Saturday, 2 November 2013

Fall Back I Say, Fall Back !

Day 2 of November and that is exactly how I am feeling ...... GOOD GRIEF is right, Snoopy!  and to top it all off I have to remember to turn back all my clocks tonight, and there is a few of them to be turned back.

Fall back, Fall back, I say ....

Giving this some thought, I really wonder if I would want to turn my clock back to when I was 20?  I would not know life as I know it today, and really I do not know if I would want to change having the husband I have now, the family members who I am close to, or the friends I also love dearly.  I think I will keep all that the way I have it now.

Today I only returned home at 5:30 pm, since being gone from 11:30 on.

First thing this morning I was on my way to Owen Sound, not returning home until after 10:30.  I am pretty sure I got my bed made, entertained someone at our front door for a bit, had all the Aussies in and out, made arrangements with my neighbour to pick her up to go downtown to the Inter-Church Bazaar at the Salvation Army, when the phone rang with Rob on the other end asking if I would make another trip back to Owen Sound for him ...

Before any of this took place I was behind the scenes at the Inter-Church Bazaar before they got going at their scheduled day of 9 am until 2 pm

The room was set up lovely by the four participating local Churches.  The Salvation Army, United , Presbyterian, and Anglican Churches (I hope I got that all right as that really took some brain storming to remember all four on my part).

There were plenty of Homemade Goodies and Handicrafts that would tempt anyone to purchase as they were so original or unique.

.... to continue on from where I got sidetracked, I picked up my neighbour who was happy to keep me company back to Owen Sound.  We did return just before the Interchurch Bazaar was over at 2:00 pm, however we had missed out on the luncheon.

After Pari had made a couple of purchases at the Bazaar we headed downtown were we decided to have ourselves some lunch at the Green Door Cafe.  Who other then my darling husband called me to find out where we were, and joined us there.  It was a lovely lunch with the three of us that my friend "treated" us to, bless her Heart.

Pari and I thought we would stop into our favourite store before we headed back to our respective homes, The Salvation Army Thrift Store.  Pari got herself a couple of things while I picked up not only one, but two Tea Cups, one that had caught my eye earlier on this week that I had passed up then, but the second time it spoke to me today, I thought I had better not pass again.

The first cup and saucer caught my eye because of its Yellow.  The second was the one which spoke to me for the 2nd time, as the emblem on it definitely has a distinct meaning to it I am sure and it intrigued me for this very reason.  Does anyone out there know what it would represent?  it is stamped OE8, Royal Stafford Bone China Made in England (of course made in England being Royal Stafford).

Rob went his way, and we went ours.  We were about to head home when Rob called to ask if I would head back to Owen Sound for him.  Off we went again.

Once I had finished up in Owen Sound, for the third time this day, I had said to Pari, "do you realize how much we accomplished from when I picked you up before lunch time and it is now only 4:30 pm?"  That was some spent afternoon I would say.

November is not on the beginning of Christmas Bazaars, and Time Changes, it also means Winter Pricing has also came into effect.

What time could it possibly be now? 7:18 present time, tomorrow at this time it will be only 6:18 pm.  I will do that for a couple of weeks until it passes and I have finally adjusted to the Fall Back times again, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. I was taking a picture earlier this evening of the Lord Elgin hotel here, and that very thought ran through my mind: what time will it be this time tomorrow?

    I don't usually go for yellow, but it works with that teacup!

    And the bazaars are on here all month in various churches.

  2. That teacup has the emblem of the Order of the Eastern Star. I do not know the meaning of the symbol but recognize it as my late mother-in-law was a member.

    1. Thank you very much Bonnie. I am happy I "put it out there".

  3. Doesn't it just tick you off that 5 to 7, regular meal cooking time, is now in the red zone? I'm so happy to have the wood stove going again! Love cooking on it,

    1. Yes it does "tick" me off; and Yes I am happy we have the wood stove too.


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