Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Just A Wet & Rainy Day It Was

Trooper Allan H Lehman. M4 Sherman Tank Driver. Canadian Army. France and Germany Star, Canadian Volunteer Service Medal with clasp. 8 Sept 1943 to May 1946. Lest we Forget Papa

This photo was posted by my 1st Cousin, Wendy`s, Daughter, who in turn had posted it from her first Cousin, my Uncle`s Grandson, Gary.  Allan Lehman is my Uncle, and my Mother`s "One & Only" Brother, who has passed on some years now.  It is fantastic that there is photos still out there.  I still have a photo of my Father, Fritz (Harold Masterson), and his best friend, while they were posted out West prior to being shipped out.  My father could not go overseas as he came down sick.  That apparently very upsetting for him not to go off with his friends.

This was the Day here Just North of Wiarton ... all Day long.  Very rainy and wet, with driving winds at times.  Why did this make me happy? because it was not SNOW !!!  The Gold of the Tamarack trees in our bush are beautiful with their golden colour.

My day was interrupted enough today really not to begin anything major with four trips downtown Wiarton, and one to Owen Sound.  How can anything worth while really get started when it is always on one's mind it might be stopped any minute and left.  *Sigh*  I am thinking I might have a break tomorrow, as I really need to get some serious housework done around here, instead of the piece work here and there.

Downtown Wiarton had a bit of street repairs going on at each end of town today.  I am sorry to say I will be missing out on attending the Frank Street Church Bazaar this upcoming Saturday.  I have attended the previous two years, however I have had an invited to "go behind the scenes" when the ladies are setting it up this Friday.  That will be fun !

Once I finally got back home with my day finished up I did sit back with my feet up for a wee bit before getting a bit of dinner ready for Rob and I.  

I could not have been happier to received a couple of emails from our Elizabeth attaching photos of Paul and Aiden.  Hopefully I will get a couple of him and Connor later.

Yeppers that is my boys ! (two of them anyway).  Oh man I used to be able to touch my nose with my tongue ... it was one of my favourite pastimes I am sure.

What else did I do today?  I bought Rob and I a Tim Horton's Coffee Maker, barely used, for a grand total of ....

... take a guess?  Rob breaks it up tomorrow.  Retail Price? $129.95.  The lady who I am purchasing it from guarantees it brews hot, as I have found other coffee makers I have had brew lukewarm, and I prefer my coffee "hot".  Bunn Coffee Makers are however known to be a good brand, so I hope this to hold true with this coffee maker.

It is still windy and rainy outside our home.  Inside the wood stove is nice and toasty warm.  I am going to have myself a hot leisurely shower and say "hello" to my comfy bed giving myself an early night, since it has been a very long day as I have been awake since the wee hours of 3 am this morning, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. It didn't start raining here until well on in the afternoon. I hope it rains all night and clears up tomorrow - as the weatherman is promising.
    I am attempting to do a page for my Dad for Remembrance Day. Going to be a rough day for me I'm was such an important day for him.

  2. A day like this needs to be spent in front of a roaring fire...

    I've been busy prepping Remembrance Day blogs for a travel writer, a photoblog at my photopage, and something else for my writer's page. Running out of time too.

  3. $10?

    And hey, at least, you didn't get snow, right? :)

  4. It's been raining and windy all day here too. And that hot shower sure felt good!

  5. That's a nice coffee maker. Perfect for the cold weather we are having now.


  6. I absolutely LOVE my Bunn Tim Hortons coffee maker! They have a *FABULOUS* return policy on it!! I paid full retail though... I may cry if you got too good of a deal... ;) I'm going to guess $25!


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