West, with Josh, Aiden, Briar, Chole and Connor all in the photo.  The next was our very first Christmas Card made up of photo collages of this and that ... a card that shall be framed and kept hopefully forever.  Thank YOU all ... xo

"Lest We Forget"


He comes here often, not just once a year,

to honour those whose names are,

and those whose names are yet to be written

on the stone erected here.

And as he stands with head bowed low,

its notes ringing clear upon the air, 

and when he looks, there is no one there.

Then bows his head in silent prayer

and perhaps sheds a silent tear.


Written by Basil Eby (my Uncle Basil)

Gone for the whole day yesterday truly had drained me.  I am ready for my bed already at 6:34 pm, is that not awful, but really I am cold, tired and feeling like a limp wet washcloth at the moment, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard."


  1. An ideal poem by your uncle to post. It'll be a very busy day tomorrow here... and I'm sure Wiarton will have things going on in commemoration as well.

  2. I hope, you are not getting sick there! Drink something warm and get yourself in bed!

  3. Just arrived home from my stint at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. Had a great time and met so many of the people I see only once a year. Glad you were able to get around to get the cassettes. Nice to be able to clean out one more item to someone who will find them useful. Need to get a huge washing done tomorrow. Glad it wasn't snowing when I was driving home. Hope you are feeling better in the morning.

  4. Forgot to put my name on my post. Alice (But you probably knew that anyway. :)

  5. Hope you're feeling better Cindy. Am off to follow your FM link....x


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